Chapter 26: Be careful not to screw it up, Nian Nian

Xu Xuan’s design causing Yu Nian to fall and be injured was still in the top position of the hot search until the 28th.
The reversal and layer-by-layer unveiling made melon eaters called this year’s big melon too enjoyable. 

Soon, Xu Xuan’s college classmates and artists from the same company also revealed that Xu Xuan always used the excuse that her sister was seriously ill and needed a lot of money to win the sympathy and pity of others, or to carry out moral coercion to achieve her own purpose.

For a while, her method sparked another discussion.

Yu Nian didn’t stay at home and went to the company early in the morning.

In the office, Meng Yuan was watching the progress with his legs crossed, “Hey, this Xu Xuan’s agent is really slow, looking at the letter of apology sent by Xu Xuan’s account, it must have been written by public relations.
If Xu Xuan herself had such a high level of consciousness, she would not have done such a black-hearted thing as sprinkle water on the stage.”

Shi Rou, who was sitting on the side, was using the alternative account and devoted herself to the fight.
Hearing the words, she said, “That’s right, and besides, if Yu Nian did not just hurt his foot but actually broke his knee and meniscus, then he wouldn’t be able to dance anymore! What’s the use of apology?”

Yu Nian was drinking the juice little by little, biting the straw, and nodding, “Well, so I called the police.”

Shi Rou’s hand that was typing stopped, suddenly saying, “Yeah! I’m so stupid, I didn’t think of calling the police right away!”

Yu Nian smiled and said, “Yes, I learned it when I was in school.
You must learn to take up legal weapons to protect yourself.”

Shi Rou nodded fiercely, and then hesitantly said, “It’s not that I sympathize with Xu Xuan.
She is so bad that she can even deal with her own sister, and everyone should be responsible for what they do.
But, what will her sister do in the future?”

When the juice in the glass was finished, the straw made a “sizzling” sound.
Yu Nian released the straw and said slyly, “I gave that private hospital a little advice before.”

Meng Yuan was also curious, “What little advice?”

“This incident is very popular.
If the hospital is willing to go all out to treat Xu Fu, it will definitely bring a little popularity.
If the hospital is willing to perform surgery on Xu Fu for free, then—”

“Then they can take the opportunity to make a wave of advertisements!” Meng Yuan laughed, “Nian Nian, you are really slick, too slick!”

Yu Nian held the empty cup and blinked, “I just gave a small suggestion.”

Not long after, Shi Rou happily pointed to the phone screen, “Look, look! This hospital is really smart.
They asked Xu Fu’s attending doctor to record a video explaining Xu Fu’s condition in detail and what to do next.
In the end, he said that he would provide free treatment until Xu Fu fully recovered and was discharged from the hospital.
If there was any difficulty after being discharged, they would continue to help! The comment area was all about the benevolence of the doctor.
Maybe they bought a water army.”

Meng Yuan blew on the hot coffee in the cup and was in a good mood, “Tsk, this is quite enjoyable!”

Yu Nian put the empty glass on the table, and the topic changed, “Brother Meng, isn’t the seventh episode going to be broadcast, I have chosen the song to sing in the eighth round.”

Meng Yuan: “Have you chosen? Which two songs did you choose?”

“‘Falling Leaves’ and ‘Star Trails’, these two.”

“Falling Leaves and Star Trails—” Meng Yuan suddenly reacted, staring at Yu Nian, “There’s nothing wrong with Fallen Leaves being a difficult song, but isn’t Star Trail a dance song? What on earth, don’t you want your feet anymore?”

Yu Nian sighed lightly.
He knew that Meng Yuan’s reaction would be like this.
He smiled and said, “Brother Meng, I already asked the doctor.
I’ll only dance for five or six minutes, and I can hold it.
I will go to the hospital for a check-up after the dance, it will be fine.”

Meng Yuan frowned and stopped drinking coffee, “Five or six minutes? You’ll only dance for five or six minutes on stage, but what about offstage? You’re not going to be familiar with dancers and dance movements anymore? Don’t you have to practice?”

“Well, no.”

“……” Meng Yuan’s words were stuck in his throat, and it took a few seconds for him to breathe, “You, you have puffed up after taking first place a few times? Ah? Want to go straight up without practicing or rehearsing? Why don’t you go to heaven?”

Yu Nian sat in a chair and listened to Meng Yuan’s remarks quietly, without refuting, but also without compromising.

Meng Yuan looked at him sitting as firmly and steadily as a hill, his head hurting! He repeated in his heart that this is my own artist, my own artist, and then eased his tone, “Are you sure?”

Only then did Yu Nian speak, with certainty, “Yes.”


“Really.” Yu Nian’s eyes were bright, with scorching self-confidence, “Brother Meng, I’ve been practicing hard every day for the past two months.
Except for hurting my foot, I haven’t slacked off the slightest bit.
I believe that I can dance all the way.
Also, if I didn’t go all out this time and didn’t get first place, I’ll regret it for a long time.”

After working together for such a long period of time, Meng Yuan could clearly see that Yu Nian seemed to be gentle and polite to everyone on the surface, but in fact, he was really stubborn.

