Celia groaned while lying on the training ground.


Disregarding her, Leo wiped his sweat and hydrated himself by drinking water in the shade.


'How in the world did I end up with this guy?'


Celia looked fed up at the sight of him.


When compared to Celia, Leo, who moved more vigorously, appeared completely fine.


She dragged her trembling limbs and sat next to Leo.


She couldn't even afford to bluff anymore.


During the break, she attempted to regain as much physical strength as possible.


'Otherwise, I won't be able to keep up with him.'


Her pride would not tolerate being unable to catch up, no matter how difficult it was.


'She's got grit.'


An outstanding talent, and a mindset of never giving up.


Leo looked forward to what kind of Hero Celia would grow into in the future.


In the midst of their respective thoughts, Jess entered the training field.


Then he looked at Celia, who was calming her trembling legs, and stroked his chin.


'It will make a good experience for Celia.'


Ever since she was born, she never lagged behind her peers.


Jess, who had trained Celia since she was young, was always concerned about this.


It was true that she didn't fall behind her peers, but she became overly proud of herself.


Pride and arrogance.


Celia was standing between the lines.


'Having this kind of experience before entering Lumeln isn't a bad thing.'


Being the best in Gerdinger does not guarantee that you would also be the best in Lumeln.


Aside from Gerdinger, the world was filled with many famous Hero Families.


Even now, in the Rodern Empire, there was a Hero family that specialized in Magic and rivals Gerdingers, called Llewellyns.


'We can't always be the best.'


Jess thought it wouldn't hurt to stumble upon a wall once or twice before confidence turned into arrogance.


Leo and Celia, the areas of excellence of the two differed when compared objectively were different.


'Leo hasn't mastered the aura method, so he's no match for Celia when it comes to aura.
On the other hand, has far superior physical strength compared to Celia.'


 Jess also believed Celia's weakness lay in her physical strength.


Of course, it was not that Celia lacked physical strength.


As a swordsman, physical training was basic.


From a normal person's point of view, Celia possessed a tremendous physique and muscle strength.


'She couldn't push her physical abilities to their limits.
Just like her swordsmanship.’


Swordsmanship was also the reason why Celia was pushing herself to defeat Leo.


She'd never once encountered anyone of her age who could match her in swordsmanship.


According to Jess, Leo was the first wall Celia met.


“Uncle, what are you doing here?”


Celia asked while struggling to stand up.


“You look tired, just sit down and take some rest.”


After saying that, Jess looked at Leo.




“Yes, Uncle.”


“I intend to speak with the family head about allowing you to inherit the 'Phoenix Breath.'”


Celia was taken aback by her uncle’s sudden statement.


“Phoenix Breath?”


An aura method that can only be mastered by the direct bloodlines recognized by the family.


'Is it official that this guy is going to be my cousin?'


Celia cast a mysterious look at Leo.


“I don't think the Gerdinger patriarch would agree to it easily.”


“That’s why there are conditions.”


“What is it?”


“For you to pass the Lumeln Academy entrance exam.”


The Lumeln Academy entrance exam isn’t some kind of sparring, it's a bloody fight.
This guy, who hasn't even learned aura, wouldn't stand a chance! Uh…, oh no.
I mean this entrance exam is too dangerous for Young Master Leo to take.”


“Are you worried about me?”


Celia replied dryly when Leo asked with a smile.


I was just stating the facts.”


Fighting and sparring are not the same thing.


“Besides, Young Master doesn't have any combat experience, isn’t that right?”


Most of the applicants for Lumeln Academy would have had practical experience.


Celia, like many others, once took part in monster subjugation and gained combat experience by defeating monsters.


The presence and absence of real-life combat experience make a huge difference beyond imagination.


At Celia's words, Leo smirked.


In reality, he was a person who was more comfortable with the battlefield than with peaceful daily life.


What do you think?”


“Did you consult with my father and mother?”


“They said they would respect your decision.”


“Then I will participate.”


In any case, he was also wondering how to convince his parents to let him take the entrance exam this year.


Seeing Leo answer without a moment of hesitation, Jess laughed.


