“Ah! How nice would it have been if a Hero family comes to my house?”


“My house has already finished preparing to throw a party for them!”


Delan students showed excitement at the end of the class.


Starting today, candidates participating in the Lumeln Academy entrance exam will be visiting Delan school.


The Dellard Kingdom's nobles were determined to bring the members of the Hero family to their homes.


Hero family.


It was a prestigious title bestowed upon the best families who have produced heroes for generations.


Of course, people from these families have a good chance of getting into Lumeln Academy.


Among the famous Hero families visiting, which one do you think has the highest reputation?”


“Heh, of course, it’s the Gerdinger family.”


At Gulliver's words, his friends started a discussion.


“Gerdinger will be visiting the Traden family, right?”


“Of course! After all, Gulliver is the only one in the kingdom who is qualified to take the Lumeln entrance exam?”


Gulliver boasted, looking around at his friends who were going out of their way to praise him.


“Ahm…… I'm already looking forward to discussing with the Gerdinger Hero family geniuses?”


“Wow! Hey! I'm jealous! I envy you!”


“Gulliver! Can I visit your house later?”


“It's not impossible.”


“Oh oh! thanks!”


“Gulliver! What about your best pal? Include me as well!”


Gulliver Traden.


As the heir to the Marquis of Traden, he was called the greatest magic genius in Dellard.


He attained 2nd circle at the age of fifteen.


In the public eye, he was widely regarded as a gifted individual who would enter the Lumeln academy.


It has been 20 years since a Dellard Kingdom student enrolled at Lumeln Academy.


So, many people in the kingdom were paying attention to Gulliver.


Just as everyone was excited.


A student who was looking out the window exclaimed in surprise.


“Guys! Isn’t that the Gerdinger family’s flag?”


“Ugh? where? where?”


“They came already?”


Students rushed towards the window.


Meanwhile, Leo walked out of the classroom, as if he didn't care.


As he was about to leave the classroom, his action caught the attention of Gulliver's gang.


“Whoa-oh, slow down, Leo.
Did you think you could greet them if you went first? Do you think the Gerdinger family would be interested in you?”


Gulliver mocked Leo.


Gulliver was rated as the best student in every field, but still, he was envious of Leo.


Because there was a class in which he could never defeat Leo.


Combat class.


Nonetheless, the professors clearly favored Gulliver, so they did not allow Leo and Gulliver to match up in the practical test, despite the fact that the outcome was obvious.


Leo replied indifferently.


“I’m just going home.”


“Heh, it seems like you’re getting good at changing topics.”


“Yeh yeh.
So just go and wag your tail at Gerdingers.”


“Don’t throw words carelessly, Leo.
I'm just checking on Celia Gerdinger as a competitor.”


Gulliver's eyes flared.


A fierce atmosphere was created between the two.


[Office notification.
All students are asked to assemble in the banquet hall right now.
There will be no exceptions.]


A magic broadcast echoed throughout the school.


The reason for the gathering couldn’t be obvious.


It was to participate in welcoming the Gerdinger family.


'This is why I tried to leave early.'


Leo grumbled inwardly.


Gulliver snorted his way out of the classroom.


The other students also rushed to the banquet hall.


Leo mumbled as he scratched his head.


Let's just slide away.'


“Hmm? Leo, are you not coming?”


“I feel sick.
So, I’m going home.”


“What? This is a rare chance to meet people from the Gerdinger family?”


“Not interested.”


Leo's classmates were puzzled as they watched him wave his hands and walk away.


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


“We are honored by your visit, Sir Jess Gerdinger!”


Professor Jaden shouted with his face flushed.


The students also looked at Jess with envy.


“I don't know what to say in response to such a warm welcome.”


“This is student Gulliver.
He will be the only student taking the Lumeln Academy entrance exam this time!”


“Is that so? What a coincidence, this time, my niece is also taking the entrance exam.”


The student's gaze naturally shifted to one person.


A girl guarded by Gerdinger knights.


Celia Gerdinger.


