“It seems like a simple illusion magic, but Chloe Muller couldn't respond?”


“Simple? Did you just say simple? Senior Ain?”


Ren asked in a trembling voice.


“Is it not?”


“It has to be simple! The magic spell cast by student Leo is not difficult! But that is elven magic, not human magic!”


Ren cried out as he wrapped himself in his arms.


“The other races' magical systems are fundamentally different from ours! Understanding the structure of spells doesn't mean you can use them! It's an area of talent and sense that can't be achieved through effort alone! Student Leo has that talent! It's clear that God has sent Student Leo to the Magic department!”


“I don’t know what you mean, Ren Horus.
Leo Flove will come to the Knights Department?”


“I don’t think you understood properly with your little brain, so I’ll explain again.”


I understand it well, Ren.
You want to die, don't you?”


Ain smiled coldly and grabbed Ren by the collar, but Ren didn't mind and started giving a long speech about Leo's magical talents.


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


The Class 5 students clasped hands, elated by their victory.
Despite Class 1's clear advantage, the game ended in class 5's triumph.
Celia and Duran scowled with frustration, while Chloe remained seated, lost in thought.


“Chloe, you should stand up,” their professor, Sedzen, said gently.
“After a match, it's proper to greet each other regardless of the result.” He patted her shoulder before gathering the two teams in the center.


“Good job, everyone.
Class 5, return to Hallind and discuss today's match,” Sedzen instructed. 


The Class 1 students bowed their heads, anticipating their professor's anger.
Sedzen was notorious for his elitism, and his students were expected to excel in all academy events.


However, today he lost to class 5, the lowest class of the year.


“Elegant! Well done to all the students who gave their all today! I am so happy to have shown so many outstanding performances!”


Contrary to their expectations, Sedzen praised the students.


“Student Celia is well aware of her strengths! Overwhelming destructive power! That is the strength of those who handle the flame aura! But she needs to build up some more stamina!”


Starting with Celia, Professor Sedzen explained the student’s good points and where they should improve.


“Student Duran’s quick movements were impressive! There were no unnecessary movements! But I thought it would be better if you came up with a way to increase the momentary destructive power! Lightning is also an attribute with powerful destructive power!”


Sedzen's gaze, which had been giving sincere advice to each student, finally turned to Chloe.


Chloe's throat tightened.


Today's defeat was because she couldn't stop Leo regardless of what anyone said.


“Student Chloe was perfect! She was flawless!”


“W…We lost the game because of me?”


“That wasn't because of Student Chloe's fault.
And it wasn't a complete loss either.
Obviously, the result of the match was lost, but I never thought that our Class 1 lost to Class 5.”


Professor Sedzen smiled softly.


Professor Sedzen patted Chloe on the shoulder.


“Our Class 1 dominated the game.
And it was only a twenty-minute match.
Class 5 had impressive teamwork, but if we had more time, we would have definitely turned the game around!”


Saying that, Professor Sedzen pointed to the sky with his finger.


“Students! Raise your head! And look up! The fact that our class 1 is the most elegant remains unchanged!”




“Wow! I respect you, Professor!”


The students were thrilled, showering their professor with praise. 


They had misunderstood Sedzen's reputation and achievements. 


He wasn't a Professor who was interested only in excellent students; he valued the bond between himself and the students he mentored. 


The reason he always chose class 1 wasn't because of their high average scores, but simply because he liked the number 1.


As a warm atmosphere enveloped Class 1, Leo approached Professor Sedzen.


“Professor Sedzen.”


“Student Leo.
I must say, the strategy you employed in today's match was incredible.
By the way, what happened?”


“Professor Hallind told you to buy the drinks right away.
And he told everyone to clean the toilets from today onwards.”


As soon as the words left Leo's mouth, the mood of the students in Class 1 began to shift, and Sedzen's lips began to quiver with apprehension.


Suddenly, a panicked voice cut through the air.
“Oh my god, Professor Sedzen! Professor Ain and Professor Ren are fighting each other!”


Howl of Class 1 was stunned as he watched the two professors engage in a fierce clash of cold aura and magic in the middle of the training ground.


“Student Howl.”


“Yes, Professor?”


“Would you take the Class 5 friends and buy them drinks at the cafe? Professor Ain and Professor Ren will be taken care of by Hallind.”


As if on cue, Professor Hallind approached the two battling professors with a confident stride.


Without hesitation, Howl nodded and led the Class 5 students toward the school cafe.


“The most expensive one,” Leo spitefully requested. 




Sedzen couldn't help but shiver with unease as he vowed to lead Class 1 to victory against Class 5.


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


A month had passed since the first-year students had set foot in Lumeln, and it was enough time for them to adjust to their new surroundings. 


Karl sat down in the school cafeteria, yawning and scratching his head as he joined his friend Chelsi, who was already enjoying her spaghetti. 


“Good morning,” he greeted her sleepily. 


Chelsi looked up from her meal and asked, “Did you work late again last night?” 


