Chapter 24.1: Want to spend money for him

Because of his foot injury, Yu Nia didn’t have to go to the morning dance practice.
However, he had followed his grandfather and grandmother to develop a very fixed schedule and ]woke up early at seven o’clock, according to his biological clock.

He made himself a simple breakfast and then watered the flowers and green onions planted on the balcony.
During this period, because she went back to close filming, Yu Qing, who was a few beats behind the others, called and chatted for ten minutes. 

Yu Nian knew that she was worried, and patiently listened from the beginning to the end.
He repeatedly reassured her that it was indeed an accident, that no one was bullying him, and suppressed Yu Qing’s urge to buy a plane ticket and fly back to help him find a place.

“By the way, after you finished shooting ‘Second of Nature’, do you have any definite arrangements?”

Yu Nian recalled, “Brother Meng mentioned that he is planning to have me record a single and EP* first, and then a reality show.
As for advertisements and endorsements, they are still being discussed.
Brother Meng thinks that two of them can be considered.”

[*An extended play record, usually referred to as an EP, is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single but fewer than an album or LP record.]

“Okay, Meng Yuan’s arrangement is not bad, he doesn’t forcefully suck your blood.” Yu Qing joked again, “Then who are you going to find to write your song? Look for Si Ning?”     

Yu Nian was helpless, “Sister, don’t make fun of me! I was young at that time.”

“Okay, okay, I won’t joke anymore.
Let’s be serious,” Yu Qing said directly, “Aren’t I shooting a movie, are you interested in singing a promotional song?”

Yu Nian knew that Yu Qing was making this movie with the top three well-known directors in the country, and the first male lead was a Film Emperor who had invested several hundred million.
It has not yet been completed, but everyone was already keeping an eye on it in anticipation.

He paused and smiled, “Sister, can I count it as relying on personal relationships to get on the top?”

“So what?” The wind was very loud on Yu Qing’s side, and she raised her voice, “If I don’t cover for you, who will? Originally, I was going to let you record the ending song with me, but your qualifications are not enough.
But it is no problem to recommend you to sing the promotion song.”

She laughed again, “I only have won the opportunity for you, as to whether you can sing it or not,  still depends on you, understand?”


“The film side will contact you in a few days, perform well then!” Yu Qing remembered something, “By the way, there is also the ending song.
The several finished products handed over were all rejected by the three of us; me, the director, and the producer.
The producer also asked me if I could invite Si Ning to write the lyrics.
I think it’s okay, they bid quite high.

Yu  Nian asked, “How much?”

Yu Qing said a number, “Your name ‘Si Ning’ is considered quite well-known in the circle now.
They are sincere and have not lowered the price.
You write a song with the name Si Ning, and I will sing it.
When it is released, I will take advantage of the situation and release the single, and will share it with you.

Yu Nian laughed, “How do you know I’m short of money again?”

Yu Qing was speechless, “You’re such a well-known songwriter, when have you ever been short of money?” 

Yu Nian knew that he was about to be nagged again, so he said, “You send me the script first, and after a few days, I will write the first draft for you to see.”

He quickly changed the subject, “By the way, the magazine that did your exclusive interview last time has come out.
I went to buy a copy and read it.
The cover is very beautiful, but it doesn’t look like you.”

“Shut up, it doesn’t look like me if it’s gentle and virtuous?” Yu Qing was unhappy, “But how long did it take them to post it? The enthusiasm of our cooperation on stage has almost dissipated.
What a loss.”

Yu Nian was very content, “My fans are very happy, saying that I was praised by Yu Qing for 197 words.”

“Hahaha, are all your fans so cute?” Yu Qing burst out laughing and then coughing, “This hellish place was so sandy that one can’t even open their mouth and laugh! Forget it, forget it, and take good care of yourself.
Next time I come back, you have to be alive and kicking!”

