Chapter 4: Well, the names have been exchanged

Yu Nian didn’t know these people, but he could guess their identities.

The speaker looked provocative, and said with obvious contempt, “You are Yu Nian? Except for a good-looking face, I don’t see any other advantage!”

Yu Nian carefully looked at the two in front of him and chuckled, “A good-looking face is a natural advantage.” He emphasized the word ‘natural’.

The faces of the two people on the opposite side changed.

Yu Nian withdrew the smile from his face.
Because of his family’s education, he usually treats people politely most of the time.
When facing his teachers and Meng Yuan, he would also show respect from the bottom of his heart.
But that didn’t mean he had a soft temper.

Without the smile, Yu Nian’s eyes were a little cold, “I’m very busy and I don’t have much time to waste.
If you want to ask me why I was chosen by Brother Meng, but you didn’t, then you can ask him yourself.”

He raised the corner of his mouth and continued, “And if you want to ask why I was chosen by He Qiubai, then you can ask He Qiubai.”

In the end, he raised his fair chin, the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked, and the mole on the corners of his eyes showed a little indifference, “If either of you can squeeze me out of ‘Sound of Nature’, I won’t say a word.”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t waste any more time and walked away.

In the corner, after watching this scene, An Cheng pulled Huo Xing and said, “Tsk tsk tsk, he is so tough.”

Huo Xing took back the half-step and said in a low voice, “If he isn’t tough, would he be able to work hard and learn all the movements in five days?”

An Cheng raised his eyebrows, “Hey, Teacher Huo, how many times have you praised him these days? Do you admire him so much?” He recalled the scene just now, folded his arms, and smiled, “But that arrogant little behavior is very impressive, not bad.”

Huo Xing did not deny it, and said in a calm voice, “If he can be bullied by anyone, he won’t be able to go far in this circle.”

When An Cheng and Huo Xing left, Xie You walked out of the hiding place, looked in the direction where Yu Nian left a while ago, and took the elevator to leave.

When they started eating together at noon, Yu Nian took out a pair of chopsticks, handed them to Meng Yuan, and started talking, “Brother Meng, I want to ask something.”

Meng Yuan squeezed the chopsticks in his right hand and was busy with his mobile phone in his left hand, so he replied, “You ask.”

“You told me before that I should stay in the classroom and shouldn’t run around.
Is it because it’s easy to run into people?”

Meng Yuan understood as soon as he heard his words, and his face was not very good.
He paid attention to Yu Nian’s expression and asked, “Did someone come to find you?”

Yu Nian nodded with a smile, “Well, I was stopped when I went back to class in the morning.”


“I fought back.”

Meng Yuan laughed, “That’s right, nice job!” He simply put down the phone and told Yu Nian carefully.

“The company is very big, and there are a lot of trainees and those who have debuted but didn’t succeed.
I don’t like to take on more people because I feel distracted and tired.
I like to concentrate on one person.
This time, the previous partner terminated the contract.
He left, and the company urged me to bring another one.”

“Anyway, your brother Meng has been here for a decade or two and still has a reputation.
So some restless people have started to move because I haven’t released any information from my side.”

Yu Nian: “If there is an opportunity, everyone wants to seize it.” He positioned himself, “So I became an ‘airborne’?”

“Isn’t it? I signed you.
The company looked calm on the surface, but it must have exploded underneath.
That’s why I told you to study hard and don’t run around.” Meng Yuan sighed, “This year’s trainees are not very enthusiastic, they took so many days to find you.”

Yu Nian was amused by this tone.
It’s pretty much the same as what he had guessed before.
After drinking a sip of soup, Yu Nian asked again, “If we meet again, should I value peace or fight back?”

Meng Yuan had already known about Yu Nian’s gentle temperament, so he didn’t even hesitate and said, “Of course, fight back! You know it yourself.”

Yu Nian also understood — he had not officially debuted yet, but with Meng Yuan at his back, he didn’t have to swallow his voice, otherwise, he would lose his share in vain.

He held up the soup bowl and smiled, “Thank you Brother Meng for helping me.”

Meng Yuan touched the soup bowl, “It’s easy to talk, but I’m still waiting for you to make money for me!”

The contract with ‘Sound of Nature’ was signed soon, because Yu Nian was a newcomer so the price was set very low.
But Meng Yuan didn’t care at all.
He called Yu Nian from the dance practice room to the office and handed him a tablet.
He also carefully raised the temperature of the air conditioner by two degrees.

“You will have to record the show in August.
This is your first show.
I will follow you all the way to prevent anything from going wrong.
But other people have assistants and teams, and you didn’t have one, right?”

Yu Nian had been practicing dance all morning, his body was still hot, and his face showed a layer of a healthy pink.
He wiped the sweat off his hands with a towel before taking the tablet.

Meng Yuan continued, “I have people who have been working with me.
I didn’t have anyone under me these days, so they were idle.
Now that I have signed you, they have to get busy.
As for the assistant, you have to choose yourself.”

