Possession (1)

Perhaps because I lived with my older sister, but I was particularly fond of Internet novels from an early age.
Even now, at the age of 20, I often find and read Internet novels, or Inso*.

*Inso is Internet + novel (소설 or ‘soseol’)

It was a day that was no different from usual.
While walking on the street, I got a Kakao message from my sister and I started scrolling down to open the link of the recommended Inso called “Ending Like This” and it was said to be a masterpiece…


The sound of a vehicle horn like those in dramas filled my ears, and then my body was launched into the air with a thump.

Before I felt pain, the flying phone came into view.


My body crashed along with the falling phone.
When I saw the broken screen amongst the chaotic view, my surroundings became noisy.

Amongst the throbbing pain that came one step late, the noise became distant like a fade-out.

‘Kang Sihyun.’

Everything went blurry before I heard that name.
That was the last thing I saw before I closed my eyes.


The face in the mirror was unfamiliar.
Sihyun looked at his face reflected in the clean, spotless mirror, before facing the wall with a dark expression.

The skin that covered his face was pale and clean.
Every time he blinked his eyes, thin and voluminous eyelashes came down and lightly went back up.

The ‘original body’ wasn’t ugly either, but ‘Kang Sihyun’, who was six years younger, was so good-looking that even words could never call him ugly.

It was the kind of face that can probably deceive anyone by saying you’re an actor on an idol if you lie on the street.

Sihyeon, who pinched his face, narrowed his brows in clear pain.

It wasn’t a dream.
That means the current situation is real.

I transmigrated into a novel.

I never imagined that I would experience something that only happened in fantasy novels.

On 7th February up until March, I woke up in an unfamiliar bed for the first time.
Sihyun, who wasted the past month denying reality, was able to admit that this place was not a dream only after realizing tomorrow is the entrance day of high school, even though I had already graduated.

Even after being hit by a ball dozens of times, I never returned to ‘Yoo Sihyun’, and even after waking up several times, the environment never changed.
In the end, I was caught by an unknown man after trying to jump off the roof.
He probably thought I was crazy and even listened to his sermon.

I think my last memory was a car accident…

I thought I was dead and came to heaven.
I also wondered if I had been trapped in Inso hell because I saw Inso so many times.

It’s been a week since I’ve been stuck in my room, ignoring strangers knocking at my door amid my thoughts.
After stopping Kang Sihyun’s parents from reporting to the polish, I came to the bathroom, sighed and messed up my black hair.

Light blue eyes sparkled in the mirror.
His eyes were so unfamiliar that I felt chills no matter how many times I faced them.


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