“You sure?”


“What if you get into an accident and screw it up? What if you get ridiculed by the whole network? What if you took the last place?”


Meng Yuan relaxed his brows and said with a smile, “Okay! Just believe the word ‘impossible’.
Brother Meng supports you.” He asked again, “However, you really don’t want dancers to accompany you?”

Yu Nian shook his head, “No, I hurt my foot, and I can’t practice with them, so I might as well just dance on the stage by myself.”

Meng Yuan touched his chin, with obvious appreciation in his eyes, “You are young and ambitious, so let Brother Meng see if you can hold down the field.”

Shi Rou, who was on Weibo next to them, interjected, “Hey… Do you want to look at it? Xu Xuan’s account and program team have sent a message, saying that Xu Xuan has withdrawn from the competition.”

Meng Yuan was not surprised at all after hearing this, “When this incident broke out, Xu Xuan would not be able to stay in “Sound of Nature”.
She is a typical tainted artist with serious moral problems, and she will definitely bear legal responsibility later.
Lao He is not stupid to let her stay.”

And after this news came out, Weibo was one-sided.

[Before, as an ancestral fan, I was very worried whether this woman would use a ‘last resort’ and pour a basin of water on the stage, so that Mingxi would also fall? Seeing that she had withdrawn, I’m instantly relieved!]

[Applause! People who tried to kill even their own sisters don’t deserve to be on the stage!]

[It’s really rare to see such a star boycotted by all the people.
People are watching, so it makes sense!]

In the “Sound of Nature” broadcast that night, although the program team cut Xu Xuan’s scene almost entirely,  in order to maintain the integrity of the program, the part of Xu Xuan singing on stage was not removed.
Netizens who had previously watched the annual big melon did so on time.
The video website’s barrage was so thick that people couldn’t see the face, and the ratings also rose again and again.

When Yu Nian appeared on stage in a delicate and luxurious white fur collar costume, sitting lazily on the scarlet retro velvet sofa with the lifting platform, the barrage stopped for a moment, and then it soared again.

[Aaaaaaaah! I’m dead! I was killed in seconds!]

[These eyes, eyelashes, tear moles, and his chin and lips! Oh my god! I finally experienced what a critical hit is!]

[When I was made a human, I was squeezed out of the mud! But my little brother was carefully carved from jade! My little heart!]

When Yu Nian sat on the sofa, picked up the microphone, and started singing, the barrage turned into a screen full of “kneeling with a dazed expression.”

[I just wanted to post that as long as he has this face, even if he doesn’t sing, I’ll be a fan.
I’m happy to be slapped in the face after a while!]

[This face and this voice must have been favored by God! I really screamed!]

[Am I dreaming? The song was really written by Yu Nian himself! It’s so good aaaahhhh!]

[I want to buy the same sofa! Buy the same fur collar! Don’t stop me!]

Before the show was over, the topic of #Raining in my heart# was brushed up, and even the GIFs of Yu Nian singing quickly occupied the homepage.
The melon-eating fans all contributed their enthusiasm and worked hard to promote it everywhere.

Not long after, Xie You also updated his Weibo.

Xie You: [#Raining in my heart# Heh, he must have undergone plastic surgery, how could he look so good?]

Xia Mingxi was video-calling Yu Nian while watching the show.
He complained and also used the alternative account to praise the comments on the official blog.
The operation was flawless.

Suddenly, when swiping down Xie You’s Weibo, he angrily said, “Nian Nian, what kind of grudge do you have with this President Xie? He is hell-bent on hacking you! After finishing with the voice, he is now complaining about your face.
He said that you can’t be so good-looking without plastic surgery; why is that impossible? His words aren’t that bad, but they irritate me.”

Yu Nian was occupied with several other tasks as well, including writing songs in a notebook while holding a pencil.
When he heard Xia Mingxi muttering, he turned the pen around his fingertips a few times and smiled, “He’s actually very good.”

Xia Mingxi was shocked, and he got closer to the camera and worried, “Nian Nian, are you under too much pressure? That’s why your words are so confusing, right?

Yu Nian laughed—what should he say?

At this time, the doorbell rang.
Yu Nian put down the book and pen, got up, and went to open the door, only to find that the person standing at the door was the one in the black suit last time.
Just like before, he was here to deliver a small box.

He stretched out his hand to accept the box and went back to the sofa to sit down.
In the video, Xia Mingxi was curious, “Did the takeout arrive?”

When Yu Nian opened the lid of the box, Xia Mingxi saw his expression and became even more curious, “Wow, what’s inside? Why are you so happy?”

Yu Nian looked down at the neatly arranged small cookies in the box and carefully tried to identify them.
With his excellent associative ability, he barely recognized them.
The shapes of the small cookies were probably small rabbits, leaves, flowers, small fish, and maybe… little bear?

Yu Nian answered Xia Mingxi’s question honestly: “The supper from Xie You.”

Xia Mingxi stood up in shock, “Be careful not to touch it, Nian Nian! It must be either sulfuric acid or a bomb!”

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