fucking days, I want to scold anyone I see!”

Meng Yuan took Yu Nian to the sofa and raised his eyebrows, “So angry? Come and talk to Dad?”

He Qiubai smashed the paper from the side to Meng Yuan and scolded with a smile, “Don’t act like a fool, you want to become my dad, aren’t you afraid of losing your life?” After scolding Meng Yuan like that, he fell quite relaxed.
He sat up straight and looked at Yu Nian with a smile.
After a while, he asked, “How much do you know about ‘Sound of Nature’?”

Yu Nian replied quickly, “A total of eight episodes will be recorded.
The first seven episodes are elimination rounds, and the last one was for those who stayed in the finals to determine the ranking.
In the first round, five people came on stage, and the person who got the lowest score from the audience and jury will be eliminated.
The remaining four will enter the next round together with the new recruits, and continue the same format.”

He Qiubai unscrewed the mineral water bottle in his hand and took a sip, “Well, the highlight of ‘Sound of Nature’ is that the contestants are all singers who have not debuted for a long time, or pure newcomers like you, which will be very refreshing.
The second is to eliminate one person in every round.
The rotation is very fast, and there are always new faces.
But those who have stayed from the beginning will definitely be remembered by the audiences.”

He put the half-filled mineral water on the table and watched Yu Nian, “Are you confident to stay until the end?”

Yu Nian is not humble, his expression is firm, and his eyes seem to be filled with light, “Yes.”

He Qiubai rubbed his palms and laughed, “Okay! It’s good to have ambition! Lao Meng and I saw you right!”

The official recording will start the next day.
After walking around and getting familiar with the studio, Meng Yuan was afraid that Yu Nian would be nervous, so he invited him for a meal.

The car drove to the west of the city, and the sky gradually became dark.
After driving on a narrow stone road, the street lights on both sides were dim, and Meng Yuan slowed down.

Seeing Yu Nian looking out of the car window, Meng Yuan followed his line of sight and glanced outside, “You didn’t come here very often, right? We are on Qingxi Road, and we just passed by ‘Si Ning Mansion’, an old mansion.
It seems that there are still people living there now.
It is said that the owner of the house seems to be from—”

“The Yu Family of Qing Shan.”

“Yes, that’s it.
It’s quite a coincidence, they have the same last name as you.” Meng Yuan looked at the dark road ahead carefully and commented, “It’s quiet here, and there are not many cars, but it takes an hour to go to the city centre, which is quite strenuous.

“Yes, it’s quite inconvenient.” Yu Nian added in his heart that if there was a traffic jam during the rush hour, it would take almost two hours on the road, so he had to get up early to go out.

The road became narrower and narrower, and after several minutes, Meng Yuan stopped.

“It’s here.
Today, your brother Meng invites you to eat in a private restaurant to cheer you up!”

Yu Nian got out of the car, stood on the bluestone floor tiles, moved his hands and feet, and looked around.
The private restaurant Meng Yuan mentioned was an old-fashioned renovated house.
Entering through the gate, there was a small arch bridge, and a few water lilies floating on the water.

Meng Yuan walked in the front and led the way, “This restaurant’s food tastes very good, but it’s too far away, so it’s hard to find, and it doesn’t advertise, so it all depends on word of mouth.”

The further you go, the more prosperous the flowers and trees became.
When the path turned a corner, Yu Nian lowered his head and passed by a cluster of roses.
Suddenly he felt that a line of sight fell on him behind him.
He stopped, turned around, and saw Xie You standing not far away, looking at himself intently.

Yu Nian subconsciously laughed and said, “Xie You?”

Xie You stood there for a few more seconds as if hesitating for something.
Then, he walked to Yu Nian with his long legs.
He pursed his lips, and said in a low voice, “Don’t move.”

Yu Nian stopped moving and looked up at him.

Xie You raised his hand and took off two pale pink rose petals from Yu Nian’s hair.
He subconsciously twisted his fingers ——the hair was so soft.

Yu Nian saw pale pink petals between his fingers and smiled, “Thank you.” Then he asked, “Are you here to eat too?”

Xie You squeezed the petals and put his hands in his pockets, “Well, with friends.”

“Me too, came over to have dinner with my agent.” Yu Nian took a small step back and said briskly, “Then I won’t disturb you for now, I wish you and your friends a happy meal.”

Xie You looked down at Yu Nian and replied softly, “Okay.”

Yu Nian felt that the other party seemed to be suddenly… unhappy? But seeing that Xie You’s expression did not change, maybe it was his misconception? 

After Yu Nian’s back disappeared, Xie You still stood there and didn’t move.
Not long after, Qu Xiaoran’s voice came over, “The last parking space at the door is occupied, so I parked the car all the way, are you waiting——” The voice got stuck in his throat.
He looked at Xie You in shock, “You, you…..
are you smiling?”

Xie You retracted the unconscious smile from the corner of his mouth, and returned to his usual indifferent expression, “You saw it wrong.”

Qu Xiaoran was still in a trance, “I also think I saw it wrong, I must have seen it wrong!” He tilted his head to observe Xie You’s expression carefully, and affirmed, “But you seem to be in a good mood, I definitely didn’t see this wrong! Didn’t I just stop the car, what good things happened?”

Xie You’s eyes fell on the bluestone road where rose petals fell on the ground, and after a few seconds, he answered, “The roses are very beautiful.”

Qu Xiaoran looked up at the racks of roses on the side of the road, wondering, “Pink and white, it doesn’t look that good…”

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