Chapter 25.1: Crying? I can do it too

It was quiet again between the two, and even the sound of the wind seemed to disappear.
Xie You was the first to say, “Should I… send you up?” 

Yu Nian did not refuse and nodded with a smile, “Well, that would be troublesome.” 

The two of them walked side by side.
Yu Nian found that Xie You was indeed much taller than him.
The street lights were not bright, and he was walking slowly with crutches, but Xie You didn’t have the slightest impatience and moved forward with his speed.

Yu Nian found a topic to talk about.
Although Xie You only said a few words, it would not make people feel perfunctory.
The two of them walked under the lush greenery of the community, and the atmosphere was not awkward.

He was sent all the way to the door by Xie You.
Yu Nian took out the key, smiled, and tilted his head to look at Xie You, “I’m here.”

Xie You politely stood a step away, “Okay, I’m going back.”

“Well, then pay attention to safety on the road,” Yu Nian suddenly remembered something: “By the way, Xie You, wait for me!” 

After opening the door, Yu Nian changed into slippers; disgusted with the troublesome crutch, he simply put it against the wall and jumped inside with one foot.

He took out a square tin box from the drawer, went back to the door, and handed it to Xie You, “Here it is,” after thinking about it, Yu Nian added, “It’s a thank-you gift for sending me back this time.
Fortunately, you helped me; otherwise, it would be really troublesome if I fell again.”

Xie You took the gift.
The light at the entrance was warm yellow, and it fell from above his head, adding a few shades of pale color to the straight bridge of his nose.
His deep voice was wrapped in the clear smell of cedar, “What is it?”

Yu Nian curved his eyes, “The shape of the candy I made is different from the last time.
I always wanted to give it to you after I made it, and today I finally have a chance.”

The coolness of the tin box was replaced by the temperature of the fingertips.
Xie You’s dark eyes looked at Yu Nian standing at the door, and he unconsciously lowered his voice, “Thank you, I like it very much.”

The next morning, after getting up, Yu Nian threw the crutch aside — he suddenly found that hopping on one foot was quite convenient.

Just as he was about to fry poached eggs for breakfast, his phone rang.
Yu Nian tilted his neck and clamped the phone to listen to the call, “Good morning Brother Meng!” As he said, he beat the eggs into the pan.

Meng Yuan reminded on the phone, “It’s time to go to the hospital for a re-examination today, you probably forgot.”

“Ah, yes!” Yu Nian’s hand holding the spatula was two seconds slower, and he replied, “Brother Meng if you don’t remind me, I would be too busy and forget.”

Rejecting Meng Yuan’s offer to pick him up, Yu Nian put on a black cap and a mask and walked out slowly.
He hailed a taxi on the side of the road and went directly to the private hospital.

This hospital charged a lot, had more medical staff than patients, and offered privacy.
After filming, Yu Nian found a place in the corridor to sit down, took out his mobile phone, and continued to read the script Yu Qing sent for inspiration.

When he was reading it, not far away, the voices of two nurses chatting faintly came over.

“Hey, are you sure, the one in ward 1103 is really Xu Xuan’s sister? Xu Xuan is very popular right now.”

“Of course, I am sure.
She is in the attending doctor’s office right now.
If you don’t believe me, wait for her to come out and see for yourself.
But these two sisters are really strange.
Xu Fu wanted to talk to Xu Xuan a little more, but Xu Xuan was cold and didn’t even bother to glance at her.”

“Is it a bad relationship? But didn’t you say just that Xu Xuan has been paying for Xu Fu’s medical expenses all this time? I thought she was very nice to her sister.”

“Who knows, Xu Xuan paid all the expenses for the next six months in one go.
Stars really make a lot of money! But Xu Fu’s illness… It was obvious that she needed surgery, and it’s not that she didn’t have money, so I don’t know why it has to be dragged on all this time.
The doctor has persuaded her several times.
Today, his talking to Xu Xuan is 80% because of this…”

At this time, the examination results were sent over.
Yu Nian glanced in the direction of the voice and entered the doctor’s office.

After watching the reports, the attending doctor nodded and said, “The recovery is very good.
Sure enough, young people’s physical fitness is good.”

Yu Nian retrieved his wandering thoughts and asked carefully, “If I’m recovering well, will I be able to dance in a few days?” He added, “Just about five minutes.” 

The attending doctor adjusted his glasses and considered, “Your recovery situation is really good, but I still recommend reducing strenuous exercise.
If you really want to dance, you can wrap the joints tightly with bandages to reduce the possibility of joint dislocation.
After dancing, be sure to rest and re-examine again.
Of course, to be on the safe side, it’s better not to do that.”

Yu Nian nodded, and after asking for some precautions, he politely left.
But after leaving the office, he did not leave immediately.

Xu Xuan finished chatting with Xu Fu’s attending doctor, and as soon as she opened the door, her cell phone rang.

