“Conquer the world? Don’t you think that sounds absurd?”


Chelsi shook her head as she walked past Leo.


“Conquering the world of heroes is difficult even for Lumeln students, is it possible for us who are taking the entrance exam to do that?”


It was exactly as she had stated.


Even the most talented hero candidates in Lumeln academy would find it difficult to conquer the world of heroes.


So she couldn't believe they'd ask the participants to do something so difficult.


It was an absurd story.


But Leo thought differently.


“Right now, we're being tested for our qualification to be a Hero, right?”




“Then shouldn’t a hero do what they had to do? Moreover, if it's a test, the ordeal will be given to the extent that a Hero can overcome it.”


At those words, Chelsi hesitated.


'He is not wrong.'


“Mmm! So what’s the condition to conquer the world? If it were an ordeal that even the participants could clear, it would be Hero Alby's early life activity.
Little is known about Hero Alby's early life.”


Leo smirked as he observed Chelsi with her arms crossed.


'She's an excellent kid.'


She was a girl with excellent skills and strong self-esteem.


Usually, such children do not heed to the opinion of their peers.


But Chelsi analyzed Leo's words and thought it was reasonable, so she immediately planned on how to move.


'Her thoughts were flexible.
That's a good quality for being a wizard.'


Although she was immature, Leo thought that she was a girl worthy of being a hero candidate, and spoke.


“The probability of subjugation is high.”


“It certainly is.”


Chelsi nodded.


If a feat would be accomplished when monsters were defeated, there is a good chance to conquer the world.


And Leo guessed what they had to defeat.


‘Since a lot of time has passed, it could be a different…’


Leo, who had been clenching his fist while staring at the monsters' bodies, suddenly grabbed Chelsi's wrist.


“What are you doing?”


Just when Chelsi made a prickly expression at Leo's sudden action.


Hweek-! Hweek-!


Leo pulled Chelsi toward him.


Chik-! Chik-!


Two arrows flew and stuck where Chelsi had been standing.


Chelsi’s eyes widened when she saw it.


And… … .


“uh? uh?”






She lost her balance and fell on her butt.


Chelsi rubbed her butt as tears began to fall.


“If you pull someone, you should hug them to keep them from falling!”


“Oh, sorry.
I thought you would get angry if I hugged you carelessly.”


“To end up falling like this makes me super angry.


“Still, how about saying a thank you?”


“Hmph! Even if it wasn't for you, arrows wouldn't hurt me at all.”


“That one had aura though.”


Chelsi paused at Leo's comments.


I could have blocked it with the shield magic I had memorized beforehand!”


After that Chelsi spoke in a sulky voice.


“Well, thanks anyway.”


In response, Leo smiled lightly.




“To think we missed the opportunity to take down Chelsi Llewellyn!”


A few students appeared from the bushes and glared at Leo and Chelsi.




As Chelsi stepped forward, the group of five examinees looked nervous.


“If you don’t want to fight, cooperate.”




They made a bewildered expression at Chelsi's sudden words.


“Your party consists only of knights, right? It wouldn’t be bad if I, a wizard, join the party, right? Then isn't it right for us to cooperate?”


Despite being attacked just before, Chelsi offered them a chance to cooperate without any ill intent.


Since it was an exam anyway, it was natural if someone gets dropped.


'If it had been a test to eliminate others, I would have attacked them mercilessly, but now I have a task to conquer the world of heroes.'


Chelsi looked back seeking Leo’s opinion and saw him nodding.


“Cooperate… … .”


“Nah, we’re fine.
We are only knights, but we can attack from afar, so the party balance is good, right? Hahahaha.”




At that time, an examinee, who appeared to be the leader, laughed.


“There are only two of you, right? If we fight now, we possess a greater advantage.”


“That's right, even if you were from a famous Hero family, you're still the same age as us!”


“You are scared, so you have no choice but to beg like this.
But, we’re different.”


After witnessing Chelsi’s fall due to fear, they felt confident.


“If I could defeat you, one of the potential candidates would disappear! So why should we cooperate with you?”


“Right! Right!”


Watching them prepare for battle, Chelsi tried to say something.


“Stop your bullsh*t, there is no use in talking.”




Chelsi had a frustrated expression.


This genius girl was ridiculed by the other participants who didn't want to listen to her.


And watching this, Leo said, drawing his sword.


“If they want a fight, you should give them one.”


“It can't be helped.”


Chelsi sighed as she raised her wand.


Looking at Chelsi like that, Leo said.


“You support me from behind.”




“It's a waste to use mana against such trashes.”


“Are you serious? They're using Aura.”


“Leave it to me.”


If you were to get caught, I won’t come to help.”


Despite being cold, Chelsi thought of assisting Leo if he was in danger.


'Because I have to pay off the debt of being saved.'


Chelsi clenched her wand tightly.


Meanwhile, the other students looked at Leo and their expressions distorted.


“Who are you?”


“Are you going to face us alone?”


Nice meeting you guys.”


“You fu*ker!”


Thinking that Leo was insulting them, the student holding the arrow immediately pulled the bowstring.




An arrow without aura flew toward Leo.


Using Aura arrows seemed like a waste of aura, so he decided to save them in case they were to go up against Chelsi.


'If he avoids, there will be a gap! Then we will end it….'




“… … !”


“This is not the time to conserve your strength.”


Leo grabbed the arrow and spoke breaking the arrow.


“Eh, that's ridiculous! With just bare hands……!”




Before that student could finish his words, Leo rushed towards him.