“Were you planning on taking the entrance exam this year?”


In response to Leo's satisfied expression, Jess turned around and spoke.


“Then I will look forward to it.”


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


Delan Royal School was closed until the end of the Lumeln Academy entrance exam, so Leo invested his time in training.


Celia also tried her hardest to keep up with his schedule.


“hahaha! look.
I did it, did you see it? Damn gray-haired basta*d! What do you have to say … … ughhhh?!”


It was her last day in the Flove mansion.


Celia returned to the mansion with trembling limbs, using a wooden sword as a staff.


She felt nauseous along the way back.


The girl's body was in rags due to overwork.


Celia stumbled into Leo's room.


Knock Knock-


“Come in.”


When she opened the door, she noticed Leo holding something.


“What’s that?”




“What? Did you ask me not to use it while you used it in secret?”


If only the recovery potion had been used, the training would not have been so difficult.


However, when Leo said potions were for losers who cannot handle the training, Celia got triggered again and decided not to use the potion.


“Isn't it obvious to get your body in peak condition the day before the exam?”


Celia's body was already at its limit.


This was due to the fact that she overworked her body by controlling her pace so that she wouldn't pass out for a week.


Of course, even if she had adjusted her pace, she would have given up long ago if it weren’t for her strong willpower.


Leo intended to tease her at first, but Celia didn't give up and kept up with him for an entire week.


“That's true.”


“Roll your arms and legs up and lie face down on the bed.
I'll apply the potion.”


“I have numerous potions like that.”


Celia's proud answer came from the fact that she used potions made by the best alchemists in the world.


“This will be far more effective compared to the one you use in your family.”


That’s impossible, but still, I will accept it because of your sincerity “


Celia rolled up the sleeves of her training dress and lay down.


Skinny, white limbs were exposed.


Leo soaked the cloth in the pot filled with potion and placed it on Celia's arm.


The pain went away as she felt a cold sensation.


Celia opened her eyes wide at the gentle scent.


“Wait! Is this a potion made by an elf?”


“I think so.”


“How did you get your hand on this?”


Elf Potion!


It was a special product classified as the highest grade among potions.


It was only the elves who knew the recipe for their potions, and other races could not even duplicate them.


She never dreamed that a young marquis from a rural kingdom would have something like this.


“I bought it from a store across the street.”


“Across the street? Where is it?”


“It’s no more.
Since I bought everything they had.”


“Ugh.…… By the way, how can you use this priceless item solely to alleviate muscle pain?”


“Because it's mine, how I use it is entirely up to me.”


In fact, this was a potion made by Leo himself.


Luna, the founder of Nebula Magic, was the one who taught Leo how to make these potions.


“Young Master, you are such a generous person.”


Celia obediently entrusted Leo with her recovery, even though she put on an expression of regret.


The potion-soaked cloth moved between arms and legs one after another.


The terrible muscle pain she felt disappeared like a lie.


“Young master.”




“I won’t lose tomorrow.”


Celia showed a sense of rivalry.


After training with Leo for a week, she realized that Leo was not an opponent to be taken lightly.


'Maybe he might pass the exam.'


“I'm not going to let my guard down like I did last time.”


Celia chuckled.


“So if you meet me and end up losing, don't blame me.”


“I don’t want to hear that from someone who was trembling like a grandma until a while ago.”


Leo, who had just wrapped a cloth around Celia's thigh, gripped it tightly.




“Ahhhhh! It hurts! It hurts!”


“Hey, don’t forget you’re still a maid.
So, If you're a maid then act like a maid.”


“Youuuu… Just wait and see! I’ll be the one who will have the last laugh.
I will avenge you for this disgrace tomorrow! When we meet, I will make sure to completely…
… !”




“Argh! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Oh, no no no! I won't mess with you! I won't mess with you! Argh! Young Masterrrrrrrrrrrrr!”


Celia's screams echoed through the mansion.


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


The next morning.


A huge crowd could be seen in the central hall of the Delan Royal School.


They were people who came to watch the entrance exam.