Yu Nian responded, flipped through the file information on the tablet, and asked, “Brother Meng, do you have any suggestions?”

Meng Yuan listened to his question, and then said, “Page number 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8, I’ve read them and they are not bad.
You can choose one or two, as you please.
When you become popular, there will be so many things to do.”

Yu Nian carefully looked at the five candidates suggested by Meng Yuan, and finally chose a girl named “Shi Rou”.

Meng Yuan smiled again, “You have a good eye.
Shi Rou used to be an artist’s assistant, so she’s a good hand.
She has a good temperament and a high efficiency in doing things, and she’s good at taking pictures.”

Yu Nian thought so too.
He was a newcomer, and it could be said that he didn’t know what he should know.
After the newcomer period, Meng Yuan would not follow him all the time, so the assistant was very important.

“Aren’t you choosing another one?”

“No need.” Yu Nian handed the tablet back, “One is enough, I don’t like too many people following me.”

Meng Yuan didn’t insist, “Okay, see you tomorrow.
if there is no problem, we will finalize her.”

Shi Rou was a tall and thin girl with big eyes and a gentle voice.
She was five years older than Yu Nian and had been in the industry for almost six years.
Hearing Yu Nian calling her Sister Rou Rou, she even waved her hands embarrassedly.

After seeing each other, both parties were satisfied.

After a few days, Yu Nian found that the person Meng Yuan recommended was really good.
At least every day in class, Shi Rou would buy drinks for the two dance teachers and honey water for the vocal teacher in his name.
If he practiced dancing late at night, she would prepare a low-calorie late-night snack for him, not much, but very careful.


On the 51st Floor.

Sitting upright behind the desk, Qu Xiaoran dropped the pen despairingly.
He sighed, looked at Xie You, who was looking at the financial magazine expressionlessly, and said with a grumpy tone, “Come on, brother, let’s have a good chat.
Is your company going to close down? Why are you running to me every day, these days?”

Seeing Xie You raise his head and glanced at himself, Qu Xiaoran massaged his forehead helplessly, “My brother and my father never stared at me like this before… You come and stare at me twice a day,” He was startled, “Fuck, don’t tell me, you’ve known me for twenty years, did you suddenly fall in love with me?”

Xie You finally said, “Shut up.” He put down the financial magazine, glanced at the time, got up, and said, “I’m leaving.”

Qu Xiaoran was eager for Xie You to leave early so that he could play games in the office.
He waved his hand and asked with a smile, “President Xie, do you want me to see you off?”

“No need.”

“Then are you coming tomorrow?”



Walking into the elevator, Xie You pressed the minus one floor.
He adjusted his tie, his eyes fixed on the ever-changing number of floors.

46, 45… 35, 34, 33 —— “Ding”!

When Yu Nian took Shi Rou into the elevator, he saw that person again.
The other party was still wearing a well-cut black suit, with long legs and excellent proportions.
His dark silver-trimmed tie was neatly tied, and his face was cold and expressionless.

The eyes of the two met, and Yu Nian nodded politely, “Hello, What a coincidence, we met again.”

Xie You was silent for three seconds, then nodded and said, “Hello.”

There were only three people in the elevator.
Shi Rou seemed to be afraid of the other person, so she lowered her head and stood in the corner.

Seeing the other party looking at him with deep eyes, Yu Nian said with a smile, “After all, this is the fourth time we’ve met.”

“Yeah.” At the same time, he corrected it in his heart, it was obviously the sixth time!

Yu Nian noticed that the other party didn’t seem to be very good with words, so he said hesitantly, “My name is Yu Nian, and I have just signed into Xingyao.”

“Xie You.” He mentally reported his age, height, weight, and home address twice, but he just couldn’t say these words from his mouth.

“Xie You,” Yu Nian asked with a smile, meeting the darker pupils of the other party, “Is it the You from Xiaoyao You?”


“The name is very nice.” At this time, the first floor arrived, and Yu Nian waved, “I’ll go first goodbye!”

Where no one saw, Xie You’s ears turned red again.

After getting out of the elevator, Shi Rou sighed and was curious again, “Do you and President Xie know each other?”

Yu Nian recalled, “We’re just acquaintances.
I met him twice in the elevator and once when I was waiting at a red light.”

Shi Rou dutifully explained to him, “His surname is Xie, and he is President Qu’s friend.
It is said that the two of them are family friends, and have known each other since childhood.
So occasionally I can see President Xie in Xingyao, But not very often.”

She covered her heart and felt lingering fears, “I have worked in Xingyao for six years, and I have only met him once.
President Xie has a bad temper, and his aura is so cold that a person can almost scared to death if he is close to him.”

Yu Nian didn’t feel that way.
His impression of Xie You was that he was good-looking and not good with words.
He didn’t feel afraid.

On the other side, Xie You closed the car door and looked in the direction of the elevator through the window.

—Well, the names were exchanged.

The author has something to say: 

President Xie: Very happy.

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