After hanging up the phone, Yu Nian found that he had not only finished watering the flowers while answering the phone, but also finished the pruning, cutting, and weeding.

Looking at the screen of the phone that turned black again, he was a little lost.

Last night, he carefully read the things sent by Xie You and roughly understood why Xie You let him make his own decisions.

He put away the watering can, and then hung the laundry.
Yu Qing moved very quickly, and it didn’t take long before the script was put into the work mailbox belonging to “Si Ning ”, and Yu Qing also wrote “Cheers Nian Nian” at the end of the email.

Yu Nian smiled and replied to the email, stood there thinking for a long time, then switched the interface, and sent out a WeChat message.

“If you have time, can we meet and talk?”

The appointment place was in the cafe outside the community, which was very close.
Yu Nian did not dare to exert any force on his foot because of his injury.
He simply wore his white cap, and leaned on crutches, walking slowly while basking in the sun. 

When he arrived, there was already a person in the box.

Seeing Yu Nian, Xu Xuan subconsciously stood up, then held her handbag unnaturally and sat down again.

Yu Nian sat opposite Xu Xuan, “You…” Xu Xuan glanced at Yu Nian, and then quickly looked at the coffee cup in front of her, “Did you already know?”

She knew very well that her relationship with Yu Nian was those of the guests who participated in the same show at most.
And after Yu Nian asked her to meet here now,  there was no possibility of a second one.

Yu Nian looked at Xu Xuan’s fingers twisting together unconsciously, “Yes.”

Hearing Yu Nian’s answer, Xu Xuan’s stiff back slackened — this moment, the sharp blade hanging in her heart all the time fell, but she actually felt relieved a lot.

At this time, there was a knock on the door of the box, and Yu Nian waited for Xu Xuan to put on a mask before answering, “Please come in.”

A glass of milk was placed in front of Yu Nian.

Yu Nian thanked him, and when the waiter went out and closed the door again, he continued to answer Xu Xuan’s previous question, “If you mean, how you paid the staff to deliberately sprinkle water on the stage, causing me to fall and get injured, I do already know about it.”

Xu Xuan pinned her long loose hair behind her ears, and after a while, she shook her head and smiled bitterly, “You shouldn’t have asked me to meet.
You must have evidence, you should release the news directly so that the benefits you gain can make up for your losses.”

Yu Nian glanced at Xu Xuan’s fingertips that were tightly squeezed into her palm, and said seriously, “I didn’t tell my agent nor the media, and I’m also not recording our conversation.
I asked you to meet here because I wanted to know the reason.”

After receiving the investigation results sent by Xie You, Yu Nian carefully recalled Xu Xuan in her impression.
What impressed him the most was that Xu Xuan worked very hard.
He had once inadvertently seen the bruises on her elbows which were because of dancing practice.
He also had a lot of those marks.

In private, Xu Xuan wore simple clothes and lacked her cuteness under the camera.
She didn’t wear makeup, and her complexion was not very good.
She took a lady’s cigarette out of her bag but didn’t light it.

“Are you sure you want to listen? Usually, at times like this, there will be a bitter drama.
Morality and compassion will make you soften your heart.”

Yu Nian nodded.

Xu Xuan’s fingers holding the cigarette trembled, she looked away and said in a low voice, “The reason is very simple, I need money.
The program team has set award money.
The person who will get the first place can get 500,000 yuan, I want this 500,000.”

Yu Nian nodded with a cup of milk, indicating that he understood, “And I’m your hindrance, right?”

As long as you stand there, I can’t get first place.” Xu Xuan took a deep breath.
With a sigh of relief, her tone became calmer, “Among the few of us, Xia Mingxi has a good face and is very popular, but he can’t dance and sing as well as me.
The other two are here just to show their faces, and they can’t surpass you and take first place.”