Princess of the Gerdinger family.


She was a well-known sword princess not only in the empire but also throughout the world.


Feeling the students' gaze, Celia shrugged her shoulders.


Gulliver was spellbound at Celia’s beauty.


'Wow, beautiful!'


Long black hair and large red ruby eyes.


The straight long nose bridge and red smooth lips.


He had seen many aristocratic girls, but none as beautiful as Celia.


“Celia, come here.”


At Jess' words, Celia strode forward.


And Gulliver wore a bright smile.


“Are you going to take the entrance exam too? Let's do our best together.”


“Ye..ah, yes! yes! Let's do our best.
Ha ha ha!”


Gulliver displayed a confident smile as he held out his hand.


Celia blankly stared at his hand.


When Jess elbowed her from the side, she too held her hand.


Gulliver’s smile widened.


“I'll show you around the school.
Also, please give a speech to our students.”


“Such an honor…
I don’t know if my words will be of much help.”


“Anything from Sir Jess Gerdinger will be extremely beneficial to these students!”


Jess Gerdinger, alias Flame Blade, was one of the Strongest knights in the Empire.


His legend has spread throughout the world beyond the borders of the empire.


The value of a single word from a man who was expected to be titled a Hero soon was enormous.


“By the way, where do you like to stay…….”


“That… I have already decided where to stay.”


“Oh, I see.”


Professor Jaden's face was clouded.


“Excuse me, Professor.”




“I would like to meet student Leo Flove.”




While Jaden looked puzzled, Gulliver's eyes widened.


For a moment, he doubted his own ears.


'How does he know Leo?'


Jess did not notice the shock of Gulliver, who was regarded as the best magic talent in the Kingdom of Dellard.


“Le, how did you know about student Leo?”


“I heard from someone I know that he is an exceptional talent.”


“Isn’t Sir.
Jess Gerdinger misunderstanding something?”


When the name of Leo, whom he didn't want to hear, was mentioned, Gulliver got angry.


“What did I misunderstand?”


“I am a classmate of Leo Flove.
He's obviously a brilliant student, but…
… .”


Gulliver shook his head faking disappointment.


“That guy can’t even use basic Aura.”


“Is that so?”


Officials at the Delan Royal School admired Gulliver, who spoke without being intimidated in front of Jess Gerdinger.


Gulliver quavered as well at his brazenness.


'Jess Gerdinger listens to my opinion!'


Gulliver appeared proud, believing Jess' nod as accepting his opinion, while the members of the Gerdinger family silently snickered at Gulliver’s behavior.


Jess was responsible for educating the children of Gerdinger's family members.


Even the head of the family respects Jess' opinions when discussing the qualities of the children.


And, it was dumbfounding to see a kid with no blood tie to Gerdinger make comments that disparaged him.


“So, where is Leo Flove?”


Jess did not pay attention to Gulliver and asked again.


Gulliver panicked, and Professor Jaden spoke urgently.


“Student Leo Flove! Come forward!”


“… … .”


“Student Leo?”


A student carefully raised his hand.


“Professor, Leo went home in the carriage earlier?”


“What, what?”


Jaden's mouth fell open.


“I’m sure all the students were told to gather, right?”


“That… … He said he was not interested in the Gerdingers…
… .”


The students groaned.


Celia put on a puzzled expression.


Jess chuckled.


'As expected of my sister's son.'


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


After completing their schedule at Delan Royal School, Jess and Celia got into the carriage.


Those who came out to see them off were startled when they saw the carriage with two people riding on it.


'That, Griffon?'


A carriage led by a phantom beast!


While people were sticking out their tongues, the carriage started.


“Ah, which family will they be staying with?”


“I envy them, I envy them.”


The students murmured.


Seeing the people of the Gerdinger family leave, Gulliver clenched his fists.


'When I enter Lumeln, I’ll study with girls like that!'


It was also a place that suited a talented person like him.


With that certainty, Gulliver's eyes lit up.


'In the entrance exam next week I will definitely pass!'