Among them, even the king of Delan was present.


Celia brushed her hair, wearing an outfit that was not a maid uniform for the first time in a week.


“huh! Looks like those uncultured Llewellyns haven't arrived yet.”


“They are also a famous Hero family from the same country, so don’t run your mouth too much.”


“It’s because you don’t know them, Young Master.
Once you see them, you will know why am I talking like this?”


“Really? By the way, why are you still calling me Young Master?”




Celia hurriedly shut her mouth.


After talking like that for a week, it seemed to have become a habit.


Meanwhile, from afar, other participants glanced at Celia.


“Is that Celia Gerdinger?”


“They say she’s one of the top candidates for the west, and she seems pretty relaxed.”


“Do you want to bet? The one who comes out top, will it be Llewellyn or Gerdinger?”


Leo smiled at the other students' whisper.


“You seem to be famous.”


“Of course, Young Master.”


“So you’re going to continue talking like that?”




'This way of speech has completely become a habit!'


Just when she covered her mouth and blushed in embarrassment.


“Miss Celia!”


Someone called Celia.


“Huh? Leo Flove.
Why are you here?”


Gulliver, who was approaching, frowned.


“Of course, I'm here because I'm participating in the Lumeln Academy entrance exam.”


“What? You are participating in the entrance exam? Fuhahahaha!”


Gulliver bursts into laughter.


“I might die from laughter, Leo.
You, who can't even use Aura, will be taking the Lumeln Academy entrance exam? For god’s sake, don't embarrass yourself along with our country, Leo.”


Ignoring Leo, he stood in front of Celia.


“Miss Celia.
Let’s do our best in the exam.”


At those words, Celia narrowed her brows.


“Sorry, who are you?”




“I’m not good at remembering people’s faces very well.
So, who are you?”


“Hey, didn't we meet at Delan Royal School a week ago? I am Gulliver Traden, the school’s representative.”


“Oh, that happened.
Sure, let's do our best.”


“What? Oh… Yes.”


Celia smiled brightly.


Gulliver grimaced again in response to the smile.


At that time, there was a commotion on one side of the hall.


Celia turned to look at the commotion.


“Young Ma… … No, Leo.
Follow me.”


“Why me?”


“Oh, come on! Just follow me if I tell you to.”


Celia grabbed Leo's wrist and headed towards the commotion.


'Keuk! Pretending to be friends with Miss Celia!'


Sparks flew from Gulliver's eyes.


It was already a well-known fact that the Gerdinger family stayed with the Flove family.


However, it was a well-kept secret that Leo was Celia's cousin.


So Gulliver couldn't figure out the reason for them being close.


'Just wait, I'll show my extraordinary skills during the exam!'


Meanwhile, Following Celia, Leo met with two people, a boy and a girl, with the same light blue hair and blue eyes.


“It's been a while, Celia Gerdinger.”


Abad Llewellyn.”


Abad Llewellyn smiled softly.


Leo muttered to himself when he saw that smile.


'He laughs a little grudgingly.'


Did you prepare well for the exam?”


“Of course! There is no problem getting the top.”


“Whoa, really? But what do we do? I think I'll be the one to come out top.”


“oh? You’re free to dream, but do it at night.


The battle of nerves was intense for a family that had been fighting for the title of best Hero family in the empire for hundreds of years.


“Come on, Chelsi.”


“Yes, brother.”


After a brief war of nerves, Abad left with his sister Chelsi.


Celia raised her eyes.


“They are uncultured, aren’t they?”


“They are a bit cheeky, but I don't know if they are uncultured or not”.


Take a look.
Those guys are very mean.”


Celia clenched her fists.


“Hmm… I'll make you look like butter on a heated frying pan, you greasy butter boy.”


Celia glared at Abad with a bloody smile and a fierce fighting spirit.


“Leo, never lose to those guys! It is unacceptable for a Gerdinger to lose to Llewellyn!”


“I'm not a Gerdinger though?”


“Be prepared, Llewellyn! Leo and I will make you into a bowl of jelly!”


Leo answered sourly, but his words never reached Celia.

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