“No, stop him!”


“Surround him!”


Leo dodged the swords flying in from all directions.


Meanwhile, the opponent team’s focus was not completely on Leo.


‘Even if you don't take part in the battle, your very existence will keep them in check.'


Unlike Leo who was unknown, Chelsi was a renowned participant, so they were bound to pay more attention to her.


'I'm grateful.'


Chaeeng- Crack!




Leo, who swung his sword, directly punched his fist into the opponent's face.


“You fu*ker! You don’t seem to use any aura?!”


“Of course, I fight barehanded.”


Leo looked at the opponent who mistook him for an aura user and replied calmly, then turned his body.


The opponent, who was aiming for his back, was flustered to see Leo dodging his attacks as if there were eyes behind his head.






Leo, who gave him a kick to his side, aimed for another opponent, leaving only two.


“Use aura!”


“Damn it!”


Leo overpowered the five people just by himself.


Meanwhile, Chelsi, who was watching everything from behind, widened her eyes.


'Wow, how can he move like that without using aura?'


Although she was a wizard, as someone who aspires to become a Battle Mage, Chelsi also trained in combat.


As a result, she could vaguely see how crazy Leo's movement was.




Chelsi, who could feel her own heartbeat, was taken aback.


'No! He is someone who hangs out with Celia Gerdinger! Wake up! You’re better than this, Chelsi!'


Even as she shook her head, Chelsi couldn't take her eyes off Leo.


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


Participants got eliminated one after another.


It was because most of them decided to eliminate their competitors.


‘They must have thought they were doing great since they moved from one opponent to another, but they were wrong.’


Alby thought as he observed some students.


He saw students proudly talking about how they eliminated their opponent, though it had nothing to do with the test.


Approximately an hour after the beginning of the examination.
Out of 569 applicants, only about 50 were remaining.


All of those candidates…
… .”




Looking at Alby, who spoke coldly, the aide from Lumeln looked bewildered.


“Ha…, but Mr.
They are also talented children.
Besides, selecting an average of hundred students in one test is a must…
… .”


Alby's cold gaze turned to the aide.


Seeing those eyes, the aide took a deep breath.


“When the principal appointed me as an examiner, I said this.
If you appoint me as an examiner, all those who don't meet my standard will be eliminated.
Nevertheless, he entrusted me with this position.”




“As an examiner, it is the examiner's authority to pass the student or not.
So let's not talk about this anymore.”


Alby, who spoke clearly, shifted his gaze to the magic mirror.


It was none other than Leo who caught his gaze.


'He must have noticed the strange change in the forest.'


Alby fiddled with his left eye.


'Can he really conquer that world?'


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


“Chelsi, Are you all right?”




It has been two hours since the beginning of the exam.


Leo too was able to safely join Celia and Abad's party.


“As expected, you were safe.
But why are you with Chelsi Llewellyn?”


“We met at the start of the exam and cooperated.”


“Really? She is someone with a lot of pride and stubbornness, so how did she cooperate with you?”


“I did a good job persuading her.”


Celia muttered inwardly as she saw Leo smiling warmly.


'What did he do?'


After spending a week with Leo, Celia had a good grasp of her cousin's viciousness.


“You said he is uncultured but seems like you’ve been working together pretty well, huh?”


“It’s because you can’t fight blindly without knowing the criteria for passing the test.”


Celia shook her head and replied.


“Anyway, there are a lot of people.”


“I and Abad can move fast.
So we went through the forest and gathered many people to cooperate.
Well, most of them are from the Lordren Empire.”


If the two great families of the Lordren Empire, Gerdinger and Llewellyn offered cooperation, would there be anyone in the Empire stupid enough to refuse it?


“You guys did a great job.”


“What? Why?”


“Because I know how to pass this exam.”


“What? Did you figure it out?”


Celia's eyes lit up.


“It’s to conquer the world.”


“Conquer the World?”


Celia tilted her head, puzzled.


And Leo nodded.


“Well, this test is too different from what I’ve heard.
It wouldn't be strange if they want us to conquer the world.”




“Still there is a problem.
What are the conditions to conquer the world?”


To conquer the world, every world of heroes must meet certain conditions.


This was why the study of heroes was so important.


This was due to the fact that the act of investigating and studying heroes' deeds was directly related to the hero's strategy of conquering the world.


However, Just like there are heroes with heroic stories, there were also heroes without them.


Hence, the world of living heroes was rarely conquered.


Even if one conquers it, there would be no rewards, and the hero himself was the only one who can open the world.


The world of heroes that can be opened only by achieving certain conditions all belongs to heroes of the past.


“Alby is a hero with a high reputation, but very little about his past has been revealed.
So there aren't any clues on how to conquer this world.”


“I have a vague idea about that part.”






Leo sighed.


“An unexpected situation has arisen in the Devil's Forest.”


“What situation?”


“Don’t find it strange that the monsters are not very active in the forest right now?”


“Indeed… … .”


Originally, it was normal for the monsters to attack more frequently.


However, in the current Alby's world, the frequency of monsters attacking was getting low as they moved forward.


'It’s as if they were frightened by something?'


Thinking of that, Celia's face turned serious.


“Perhaps a high-level monster has appeared and is scaring all the monsters in the forest.
Alby accomplished a feat by defeating it, right?”




“What kind of high-ranking monster can scare all the monsters in the forest? I haven't seen any records of such an incident.”


“That's… … .”


Just when Leo was about to answer Celia's question.




A terrified scream echoed from the distance.


“It seems to have appeared.”

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