After witnessing Leo's special physical training, Karl fled. 


Chelsi realized on the first day of training that when something went wrong, it was terribly wrong, but it was already too late to turn back. 


Despite her initial reluctance, Celia eventually caved and began training with Leo. 


Fortunately, she had already gone through it, so it was more bearable than the first time. 


“Hey, does this really work?” asked Chelsi. 


“Of course.
Leo's training is needlessly systematic and filled with foolish exercises,” replied Celia with a distressed expression. 


Then, Celia gave Chelsi a malevolent grin. 


“Welcome to Hell, Ms.
Chelsi Llewellyn.” 


The smile gave Chelsi chills. 


“You two seem to be getting along,” Leo remarked. 


“Don't be ridiculous! You devil!” Celia exclaimed as she shook Leo by the collar with her weak arms. 


For some, the weekend was a pleasant experience, while for others, it was simply hell.
This marked their second week at Lumeln.


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


Chelsi was slumped on her desk, her limbs shaking. 


“Chelsi, are you alive?” Karl asked. 


I think I'm going to die.” 


I went to Lumeria yesterday to get the best quality potions for you.” 


“For me?” 


“Yes, after all, we are classmates.” Karl gave Chelsi a potion for muscle recovery. 


Chelsi received it with a slightly moved expression. 


Karl held out his hand to Chelsi's face. 


“What does this hand mean?” 


“I will sell it to you at a special 30% discount since we are friends.” 


“Go to hell,” Chelsi said coldly, throwing the potion in Karl's face. 


Karl giggled and placed the potion on Chelsi's desk. 


“Still, do your best.
To those who aspire to be a battle mage, this kind of pain is nothing, right?” 


“Do you want to join me? I'll ask Brother Leo, so we can be together.” 


“Oh, no.
I'm good,” Karl replied with an awkward smile, shaking his head before whispering to Leo.


“Did you see how I comforted her?”


“I did see you trying to run away from my training.”


“Is that how you saw?”


Karl vowed never to train with Leo in the future and tried to change the topic of the conversation.


“By the way, what kind of person is our homeroom professor?”


Karl sitting on the chair tapped his head and whispered.


“It would be nice if it was a beautiful female professor.”




As he finished, the door slowly opened, revealing a tired-looking middle-aged man carrying an attendance list.


Seeing him with thick dark circles under his eyes, the confused students quickly returned to their seats.


The man came to the desk, put down the roll book, and wrote his name on the blackboard with a piece of chalk.


Tak – Tak Tak.


The faces of the class 5 students who recognized the name on the blackboard turned pale.


“Nice to meet you.
I am Hallind Edmon, your homeroom professor.”


It was the name of the most famous professor in Lumeln, a professor who was mainly in charge of upper-year classes such as 4th or 5th years!


Nicknamed “The Wailing Wall!”, he was a professor who expels the most students in Lumeln!


At the unusual reaction of his classmates, Leo asked Karl, who was sitting in the front seat.


“Is he a famous professor?”


“He's not just famous, he has been a professor in Lumeln for nearly 20 years.”


Karl answered in a whisper and swallowed dry saliva.


“Among his students, there are many people who became heroes, but at the same time, there are also many seniors who were expelled.
Originally, he was a homeroom teacher mainly for the upper years, so why has such a person become in charge of the first-year homeroom?”


Hallind opened the attendance book.


“I’ll take the attendance from now on.
Karl Thomas.”


“Yes, yes!”


“Illyana Laden.”




Even though the homeroom professor was just calling for attendance, the class 5 students reacted nervously.


Of the 45 students, Leo's name was called last.


“Leo Flove.”






Hallind, who closed the attendance book, spoke with a tired face.


“There will be students wondering why I took over as the first-year homeroom teacher.”


With his hand lazily stuffed in his pocket, he spoke with a lack of enthusiasm.


“This year's freshmen outperformed their seniors in terms of average entrance exam scores.
That's why the Lumeln's higher-ups have high expectations for this year's freshmen.”


The students were shocked when they found out something they had no idea about.


And the fact that the higher-ups have higher expectations for them quickly heated up the atmosphere in the classroom.


At this, one of the female students raised her hand.


“What? Illyana Laden.”


“Aren't the other professors in charge of the first-years?”




“Is homeroom professor assignment at random?”


“No, we each chose the class we wanted, and I chose you guys.”


Hallind, known not only for expelling students but also for raising many excellent students, was a very capable professor.


When they heard such a professor had chosen them, the class 5 students couldn't help but feel excited.


“Do you have any special reason for choosing our class?”


“Because you guys have the lowest average score on the entrance exam out of ten classes.”


The excited atmosphere quickly extinguished.


“Do you know why I expelled the most students, Illyana Laden?”


“Ah, no.”


“Because of efficiency.”


Professor Hallind looked at Illyana with dry eyes.


“It’s better to weed out students with no potential early and concentrate on teaching those who have potential.
Don't you think so too?”


Illyana's eyes filled with tears as she faced Professor Hallind's intimidating gaze, which even made the fifth-year students of Lumeln, who were known for flying high, tremble.


