Chapter 14: Otherwise, what do you think

For the next three days, Yu Nian’s hot search has been firmly hanging in the top ten.
Shi Rou felt a little strange, “Nian Nian and Fang Huai are still not very popular; logically speaking, after passing the initial excitement, the hot search should have been overshadowed by other things.”

Meng Yuan crossed his legs, “That’s why, your Brother Meng wants you to go and take a look at Nian Nian’s Weibo followers.”

Shi Rou remembered clearly, “It’s almost reached a million.”

Meng Yuan snapped his fingers, “Yes, this is the key point.
The person behind all this knows the tricks very well.
On the one hand, he uses this incident to help stir up the heat for Nian Nian; a group of water army to scold Fang Huai, and the other group go everywhere to support Nian Nian, both sides are right.
On the other hand, it gives everyone a psychological hint that when something happens to Nian Nian again, everyone will subconsciously guess: Hey, is it the same as last time, Yu Nian is innocent, and there will be a big reversal in the future.”

Shi Rou suddenly realized, “So that’s how it is!”

Meng Yuan tapped his finger on his knee and concluded, “But this topic will surely go down today or tomorrow.
Hanging on for too long will make people feel bored.”

As Meng Yuan predicted, the next day, Yu Nian’s hot searches disappeared, and the heat began to reduce.
But it didn’t take long for the third phase of the second season of “Sound of Nature” to warm up, and the publicity and exposure were resumed again.

Meng Yuan sighed, “This is really awesome.” He glanced at Yu Nian, who was drinking juice seriously, and asked Shi Rou, “Do you know what’s so awesome ?”

Shi Rou focused on this point very accurately this time, “Fang Huai has no news.”

Meng Yuan applauded, “That’s right.
Just after Nian Nian’s hot search, all the news of Fang Huai, whether good or bad, is gone.
What is this circle most afraid of? It’s disappearing.
There are still a few die-hard fans to defend Fang Huai; but in another month or two, how many people will remember who Fang Huai is? Although cruel, this is the reality.”

Yu Nian put down the juice cup in his hand and suddenly remembered, “Brother Meng, didn’t you ask me last time who helped me with this?”

“Do you know who it is?”

“Well, I know.
It’s Xie You.”

Meng Yuan was sitting lazily on the chair, and when he heard the name, he straightened his back instantly, “Wait! Who? Xie You?”

Yu Nian nodded with a smile, “Yeah, he helped me.”

Meng Yuan always felt that it was too unscientific.
“He helped you? Are you familiar with President Xie?”

Yu Nian told the truth, “I’ve met him a few times, but we aren’t very familiar with each other.”

“You don’t know him very well, and he worked so hard to help you?” Meng Yuan’s thoughts went around in his mind, and he tentatively said, “Then you know…why did he help you?”

“He said that his mother likes to listen to my singing.” Yu Nian guessed Meng Yuan’s thoughts and relieved him, “Maybe that’s why he helped me.”

Meng Yuan also murmured, “That’s right if there really is some… other purpose, there should be news already.
Maybe it’s because his mother likes to hear you sing, and you’re an artist from Qu company.
Maybe he was in a good mood, and helped you in passing.”

That’s what he said, but he always felt a little weird in his heart, but he couldn’t figure it out.
After all, Xie You didn’t seem like someone who would help people easily.
Meng Yuan simply didn’t bother to think about it, and decided to find time to visit Qu Xiaoran to talk.

He asked Yu Nian again, “Do you know who Xie You is?”

“Sister Rou Rou once said that Xie You grew up with Mr.

Meng Yuan nodded and took the opportunity to explain, “Yes, the Qu family and the Xie family are family friends.
President Qu and President Xie are the youngest sons of the family, and there were their older brothers to inherit the family business.
It’s just that something happened to the Xie family later, and President Xie’s brother and father passed away one after another.
He was pushed to the highest position at a young age.
At first, it was difficult to convince the public.
In the first two years, the internal struggle of Xie’s family was extremely fierce, and there was a lot of true and false small news, and all kinds of bloody storms.
The older generation wanted to pull the younger heirs down and take the throne by themselves.
But although Mr.
Xie was very young at his age, he was very powerful.