She reluctantly raised the corners of her pale lips, and said succinctly and straightforwardly, “I’m very short of money.
My parents left early, and my sister is very ill and has been hospitalized all the time.
She needs medicine and surgery.
I have to throw a lot of money into it every day.
I gave all my money, but it was never enough.
It was like a bottomless pit and could drive people crazy.”

“But I don’t want her to die.”

Yu Nian suddenly said, “Your sister’s name is Xu Fu, right? You asked me for an autograph for her during the show recording.”

Xu Xuan nodded a little embarrassedly and laughed at herself, “Yes, she likes you very much.
I took your signature back to her, and she was happy for several days.
Maybe she never thought that one day the person who deliberately harmed you was me.

Yu Nian remembered very clearly that Xie You had checked that staff member’s financial transactions before and after the show recording, and found that he had received a transfer from “Xu Fu”.
After following the investigation, it was determined that Xu Fu was Xu Xuan’s younger sister.
Because of her serious illness, she had been in the hospital for a long time.

Xu Xuan did not lie.

“I know that harming people is harming people.
No matter how many reasons there are, they can’t cover up the fact that I hurt someone.
It’s just when I was watching your rehearsal, I suddenly had this idea.
At that moment, I didn’t even know myself anymore, I even hated myself and felt disgusted, but I still did it anyway.

“The 500,000 award money is the closest sum money to me.
If I take first place, I can get more resources and more money.”

The cigarette between her fingers was slightly twisted by the force, and she whispered, “I’m mentally prepared to bear the consequences for what I did.” 

The box was quiet.

Yu Nian let go of his hand holding the milk ceramic cup, looked at Xu Xuan, and shook his head, “I won’t pursue this matter anymore.”

Xu Xuan raised her head blankly, stunned, “What… what?” The cigarette in her hand fell on the table.

Yu Nian smiled and said, “My grandfather once taught me that if I was bullied, I must bully back and not suffer any loss.
But he also taught me to complain directly and be kind to others.”

“But I didn’t pursue it this time, not because I forgave you, or approved of your approach.
It’s just because your sister needs you very much now, and I am probably fulfilling my kindness, or my own holy mother disease.”

Xu Xuan opened her mouth but did not say anything, her eyes sore.

Yu Nian continued, “I also need money now, lots of, lots of money.
Also, I respect you as an opponent.
Therefore, the first position can only be grabbed by strength, I will not hand it over to you, not even half a point.”

“As for,” he pointed to his injured foot, “I react quickly at that time, and I didn’t land on my knees on the ground, so the injury isn’t too serious.
Therefore, even if you owe me a big favor, I’ll let you pay it back when I think of it.”

Xu Xuan grabbed the bag in both hands and solemnly agreed, “Okay, I will definitely do it.” She hesitated, but still whispered, “Yu Nian, thank you.”

Yu Nian returned home and sent a message to Xie You, summarizing the content and results of the conversation.
Having said it all, after hesitating for a moment, he wrote again, “I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing to deal with it this way.”

Xie You’s reply came back quickly, but he still said less as usual, “You’re good.” 

Yu Nian saw these three words, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

This page had been opened, but no one said anything for Yu Nian except Xie You.

He couldn’t take dance classes, so he simply spent most of his time practicing songs.
The rest of the time, he read the movie script sent by Yu Qing to find inspiration for writing songs.
The main thing was not delayed because of his foot injury.

Halfway through, he also took a free morning to return to Si Ning mansion, to take You Niao Ming jade wine jar that had come back from a long distance from Rong Yue.
When the other party saw his injured foot, he was scolded again.  

On the day of the recording, Meng Yuan helped Yu Nian install the mobile phone stand in the lounge, instructing anxiously, “You will start the live broadcast at nine o’clock in a while.
The initial promotion has already been done before, and the number of people will not be small, but the administrators are all there, so will be no problem.
Also, many fans are very worried about how your foot injury is going, whether it will leave sequelae or something, remember to talk carefully about it.
For the rest, you can play as you like.”

