training method looked more like torture than training.


It forces you to keep moving, squeezing your strength beyond your limits.


It was natural that such a training method doesn’t require Aura.


She had never heard of such a training method.


Leo murmured at Celia’s protest.


“Kids these days are weak.”




“I told you already.
My training is hard.
Well, if it’s hard to keep up, why don't you just give up?”


“Don't make me laugh! Such training! I can handle as much as you want!”


Celia flared up as Leo’s words hurt her pride.


“Really? Then, shall we continue?”


“Of cou..!”


'Uh, what? Isn't this the end?'


Celia, who reluctantly resumed training, was struck again with a wooden sword and rolled on the floor.


Without Aura, the gap between them was too huge.


'Why! Why can't I win!'


Not just in strength, but also in swordsmanship, it felt impossible to win against Leo.


Today and yesterday.


Her pride kept trampled on.


'Certainly, compared to 5000 years ago, Aura training method has been greatly improved.'


Leo admired it as he looked down at Celia, who collapsed on the floor and gasped for breath.


In the current era, the technique for using Aura has improved significantly compared to 5000 years ago.


Thanks to that, even an average knight’s skill is much higher now.


However, the standard to attain physical strength has changed.


'5000 years ago, People’s standards were better?'


In this era, physical training is being neglected very much because of people’s dependence on the Aura training method.


Aura is a power that maximizes the strength of the physical body.


If you train your aura, your body will naturally be strengthened, so people often neglect physical training.


'Along with the development of the Aura method, this kind of problem also arises.'


“It’s great.
I didn’t expect you would keep up with me this far.”


“Don’t look down on me.”


“All right then, we shall finish the training for the afternoon with this.
We shall continue later in the evening.”


Celia, who had reached her limit, gritted her teeth.


'I don't know about physical strength, but I'll never lose to him in swordsmanship! I will definitely win!'


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


“Don't underestimate me.
Bloody gray-haired basta*d.”


After the evening practice.


Celia returned to the mansion with her limbs trembling.


Leo went straight back to his room.


… Is that basta*d a monster?'


Celia shuddered when she thought of Leo, who wielded the sword till the end without getting tired.


It felt natural for the body to get this strong after training like this every day.


… Even so, during the evening training, I didn't fall behind on swordsmanship!'


Thanks to mobilizing all her available skills, she didn't lose out on the evening training.


'If I continue training like this, will I be able to become like him?'


But she didn't dare.


She had vomited five times just today alone.


'Come to think of it, it's incredibly embarrassing!'


Celia, who was huffing up with a red face, sighed.


'I just want to quickly wash up and go to sleep.'


But before that, she had to prepare Leo's bed.


After all, her status now is Leo's maid.


'I have to straighten out his blanket, then wash, and go to sleep.'


Celia arrived in front of Leo's room and took a deep breath.


She calmed her trembling limbs and feigned to be calm.


She didn't want to appear weak because of her rebellious personality.




“Come in.”




“You look much better than I thought.”


“Heh – To me, that was nothing.”


Celia faked a confident expression.


“Didn’t you vomit five times?”


“I am here to prepare the bed.”


Celia ignored Leo's point and prepared the bed.


“Then, Young Master.
I'll see you tomorrow morning.”


“Come here for a second.
I have a gift for you.”




Celia approached Leo at his sudden words.


“Thank you for working hard today.”


Leo smiled and handed over a gift box.


'He really seems to be grateful.'


Celia felt the lump in her chest loosened a little.


'Of course, you should be thankful that I, the daughter of Gerdinger patriarch, am serving you.'


Celia exclaimed as she opened the box.


There was a simple silver bracelet in the shape of a chain.


She had an uneasy feeling about the magic she felt from the bracelet.


“It's a bracelet with weight magic.
Starting tomorrow, you'll wear it when we train.”


Leo said with a smile.




Celia's face hardened.


“I'm fine.”


“Do you think it’s polite for a maid to refuse an item given to her by her master?”


“Hey! Tell me honestly, you're doing this to bother me, right? That's how it looks to me! If I wear these and have to move like today, that's not training! That’s torture!”


Finally, Celia, who exploded, showed a strong rejection.


“You are weak.”


Celia's face burned.


“Who is weak?”


“Aren’t I training while wearing it? Well, if you are not capable, there's nothing we can do about it.”


“Who said I can't? I'll wear even more like this!”


Finally, Celia, who had been provoked yet again, declared her displeasure and exited Leo's room.


When she arrived at Leo's front door, she shook her head and cursed herself for her stupidity.


“It's not going to be easy.”


Leo chuckled.


'Who is a fraud?'


In the morning, Celia told Leo that Kyle was a fraud.


His actions right now were that of a narrow-minded person nothing like a Legendary hero who saved the world.


But, of course, Leo wasn't ashamed of that.


'If it were the other guys, they would have done something worse than me?'


His friends had more character flaws than he had.


‘I'll make it a bloody week.’


Leo burst out laughing at the thought of Celia being in pain for a week.

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