“This is my first time coming to Lumeria after entering school.”


Celia nodded her head as Leo spoke, as they got off the regular train that took between Lumeln and Lumeria.


“Me too.
There was nothing to come out for because I was busier than I thought.”


Many Lumeln students come to Lumeria every weekend, but there weren't many students who came to Lumeria regularly during the first year yet.


The reason was that they still haven't gotten used to the class schedule yet.


Leo grabbed the collar of his school uniform.


“Isn’t it a pretty rigid school rule that you have to wear a school uniform even when you go to Lumeria?”


“I don’t care.
Our academy uniforms are well-designed, and being a Lumeln student is a great honor,” said Celia, shrugging.


“And the reason for that rule is to prevent us from doing anything stupid in Lumeria.
If you wear a uniform, the school will know who did something foolish right away.
And I heard that there are many students who break the rules.
Of course, the moment it gets caught by the professor.” Celia said with a gesture of cutting her throat.


“Heh- I know, but still.”


As he said, there are quite a few students who come to Lumeria and walk around in plain clothes, and there are quite a few students who get caught by the professor due to that.


“By the way, why did the student council president want to see you and me?”


It was a strange thing for the student council president, who was on an assignment, to ask to see them outside.


However, at that question, Celia put on a puzzled expression.


“Are you asking because you really don’t know?”


“I’m asking because I don’t know.”


“You don’t know who the student council president is?”


“I don’t know.”


Upon hearing Leo's answer, Celia let out a deep sigh.


Celia said as she entered Kuraj Street, a downtown area.


“The student council president, Brother Riss, is the heir of our family! So he's your cousin brother!”


“Really? My cousin was the student council president?”


Celia raised an eyebrow in disbelief.
“Yeah? Really? How could you not know brother Riss? He's the best student in Lumeln, and he's also the heir to our family!”


Leo simply shrugged in response, causing Celia to groan in exasperation.


Eventually, they arrived at their lodging, a familiar place they had stayed at before the entrance ceremony.
As they opened the door, a bell rang, signaling their entrance.


“Welcome! Ah, you are the students of Lumeln! Are you planning to stay over the weekend?” a waitress greeted them with a smile.


Celia cut straight to the point.
“Is Riss Gerdinger staying here?”


“Are you talking about Riss Gerdinger? Yes.
He is staying here.
Are you with him? Or do you have any other appointments?” 


As the successor of Gerdinger and the student council president of Lumeln, Riss Gerdinger was a well-known figure, and many people sought to meet him without any prior notice. 


The hotel staff was understandably cautious, but they remained professional in their interactions.


“I am… … .”


Suddenly, a man with black hair and eyes approached them with a bright smile.
“Oh? Who is this? Isn't it Celia?”


Celia recognized him immediately.
“Senior Lee Jamois.
It’s been a while.”


Celia greeted with a proper posture.


Lee Jamois was a fifth-year student at Lumeln, and he and Celia seemed acquainted.


“Haha! Why are you being too formal with me?” said Jamois, laughing heartily. 


“Employee lady.
This is our guest,” Jamois informed the waitress, who apologized for the mix-up.


“No problem.
Let's go inside,” he said, waving his hand to invite Celia and Leo to follow him.


“By the way, who's this?” asked Jamois as they ascended the stairs.


Celia smiled and introduced him, “This is Leo Flove.
He is my cousin.”


Jamois' eyes lit up with recognition.
“Oh? Is it that famous freshmen representative?” he exclaimed, impressed.


Leo, a triple-major student, had quickly become a sensation throughout the school.
His all-class talent was unheard of in the history of Lumeln, where only the most talented students were admitted.
Despite this, there were still those who regarded him with skepticism.


'Even in my previous life, they used to look at all-class with curious eyes.'


Leo, aware of the reason behind the skepticism, simply accepted it.


“Anyway, you seem like an excellent knight,” Jamois said with a grin, looking at Leo.“Riss is waiting.
Let's go up.”


Jamois led the way, walking ahead of the group with his shoulders broadened.
“Magic is good, summoning is good too! But the best of them all is this body!” he exclaimed, hitting his chest with his fist.
“If you sharpen your swordsmanship while assisting with magic and summoning, you will probably become a great knight!”


“That's right.
Leo, you seem to have neglected swordsmanship lately.” Celia commented, nodding to Jamois’ remark


“Ho ho! No! You can't become a great knight if you neglect training.”


“Is that so, Celia? Then, how about increasing the intensity of our training by a bit?”


Celia, who had spoken out for no reason and received it back, avoided Leo's gaze.


Unaware of the situation, Jamois smiled contentedly, thinking that Leo was passionate.
“Good attitude!” he praised




But their conversation was interrupted by a sharp voice from the second-floor hallway.
A Southerner woman with hazel eyes and light brown skin leaned against the wall, confronting them.


“Didn't the professors tell the Dual Class students not to talk about their departments carelessly? How can you even force a freshman to join your department from the first meeting?”


Judging by the badge with the number 5 written on her left chest along with her Lumeln school uniform, she also seemed to be a senior.


With a book and wand pattern embroidered on her right shoulder, she seemed to be from the Magic Department.


Lifting her back from the wall, she pushed Jamois away and stood in front of Leo and Celia.


“Hello, my name is Toura Yan.
Are you Celia? I heard a lot about you from Riss,” she said, addressing Celia. 