Meng Yuan is full of confidence, “As for what to say and do to meet the character design, you don’t have this requirement here.
You can just act as yourself, anyway, there is no possibility of breaking the character design!”   

These paragraphs appeared early in the morning, and Yu Nian had heard Meng Yuan say it at least three times since then, and even Shi Rou laughed beside him, “Brother Meng, you are really getting more and more nagging.”    

 “Who am I doing this for?” Meng Yuan glared and placed the mobile phone holder.
After confirming that the angle of the light was fine, he took a few steps back, “Okay, it’s almost time!”  

According to the arrangement, Yu Nian started the live broadcast on time at nine o’clock.

He was wearing a white cotton T-shirt.
His collarbone and shoulder lines were beautiful.
His hair had not been styled yet, and he looked thin, soft, and refreshing.

Waving his hand slightly toward the camera, Yu Nian smiled, “Hello everyone, I’m Yu Nian, this is my first live broadcast.
Now I’m preparing for the recording of the seventh episode of the second season of “Sound of Nature”, but it’s not my turn yet, so I have enough time to live chat with everyone in the background.” 

[Aaaahhhh what kind of fairy face is this! Is it really without makeup? What kind of peerless little brother am I powdering!]

There were too many barrages brushing past, Yu Nian saw one of them clearly, and replied with a smile, “Yes, because I have an injury on my foot, the rehearsal time is relatively late, and it is not my turn to apply makeup yet.”

He leaned closer to the camera, “You should be able to tell, right? I haven’t done makeup yet.
I didn’t rest well last night, and I have little dark circles under my eyes.”

[Suffocating! Critical hit!]

[Screenshot! Screen recording! I can’t breathe anymore! Mama save me!]

[This god-level makeup! Please don’t get close! I’m dying!]

In the same barrage, Yu Nian saw a few people asking about foot injuries.
The situation, the details of the medication, and recovery in detail.
He was also secretly relieved in his heart — speaking to the screen and the barrage, he adapted faster than he thought.

At this moment, the entire screen seemed to be stuck, suddenly darkened for two seconds, and then a line of colorful characters popped up, “The user ‘Nian Nian You* Yu’ has given the anchor Yu Nian X100 diamonds”, and then the sentence jumped five times in a row. 

[*The character used here is 有 which is different from Xie You’s (谢游).
Nian Nian You Yu (年年有余): literally means (may you) have abundance year after year]

It was the first time for Yu Nian to start a live broadcast.
He didn’t know what the diamond in this sentence meant, but the barrage jammed for a moment, and it exploded completely.

[WTF, can someone tell me if I have bad eyesight? How much does a diamond cost? One thousand RMB?]

[I’m not good at math, five hundred diamonds? Smashed half a million at once?!]

[Aaaahhhh, the local tyrant can’t afford to offend! This smash, the whole platform will broadcast it in a loop ah!]

Yu Nian watched the dense barrages before realizing that among the gift items on the Xinghai live broadcast platform, diamonds were the most expensive, a thousand RMB a piece, and someone gifted five hundred at once.

He was also a little surprised, “Thank you to ‘Nian Nian You Yu‘ for the gift.
I will continue to work hard and sing well.” 

Yu Nian’s voice just fell, and the screen was stuck for another two seconds.
Then, the same line of large colored characters, again jumped five times in a row, dominating the screen.

[Aw, my eyes are blinded! This is another 500 diamonds!?]

[Who am I and where am I? What kind of peerless tycoon! Smashing a million in a minute?]

[No, no, no, look at the number one place on the gift list, 999 diamonds, 999 thousand!]

[The wicked intentions are so obvious! Okay, I’ll kneel down and congratulate 99*!!]

[*99 – Wishing a couple to be together for a long time.]

The fans in the room were stunned by the two consecutive diamond smashes.
Due to the repeated broadcast on the entire platform, the number of people online in the live broadcast room soared.

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