She looked impatiently at the name displayed on the screen, looked left and right, and finally walked to the stairwell, picking up the phone.

A faint voice could be heard from the other end of the phone.

“A-Yi? Yes, I’m in the hospital… Well, yes, Xiao Fu lost her temper again and refused to take medicine, insisting that I come over to coax her…” Xu Xuan’s voice was a little worried.
On the other end of the phone, someone should be comforting her.
She said “um” twice and said gently, “It’s good that I didn’t lose my temper at her.
I can’t bear it.
My parents are gone, and I have only one relative left…”

“The money is enough, you really don’t need to give it to me anymore.
I have paid for half a year, and there is still a lot left… A-Yi, thank you so much; if it weren’t for you, I don’t know what to do.” 

After saying a few more words, she hung up the phone.
Xu Xuan took two steps, and the phone rang again.
But this time, her tone was much colder.

“Didn’t I tell you that I was going to the hospital? What are you worried about? … I’ve already said that I have solved the problem with Yu Nian, and he personally said that he will not pursue this matter anymore… Oh, Yu Nian is a typical good person, raised in a good family.
Just because I have a younger sister lying in the ward and relying on me to keep her alive, he won’t ruthlessly punish me.”

“…get close to him? To put it simply, it’s not that I haven’t tried it! Earlier, I made up a reason why Xu Fu liked him and wanted his autograph.
He signed it, but after that, he just played with Xia Mingxi.
What can I do? …But this time is an opportunity, maybe I can make good use of it…”  

After returning home from the hospital, Yu Nian took a small shovel to loosen the soil for the plants in the balcony flower pots and sent a message to Yu Qing.
After a while, Yu Qing called.  

“What happened?” 

Yu Nian put down the shovel and stood up straight and couldn’t help laughing, “How can you be sure that something happened?”  

Yu Qing should have found a quiet place with less noise around, “Your nature.
Something must have happened for you to find me.
Tell me, what’s the matter?” 

After listening to Yu Nian explain the matter from beginning to end, Yu Qing didn’t get angry, but her voice was very cold, “I’ll help you ask clearly, just wait.”     


Yu Qing had her own circle, and she could get all the information about anyone in this circle from her contacts.
Within an hour, Yu Qing’s call came, “Tell me about your guess first.” 

Yu Nian lowered his eyelashes.
The pencil in his hand drew lines on the white paper, and he said, “It’s true that Xu Fu has been sick and hospitalized, but rather than wanting to recover Xu Fu’s health, Xu Xuan hopes that she will always be ill, right?”  

“Your guess should be right.” Yu Qing was rarely calm, speaking neither fast nor slow: “People who graduated from the same school as her said that when Xu Xuan was in college, almost everyone around her knew that she had a sister who was seriously ill.
The people next to her felt that she was pitiful, so they did not compete with her for scholarships and grants.  

After graduation and signing with the company, several girls were fighting for the opportunity to debut.
She went to ask for help from someone on the grounds that she had a younger sister who was seriously ill and she needed a lot of money. 

When she debuted, it was not by accident that she met a rich second-generation, and the other party felt that she was young and needed to earn money to treat her sister’s illness and he even gave her a lot of money and benefits.
But her vision was quite high, and she should not be ready to be with that man and is just hanging him.

So, of course, she doesn’t want her sister’s illness to get better.
If she does, how can she find such a good reason?”

Yu Qing finished, “What do you think? Tell me.

Yu Nian carefully recalled the scene when he met Xu Xuan and reflected, “It’s true that I don’t know people well.”

“It’s not that you don’t know people well; these ghosts and monsters in the circle are covered in several layers of painted skin, and after one layer is removed, there is another one.
Even when your sister, I, was just starting out, my sympathy overflowed and I voluntarily jumped into the pit several times.”

Yu Qing sighed, “Your grandfather and grandmother have taught you since you were a child.
I used to hear your grandfather sigh, saying that you’re not only open-minded but also have a bright mind.
In my opinion, your approach this time was really good.” 

Hearing that Yu Nian did not respond, Yu Qing hummed, “Can I still not understand you? Xu Xuan is using tactics behind your back.
If you really fight back directly, she will open a conference and cry miserably in front of people, saying that it is not easy for her to earn money to treat her sister’s illness and that she only had a temporary evil thought of making you sprain your foot, but you have a small temper, regardless of her sister, who is seriously ill.
That way she’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.
I don’t believe you didn’t have this concern when you decided not to pursue this matter at that time.”

Yu Nian admitted, “I did have this concern at the time.
Moreover, everyone always sympathizes with the weak more.” 

Yu Qing said “hum”, “Then what are you going to do?” 

“My grandfather taught me to be a gentleman, but I won’t suffer in silence,” Yu Nian smiled slyly, “If she can cry miserably in front of everyone, so can I.”

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