Jess asked from inside the griffon wagon.


“How were the students at the Delan Royal School?”


“It was a mess.”


Celia put on a disappointed expression.


For a short time, she listened to Hero studies taught at the Delan Royal School.


In conclusion, it wasn't even worth listening to.


Regardless of country, regardless of race, Hero studies, which deals with past Heroes, was a very important study for those who aim to become a Hero.


But the lessons at Delan Royal School were all nonsense.


“And that Gulliver? He didn't know his place and dared to speak against uncle’s words.”


“The family we are visiting now will be a little different.”


“Is it the Flove family?”


Celia remembered what had happened a while ago.


Among the students of Delan Royal School, there was one who said he was not interested in the Gerdinger family.


A cheeky fellow.'


Celia, who was proud of her family, did not like that attitude.


'Besides, it looks like he wants to study knighthood, yet he can't handle Aura even at that age?'


Celia wasn't interested in Leo at all.


She had no idea that she was going to her cousin's house.


Meanwhile, Jess pulled out a letter from his pocket.


'If she hadn't left the family, she would have held an important position.'


The current Patriarch, Sheld Zerdinger, Jess Zerdinger, and Reina Zerdinger– the three siblings were regarded as the future of the Gerdinger family once.


Although she left the family due to an unfortunate accident, Jess knew Reina's skills well.


Such a sister had evaluated her son as [Genius].


Besides… … .


'Can't use Aura?'


A must for children of aristocrats who aspire to become knights.


They learn to manifest Aura from an early age.


But it was said that Leo couldn't use Aura.


'I can't wait to see what kind of child he is.'


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


Evening time.


Left alone in the training ground, Leo closed his eyes and concentrated.


His whole body was drenched in sweat because he had just finished training.




He took a deep breath.


'The Mana heart is complete.'


The reason he hadn’t learned Aura until now…


It was also to keep pace with my mother's classes.


However, the biggest reason was to make Mana heart.


If looked only at the qualities of a Knight, the current body was better than the previous life Kyle's body.


However, the qualities of the wizard and summoner, which were other abilities, were close to zero.


That was why he did not carelessly learn Aura.


In his previous life, Kyle was a Knight who was good at close combat, a wizard who handled powerful magic, and also made contracts with spirits and phantoms.


The reason why the subjugation party did not collapse even while his friends were dying, was because there was Kyle, who had mastered all classes.


'I was able to fill the void left by them.'


Before the final battle, Kyle, who was left alone, had the essence of the powers of his friends.


The will and hope entrusted by them.


'I couldn't handle it properly in my previous life, but I'll handle it perfectly in this life.'


The moment Aura was accepted into the body, the body transforms to make full use of the Aura.


If that happens, the opportunity to accumulate Mana and spiritual energy would completely disappear.


That was why the foundation has been laid.


To inherit the will of his friends.


Leo clenched his fists.


'I’ve finished the first step!'





Borrowed by English, Papi is a Spanish colloquialism for “daddy,” extended as a general term of endearment like “buddy” for a friend or “my man” for a romantic partner, or “baby” for a child.



Papi is a colloquial term for “daddy” in Spanish, but in many Spanish-speaking cultures, particularly in the Caribbean, it is often used as a general term of affection for any man, whether it’s a relative, friend, lover, or child.
The English “baby,” used as a term of endearment for spouses and children alike, is similar.

The term Papi was probably popularized among English speakers when Latina artist Jennifer Lopez, of Puerto Rican descent, released the song “Papi” in 2011.
Its lyrics specifically encouraged listeners to “dance for your papi” (i.e., your man). 

Another popular proponent of the term was Major League Baseball player David Ortiz, who was born in the Dominican Republic.
When Ortiz first joined the Boston Red Sox in 2002, he brought over his culture’s habit of calling teammates papi, to the point that they started calling him papi back, eventually earning him the nickname Big Papi.
Since becoming a star, Ortiz has used his nickname for marketing products such as “Big Papi’s Kitchen.”


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