Karl nodded wearily.
The demand for fatigue recovery potions is increasing day by day.” 


Although Karl was not particularly skilled in combat-related abilities, he was in the middle to upper rank in alchemy and auxiliary magic. 


His homeroom professor, Hallind, had given him a positive evaluation, recognizing his talent and passion for becoming a professional supporter. 


Karl's business had also flourished since the entrance ceremony, where he had advertised his fatigue recovery potions. 


Many top students had become regular customers, and his product sold like hotcakes. 


One of the reasons for its success was that making the potions was a lot of work, and many students preferred to buy them instead. 


“It would be nice if they could buy other items as well,” Karl mused, looking at his other business items with a hint of sadness. 


Despite his longing to diversify his business, Karl couldn't deny the fact that his potions were selling faster than he had anticipated, leaving him with little to complain about.


Leo spoke with his mouth full of steak.


“By the way, have you heard the rumor?”


“What rumor?” asked Chelsi, twirling spaghetti onto her fork.


“I heard that the seniors dispatched to raid the dungeon are returning?”


Karl's eyes lit up.
“I heard it too! According to the rumor, three teams are coming back!”


The dungeon raiders were the school's strongest students who were dispatched to clear the Hero Dungeon and retrieve Hero's Pages.


Their occasional absences from school left the first-year students feeling regretful, especially since they had not yet met the famous named students of Lumeln.


Chelsi swallowed her spaghetti and added, “I heard that the pages of the hero records recovered this time will be used as teaching materials for the next heroics class.”


“Wow, are we already entering the world of heroes?” Karl exclaimed.
“I thought it was supposed to be in the midterm before we take the practical test.”


“No, that's not it,” Chelsi corrected.
“I heard that among the pages retrieved this time, there was also a damaged page that got mixed in.
We're going to have a class to infer the hero of those pages.”


“Ah, that’s it?”


“What’s with that reaction? It's such a great thing to come into contact with a lost Hero Record, you know?” Chelsi said with her eyes shining.


She was very fond of storytelling and had a hobby of studying stories of heroes.


Karl changed the subject.
“Come to think of it, isn't the club promotion period starting soon?” He stroked his chin, lost in thought.


It was time for first-year students who have become accustomed to school life to plan on joining a club.


“Do you have any clubs in mind? I'm thinking of joining a business club,” said Karl


“I'm thinking of joining the music club.
I learned it as a part of my upbringing in my family since I was young,” said Chelsi


“Ah~ That's a hobby befitting a noble lady.
How about you, Leo?”


“I'm thinking of starting a club.”




“You're starting a club?”




When Leo, the freshmen representative, said he was going to start a club, Chelsi and Karl became interested.


“What kind of club are you going to create?”


“Hero Research Society.”


“Hero Research Society? It seems like a club related to academics.”


Karl showed his refusal.


“Usually, people join clubs to relieve stress from school life.
Do you think people will want to join a club related to academics?”


Chelsi also shook her head negatively.


“It has nothing to do with academics.
We're going to research forgotten heroes.”


Karl asked as Leo smiled softly.


“Forgotten heroes? Like who?”


“Kyle, the hero of the beginning.”


It was a dark intention to promote his achievements in Lumeln.


“Kyle? But he's not forgotten, he is a fictional character.
The more unrealistic it is, the less popular it will be,” Karl said.


“Still, it would be interesting! Kyle is not registered in the Hero Records, so he is treated as a fictional character.
But he's such a famous hero.
He's not even a hero in history, so how is it possible to have that level of recognition? Maybe Kyle's Hero Records just haven't been discovered yet!” Chelsi said, getting excited about the idea.






“Good girl.”


Leo smiled softly and pat Chelsi on the head, happy to hear someone talk positively about him for the first time.


Chelsi was taken aback by Leo's sudden action, but soon she smiled and surrendered to Leo's touch.


Seeing this, Karl laughed.


“Your dreams are too big.
Anyway, Kyle is a fake hero, isn't he? How about Dweno instead? He's a great blacksmith and advisor to the great hero party! He’s definitely a real hero compared to someone like Kyle…
huh? Huh?! Cough?”


“Karl, if you feed only on bread, you might get too thirsty.”


“Oooh ooh ooh! Kuhuh! (Then why are you stuffing bread into my mouth?)”


“Huh? You want more?”


“Moohhh! (Nooo!)”


Leo kindly stuffed the bread on the table into his friend's mouth.



Morning classes had ended and students began pouring out of the classroom.
Leo, having organized his textbooks, was about to get up from his seat when Celia walked into class 5 and stood in front of him.






“What's up, Celia? Why did you come to our class?” Chelsi asked, narrowing her eyebrows.


“I just came to see Leo.
Leo, do you have any appointments for lunch today?” Celia calmly replied.


“No,” Leo answered.


“Then let's eat together,” Celia suggested. 


“Why?” Leo asked. 


“The student council president wants to see you.”

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