Celia replied, “Hello, Senior Toura.” Though they had never met, Celia had heard of Toura from Riss, who had spoken highly of her as an honor student and the top scorer in the fifth-year magic department written test. 


Toura turned to Leo and eyed him skeptically.
you're Leo Flove, right?”


Toura looked at Leo without saying a word and snorted.


“I was looking forward to meeting you after all the praise Professor Ren gave you… but what is this? Your mana is so weak? I feel foolish for having expected more.”


Celia was outraged.
“Did you just say Leo's mana is weak?”


“I was only speaking the truth,” replied Toura.
“So, Leo, skip the Knights and Summoning classes right now and focus on magic.”


She then wrapped her arms around Leo's shoulders and gestured toward the ceiling. 


“Leo, look up.
Can you see your potential shining like a star in the night sky?” 


“All I can see is the magic lamp from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling,” Leo replied. 


Toura sighed.
“You don’t understand what I'm saying.
Close your eyes and see.” 


“Then I will only see darkness,” said Leo. 


“You have the ability to intuitively evaluate things,” Toura continued.
“It's a necessary skill for a wizard.
You must be a wizard by nature.”


Toura was a typical wizard who only said what she had to say, and Celia tried to interject with a comment of her own.
“Senior Toura, a little while ago, you said we shouldn't force him to choose his major…” 


But Toura interrupted.
I'm sorry, but this is a talk between magic department senior and junior, so please don't interfere.” 


Celia turned to Jamois, a hint of frustration in her voice.
“Is that okay?” 


Jamois replied, “Of course not.
But she's a wizard, so she won't listen no matter what you say.”


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


“Brother!” Celia exclaimed, hugging Riss.


“Celia, how are you?” Riss replied with a warm smile.


Leo watched in surprise as the usually composed and proper Celia clung to her brother with childlike excitement.


'Looking at her like this, she’s definitely a 15-year-old kid.'


Riss turned to Leo and extended a hand in greeting.
“You must be Leo.
I’ve heard a lot about you.
How is Aunt Reina?”


Leo shook Riss’ hand firmly.
“She’s doing well.
Have you met my mother before?”


“I have, when I was younger.
And I’ve sent her a few letters since coming to Lumeln.”


“To aunt?” Celia asked with a surprised face.


“Our aunt was quite famous when she was at the academy.
You’ll hear all about her legendary exploits as you go through your own academy life.” Riss answered with a chuckle


“For example?” Celia prompted. 


Riss grinned.
“Well, there was the time she led a student protest and stormed the principal’s office because the desserts in the dormitory cafeteria were lousy.”


“That was our aunt?” Celia’s mouth hung open in disbelief.


“That sounds like my mother.” Leo put on an expression of believing that.


Riss nodded and continued, “Indeed.
Thanks to her, the students could have delicious desserts even in the dormitory dining room.
I had a chance to try it back then …
I supported the opinion of her as the student council president.”


“I’m sorry for inviting you on the weekend,” Riss continued.
“I thought we wouldn’t be able to see each other for a while with your busy academy schedule, so I wanted to catch up.”


Celia reassured him.
“It’s okay! I’m so happy to see you after so long!”


While taking care of his younger sister, Riss also took care of Leo.


'I can see why Celia admires him.'


As Gerdinger's successor, and as Lumeln Academy’s student council president, Riss was an impeccable person, a person with both skills and character.


'He's like a person close to becoming a hero.'


Leo felt it was only a matter of time before Riss rose to the rank of a hero.


“So, brother,” Celia exclaimed, interrupting Leo’s thoughts.
“What hero dungeon did you clear this time? Who was the hero?”


“I’m afraid that’s classified information,” Riss replied with a grin.
“But I can tell you that we retrieved two pages this time.
Unfortunately, one is so badly damaged that even the world of heroes couldn’t be recreated.”


Riss, who seemed to feel pity, suddenly checked his watch.


It was already dinner time.


“It is already time for dinner.
You guys don’t know about Lumeria's hidden restaurant, right?”


Leo and Celia shook their heads in unison, both curious.
“Is there such a thing?” Celia asked.


Riss chuckled.
“Of course there is.
Do you think I've been going to Lumeria for no reason for the past five years? I'll take you to a really delicious place today.”


Celia couldn't contain her excitement, her smile brightening as she jumped up from her seat.


“Leo, is there any food that you can’t eat?” Riss asked, turning to Leo.


“I can eat everything.”


“Really? Okay, then go down first.
I'll organize my luggage and join you.”


Celia hummed a tune as she pushed Leo's back and went outside.


Riss reached into his luggage and pulled out a small sealed box, containing the page of Hero Records that he had retrieved this time. 


It was something that should never be shown to normal students, so he always had to carry it with him even when he went out.


Holding the box, slightly smaller than the palm of his hand, Riss paused as he felt a surge of unusual power emanating from it.
“What is this? Is the hero dungeon I conquered this time about to run out of control?” he muttered, his expression growing nervous.


The torn pages would always be in an unstable state.
Even if they conquered it, there were often cases where the hero dungeon went wild again, creating a new dungeon.


Riss, who opened the box to check, narrowed his eyes.


To his surprise, the record had no response.
“Wait a minute.
Could it be?” Riss hurriedly opened the sealed box of the badly damaged page.


A small fragment of page, the size of an index finger, was emitting a faint gray light.
Riss couldn't help but be surprised when he saw the page, which had not responded until now, suddenly revealing its strength.


'What the hell…
Which Hero’s page is this… ?'

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