This time all the students in class 5, except for Leo, held their breath and looked at Hallind.


The one who saved Illyana was a woman in her mid-twenties wearing glasses who opened the classroom door and entered.


“Ah! Professor Hallind.
What if you scare the students on their first day!”


She sighed and stood next to Professor Hallind.


“Hello, Class 5! My name is Sena Tilia, your assistant homeroom teacher.”


With light brown hair and a bright personality, Sena, the assistant homeroom teacher, was the polar opposite of Professor Hallind.


“Everyone! You don't have to be too afraid of Professor Hallind! Even if he says this, in fact, he cares very much for his students.
… .”


“Sena Tilia.
Follow me outside.”


Professor Sena, who had been reassuring the students, was called out.


“You haven’t changed since you were a student.
How many times have I told you to fix that personality?”


“Sorry! I'll correct it! I won't do that again!”


Through the slightly open classroom door, they could see Sena, who was pale and frantically lowering her head.


“I like the assistant professor in charge of.”


“Me too.
Even if it’s a burden, you have to have a good personality to breathe and live.”


Chelsi laughed and Karl nodded.


Soon, the atmosphere in the classroom relaxed a little.


After a while, the two professors returned to the classroom and stood in front of the blackboard again.


“Didn’t I just say that the reason I took over as your homeroom teacher was because you had the lowest average score on the entrance exam?”


“yes… … .”


When the students answered in low voices, Professor Hallind made a sad face.


“In Lumeln, entrance exam scores become meaningless in three months.”


The students widened their eyes.


“No matter what education you received before coming to Lumeln, Lumeln teaches more.
That's why the grades of first-year students in Lumeln fluctuate a lot.
It is not uncommon for students at the top to hit bottom, and vice versa.”


Professor Hallind knocked the lectern!




“During the midterm exams, even you guys could be ranked first in your grade.”


The entire atmosphere turned tumultuous.


“But you guys, keep this in mind.
Attacking the world of heroes is not only the privilege of hero cadets, but also their duty.
Does anyone know why it is dangerous?”


Chelsi raised her hand.


“Chelsi Llewellyn, yes.”


“Because you could lose your life.”


“That's right.”


Professor Hallind said coldly.


“I have gone to the funerals of many of my students during my 20 years of teaching in Lumeln.”


The sound of swallowing dry saliva could be heard here and there.


“As long as you are Lumeln students, you cannot refuse to attack the world of heroes.
It's a life-and-death thing.
I only want to send students who have the ability to survive there.
A student who cannot do that.”


Professor Hallind said sternly.


“I will expel you before you die.
This was why I took charge of you guys with the lowest average score.”


Finishing his words, Professor Hallind handed over the attendance sheet to Sena.


“This is all I have to say.
We will start combat science class from now on, so change into gym clothes and come out to the parade ground.”


Professor Hallind quickly left the classroom.


“Then everyone! See you at the parade ground!


Sena too soon left the classroom after smiling at the students.


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


Grabbing the gym clothes from the locker at the back of the classroom, the students headed to the changing room.


“I don’t think he’s just a scary person.”


Karl entered the boy's locker room and spoke.


“That's right.
Come to think of it, Professor Hallind is also one of the most respected professors in Lumeln.”


A classmate who was walking next to him said,


'His name is Tade, right?'


Tade continued as Leo recalled the classmate’s name.


“He has the lowest student mortality rate.”


The number of students who die each year in Lumeln was not small.


It was not because the academy drives them to the edge.


Rather, Lumeln puts the safety of its students first.


However, the reason why deaths still occur was because the path students pursue was– becoming a hero.


A hero is someone who jumps into trials to save people.


World of Heroes and Heroic Dungeons.


In addition to solving incidents happening all over the world, life at Lumeln Academy was always full of dangers.


“Professor Hallind scared the students from the start, probably to remind us of that fact.
So, let’s work hard from now on.”


When everyone nodded seriously at Tade's words.


“Oh? Are you the type that looks skinny when you wear them?”


A voice in a soprano tone came through the open window.


It was the voices of the girls talking.


Suddenly, the boys realized that there was a girl's locker room right next to the boy's locker room.


The male students made solemn expressions at the voices coming from outside the window.


Then they gathered in the middle of the locker room and lowered their voices.


“Who do you think the gym clothes make look skinny?”




“No, that was Illyana’s voice.”


The discussion was held in a serious atmosphere that was incomparable to the previous one.


“Maybe Nella.”


At that time, when Karl mentioned Nella Caven, a slender beautiful girl, the boys exclaimed.


“It makes sense!”


“I think Nella’s slender figure also has a charm.”


Leo shook his head at the completely unnecessarily serious conversation between the adolescent boys.


'I guess they're hero cadets.'


Some might say, what kind of hero candidate is this?


But Leo knew someone who was seriously debating on a similar topic in the middle of a crisis.


That person was not just a hero, he was a legendary hero.


[God's Blacksmith] Dweno.


'A guy like that is respected and still remembered, but why am I forgotten?'


It was Leo who felt unfair once again.

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