Leo approached Talatunia while holding onto the lance.


‘Can he handle such a weapon while being a swordsman?’


Chelsi, who prepared to assist Leo from afar, looked worried.


According to Chelsi, Leo's swordsmanship was amazing.


However, if he were to change his weapon, it would be a different story.


'If you're going to borrow, why not borrow a sword….'


As Chelsi was worried.


Whoo-hoo-hoo- Whoo-hoo-


Leo walked towards Talatunia, effortlessly twirling a large lance in his fingers.


The lance was quite heavy, and would have been challenging for most people of Leo's age to wield without aura.


However, for Leo, who trained his body beyond its limits from a young age, it was not a problem.


Instead, it became a powerful weapon in Leo’s hand.




As Leo continued to spin the lance in his hand, it gained momentum, turning at an incredible speed. 


Meanwhile, Talatunia rushed forward, baring its sharp teeth. 


With the centrifugal force he had built up, Leo smoothly released the lance from his fingers and firmly grasped the handle. 


Using just one hand, he swung the lance wildly, with great force.






The powerful swing of the lance sent its blade deep into Talatunia's head with ease. 

The combination of the lance's weight and the force generated by the rotational movement proved to be a destructive force, instantly shattering Talatunia's head. 


As the onlookers watched in amazement, Leo pulled the lance out, leapt into the air, and with both hands, plunged the lance deep into the monster's back.






With a piercing scream, Talatunia kicked the ground with her long legs.




Leo leaped and quickly avoided the attack, using light steps.


‘I can't use it for long.’


Leo thought as he looked at the condition of the weapon.


He managed to land an effective hit, but the weapon was badly damaged after a single hit without using Aura.


Since Aura not only enhances a weapon's attack power but also preserves its durability.






“Use wind magic to throw other participants' weapons toward me!”


Leo shouted out while avoiding Talatunia's attack.


“It's impossible to catch the weapons in such a fast-paced battle! You could get hurt if something goes wrong!”


“Just throw it already! I can take care of myself!”


“Uh, what weapon?”


“It doesn’t matter, just through any weapon! Hurry!”


At Leo's urging, Chesi gathered the weapons of the other contestants and sent them flying with wind magic.




A sharp sword and a heavy battle sword flew toward Leo.


“Use whichever one you're comfortable with!”




The blade of the lance that had been struck in the Talatunia’s head broke.


Leo threw the handle behind him and reached out with his hand while stepping back.


'Listening to the sound of the wind, it should be a sharp sword and heavy battle sword?'


He accurately identified the type of weapons from the flying sound.




Talatunia tried to stab Leo with the front paws.


Leo dodged the attack by jumping in the air and twisting his body.




At the same time, he caught both weapons accurately.


The sharp sword in his left hand and the battle sword in his right hand.


Leo blocked Talatunia's front paw, which was aimed at his body, with the heavy battle sword in his right hand.




A huge shock shook his body.




Leo suppressed his groan, jumped once again, and swung using his left hand.






In a quick moment, Leo severed one of Talatunia's front legs and was flung away. 


He quickly regained his footing and without hesitation, charged forward once more. 


Talatunia's defense was not particularly strong, and a weapon without Aura could still inflict damage if it had enough force. 


However, the other competitors had been unable to inflict damage on Talatunia because her rate of recovery was faster than her rate of injury.


'Was the ring of life always this troublesome?'


After letting out a sigh, Leo moved quickly.


He squeezed all his strength and pushed himself to his limit.


At this moment, Leo’s whole body responded to his will and continued to exceed its limits.


Although he did not use an aura, Leo's movements were miraculously fast.


Seeing that, the other competitors opened their mouths in surprise.




Sharp sword and heavy sword.






Long sword.




Battle Ax.


Every time a weapon broke, Leo changed it to the other participants' weapons one after another.


And he handled every weapon with his ghost-like skill.


His movements were like a never-ending dance.


Regardless of the type of weapon, he showed movement that was close to perfection.


As if he could handle all the weapons in the world.


He fought with Talatunia without hesitation.


His appearance resembled that of someone who does not belong to this world.


'How is it possible for someone of our age to fight like that using such diverse weapons?'


'What the hell is that guy!'


The eyes of the participants who aimed to become Knights turned wide.


Chelsi, who was assisting Leo, also had a look of disbelief.


At first, she thought of using magic to help him.


But Leo moved too fast for her to support.


The situation where she was unable to use magic persisted.


As a result, she tensed up.


But overshadowing such worries, Leo confronted that dreadful monster all by himself.


The figure reminded everyone of the Hero that they all once dreamed of becoming.


A Hero who led impossible battles to victory over and over again without backing down. 


Leo possessed strength that was enough to catch people's eyes.


Even though a small mistake could have led to death in this battle, Leo fought fearlessly.


Rather, he made everyone feel at ease.


‘It has been 15 years, but this feeling still has not disappeared.’


Though he was out of breath, he still laughed.


He continued to attack Talatunia without rest.


During the battle, an attack grazed him and his flesh was torn, but still, that didn't stop him.


'Forward! Forward! If I can't even stop a bug like this, those guys will laugh at me in the other world!'










The sound of metal cracking came from the long sword he was holding.


The weapon had already reached its limit.