Meng Yuan urged, “Over the past two years, Mr.
Xie has appeared in Xingyao from time to time, but no matter who he met in the company, everyone held their breath and did not dare to provoke him.
Because there was once a female artist who wanted to be entangled with him, but she disappeared within two days.”

The more he talked, the more strange it became—it was really hard to imagine that Xie You would actually act righteously and help Yu Nian.

Xie You and Qu Xiaoran, who were being discussed, were having dinner outside.

Qu Xiaoran held the game console and asked without looking up, “Are you in a bad mood today? Let me tell you, your face is so cold every day, you will surely suffer after falling in love in the future… What a pig teammate!”

He simply threw the game console away and talked to Xie You seriously, “I heard from my brother that someone on your side has started to do things again? It’s been a few years, but they still don’t stop.”

“Yeah.” Xie You’s tone was flat and he didn’t care much, “They couldn’t beat me four years ago, and they also won’t be able to in the future.”

“Okay, brother, I believe in you! But be careful, you must pay attention to safety, and don’t stray from the right path.” Qu Xiaoran slapped his forehead, “Oh right, my dad can’t tell you himself, but he wants me to tell you that if you need any help, you just have to ask.”

Xie You’s expression lost two points of coldness, “Thanks Uncle Qu for the support, but I can handle it for the time being.”

“It’s fine if you can handle it.” Qu Xiaoran was worried when he suddenly saw Xie You, who was sitting opposite, turn on his mobile phone.
After a while, he heard “Welcome to the second season of ‘Sound of Nature’ and the third issue…”

Qu Xiaoran’s eyes widened and he couldn’t believe it, “Damn it, Xie Xiaoyou, don’t tell me that you invited me to dinner tonight for the first time, just to let me watch this show with you?”

Xie You raised his head, glanced at him and didn’t speak, but it was clearly written in his eyes, “Otherwise, what do you think?”

Qu Xiaoran covered his heart, “It’s over, our childhood friendship is about to break…” Seeing Xie You watching seriously, he was as curious as a cat, he slowly moved over and whispered, “I’m just here to see, how awesome this You Nian is that you are protecting him like this…”

Before the broadcast of the third issue of “Sound of Nature” was over, it quickly occupied the hot search.
Xia Mingxi was the first to appear on the stage, his profile while playing the cello was also the first to flood the screen.
The ancestral fans burst into tears, exclaiming that it is indeed the combination of the strongest genes of the singer and the queen.
What a perfect profile! After that, Xu Xuan sang while playing the piano, not amazing, but quite satisfactory.

The last to appear is Yu Nian.

He was wearing loose white clothes, the fabric was light, and he was walking with elegance.
The fine black hair was unstyled and fell naturally, and the skin was as fine as white porcelain.

When he took out a blue-coloured flute, pressed his ten fingers against the small holes, pressed it against his lips, his eyelashes drooped, and he blew a melodious musical sound, the barrage exploded instantly.

“—ah, ah, I’m going to die! I’m the flute! Don’t rob me!”

“—This wrist, this perfect jawline, these eyelashes! I blew when little brother Nian Nian played the instrument! How can he be so good-looking! Is he an immortal descended to the world!”

“—The ancestral fans of Mingxi’s family said that the only one who can compete with Mingxi in terms of appearance is Yu Nian!”

“—When I heard that the contestants in this issue would show their personal talents.
I made a bet with the girls in the group.
I didn’t expect that we all guessed wrong! It turned out to be a flute! What kind of talent is this! Eight thousand words of rainbow farts are not enough to express my excitement!”

Qu Xiaoran stared at the dense barrage, expressing incomprehension, “Although he looks pretty and can sing very well, but—”

He glanced at Xie You, and swallowed the words as they reached his lips, “It’s really excellent!”

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