In just 5 minutes, dozens of weapons have already been destroyed.


Just when Leo was about to ask Chelsi for the next weapon.


“Leo! We are ready!”


Leo grinned at Celia's cry.




And with all his strength, he leaped away from Talatunia.




As if switching turns with him, Celia leaped forward, holding her flame storm radiating maddening heat.


The tremendous fire was being suppressed by a powerful wind.






As she swung her sword, a storm filled with raging flames was unleashed.


The powerful storm shredded Talatunia’s body.


A suffocating heat wave burned Talatunia's body without mercy.


Talatunia struggled.


The power of the Ring of Life gave the spider infinite life.


However, the power of destruction soon surpassed the power of restoration.




When the flames died down, Talatunia was reduced to ashes.




A golden ring fell to the ground.


[Alby's World: Chapter-Prologue.
Devil’s Forest has been conquered.]


A phrase popped up in front of Celia’s eyes.


Seeing this, Celia slumped in her seat.


“YES, it’s finally over.”


Celia let out a deep sigh, then she tilted her head and looked at Leo.


Leo, wounded all over his body, stood gasping for breath.


'He really stopped that monster for 5 minutes.'


It was an amazing feat.


Even though he fought the hardest, he still stood tall without falling.


Celia, who had difficulty standing, approached Leo with a smile.


“Leo! Good job…
… .”


“Great! Really great! You were like a hero from a hero's tale!”


Chelsi, who had been watching Leo's battle, approached him and jumped up in joy while holding his both hands.


“Is that so?”


Since I want to be a battle mage, I need to practice close combat as well.
So, would you like to teach me when I enter Lumeln?”


After seeing Leo's battle, Chelsi was so excited that she couldn't contain herself.


Celia approached Chelsi, who was still exuberant, and said,


“He doesn't have any skills to teach the women of Llewellyn.
Shuu- Shuuu-”


“Why is Gerdinger meddling here?”


Celia and Chelsi began a small argument.


Ignoring them, Leo moved his body.


His whole body screamed, but he ignored it and picked up the ring that Talatunia had dropped.


Suddenly, a small golden light burst out from the ring.


Along with it, the form of a fairy appeared.


Leo's eyes shook.


The fairy looked familiar.


It was Silrod, the successor to the fairy king.


He looked up at Leo in silence.


Do… you remember me?”


Leo asked in a slightly trembling voice.


It was the first time they had met after Luna's death.


However, Silrod laughed once without answering and disappeared.


“… … .”


Leo laughed bitterly.


This was the world of heroes.


The Silrod that appeared just now was fake.


'It looks like he has become the next Fairy King.'


Alby must have obtained the Mystic Eye from Silrod in return for defeating Talatunia and recovering the Fairy King's treasure.


Leo looked around.


Suddenly, cracks began to appear.


The conquered hero's world started disappearing.


'Anyway, it's over.'


Leo took a deep breath.


The world soon collapsed with a bright light.


And at that moment.


[Conquerors Reward: Fairy King's Blessing]




A reward that would never appear in a living hero's world appeared


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


In the heart of the continent stood Lumeria City, the center of the world, a city steeped in history, having stood for over 3,000 years along with Lumeln Academy.


At the summit of the city, an elderly man sat and stroked his chin thoughtfully.


Looks like the western region’s exam is finally over.”


“As expected of Mr.
Looks like it's already over.”


“That guy is quick when it comes to getting things done.”


The old man laughed out loud.


Despite being well over a century old, his presence could not be overlooked by anyone in the world. 


He was the Sword Saint, Kalrian Baidan, a hero among heroes who had reached the pinnacle of swordsmanship.


“Let’s see.
Ho? He sure picked a lot!”


“Really? That’s not like Mr.
Alby! How many students are there?”


“There are forty.”


“… … .”


Kalrian said calmly.


At those words, the woman's eyes trembled.


“Is that……a lot?”


“Of course.
A lot.
I expected only about ten.”


Elena covered her head in frustration.


Forty students from the Western Region.


While there would be a hundred students enrolled from other parts, only forty students from the West.


It was almost certain that all kinds of protests and curses would come from the great families in the western region.


“Don’t be so distressed.
Isn't that better than ten people?”


That's true.
It's indeed better than ten.


Elena, secretary of Lumeln Academy’s principal Kalrian, gritted her teeth as she laughed.


“Among Celia and Abad, who took first place?”






Celia and Abad, both of them won.
It says he couldn’t tell the difference.”


“So that’s how it is.”


Elena's eyes lit up.


“And one more thing.”


“Anything else?”


“There is a representative recommendation.”


“From Mr.


It was surprising to Elena that Alby, who always poorly evaluates others, recommended a freshman representative.


“Who is it, Celia Gerdinger or Abad Llewellyn?”


Kalrian replied to Elina, who asked with interest.


“His name is Leo Flove.”


“Someone other than Celia and Abad?”


Seeing Elena with a puzzled expression, Kalrian smiled and looked down at the report.



Name: Leo Flove (15)


Class: Knight.


Reason: Will become a Great Hero.


‘That Alby picked up someone and says he will become a great Hero.
I wonder what kind of student he is… hohohoho.’


Kalrian stroked his beard and chuckled.

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