Gripped tightly in Tang Tian’s hands was her own mobile phone, and unmistakably so.
Meanwhile, the black mobile phone that had appeared out of thin air was exactly as described in Chen Xu’s diary… Without a doubt, she knew that it was that same phone. 


How did this thing come to me?

As Chen Xu had stopped writing after he went overseas, Tang Tian didn’t know if he had continued to use that mysterious phone, but now, it was clear to her—the real motive for bringing her to the study against her will had not been to show her the notebook, but to pass this phone to her. 


Still, Tang Tian dared not reach for the mobile phone at all.


Even Chen Xu, who had possessed some sort of supernatural ability, could not avoid his death.
I don’t have anything, so I’d be digging my own grave if I touch it.


Gingerly, Tang Tian picked up the mysterious mobile phone and quickly shoved it deep within the empty wardrobe, even making sure to lock it up as well.
The wardrobe was empty because all her clothes and other belongings were still in her luggage bag.
She had assumed she wouldn’t be staying long here, and if she died, it would be more convenient for the people here anyway, saving them the hassle of tidying up her things. 


As dawn broke, Tang Tian strolled leisurely in the courtyard for a while.
Eventually, feeling rather hungry, she left it to look for the kitchen.


Along the way, she bumped into an old man who was sweeping the grounds.
She was just about to ask him for directions to the kitchen when he suddenly lifted his head, and seeing her, was so startled that he screamed out in horror, “Agh! A ghost!” The broom in his hands dropped to the floor with a loud clatter. 


Tang Tian was nonplussed.


Am I that scary?


When Uncle Wang finally regained his composure, he apologised repeatedly.
“Oh, it’s just you,” he said as his lips creased into a sheepish grin.
“Usually, only a few of us are around in this estate.
It’s only during the New Year holidays that more people come over, so I’m not used to seeing anyone else around this time of the year.” 


Tang Tian recalled Auntie Zhang’s reaction when she saw her last night, and decided she didn’t trust his words.
“Uncle Wang, I heard from Auntie Zhang that this estate is haunted.”

The smile on Uncle Wang’s face stiffened for a moment, and he frantically waved his hands.
“What rubbish, don’t believe that old lady’s nonsense.”


Tang Tian fell silent.
As she stared unblinkingly at him, Uncle Wang’s rough, calloused hands tightened around the broomstick.
“That old lady just started working here a month ago.
She knows nothing…This estate is great, and it’s been passed down in the Chen family for generations.
Besides, they are very wealthy too.
There’s nothing bad to say about them or the estate.”


His raspy voice continued, “I’ve been here for decades and watched the Young Master grow up with my own eyes.
He’s such a wonderful person.
You… you don’t need to be afraid.” 


As he spoke, his world-weary features revealed a slight flicker of sorrow.
Tang Tian noticed the change in his expression and thought it was a great opportunity to have a chat, so she sat down on a nearby bench, showing that she was interested in listening to him.


“Could you tell me more about Chen Xu? What kind of person was he? I want to learn more about him… It’s such a pity, he was so young…”


The melancholic feeling in Uncle Wang’s heart grew more intense as he heard the young woman’s gentle sigh at the end.
He stopped sweeping and took a moment to observe Tang Tian.
She was wearing a white dress and had rather attractive features, but from her pallid face, he could tell that she was ill.
He began to feel sympathetic towards her and sighed, saying, “The Young Master, he was a kind man.
But he had an unfortunate fate.”

As someone who had spent twenty-odd years in the Chen family estate, he was able to provide more detailed information than Wang Li and Auntie Zhang. 


According to Uncle Wang, the ancestors of the Chen family were all prominent Jin Merchants.
Boss Chen then expanded the family business and entered the real estate market.
He had a loving marriage with his wife, and after a few years, they had their first son. 


In the beginning, it was a harmonious family, filled with love, but after Mrs.
Chen passed away from an illness, Boss Chen married another woman, who gave birth to another son. 


The Great Old Master Chen1 was worried his grandson might be treated unfairly by his new stepmother, so he ordered Chen Xu to be brought up under his own care.
Chen Xu then spent his childhood in this large, mostly vacant estate with his grandfather, while his family went on with their lives without showing much concern about his daily life. 


Eventually, Chen Xu’s grandfather passed away, and after Chen Xu completed his postgraduate studies overseas, his father asked him to return to work for the family business.

Chen Xu turned out to be quite capable at his work, and upon realizing that, his father made plans to properly train him as his future successor to the company.
Hence, he assigned Chen Xu to manage one of the family’s subsidiary companies. 


Under Chen Xu’s oversight, the company, which had been on the verge of bankruptcy, had its fortunes completely reversed.
This greatly impressed his father even more and he made arrangements to put Chen Xu in a position where they could work more closely.


Thus, Chen Xu had been on the cusp of a breakthrough in his career when he got involved in that unfortunate incident. 


Tang Tian listened attentively the whole time, and when Uncle Wang finally finished speaking, she asked him, “Was it really just a normal car accident?”


She had posed the same question to Auntie Zhang.


Uncle Wang was silent for a moment before he answered, “The Young Master had always been a careful boy.
When he was a child, he went swimming down the river but his playmate drowned to death.
Ever since, he never swam that same river ever again.
The same applies to alcohol.
Once, Young Master drank a little wine during his grandfather’s birthday celebration.
When he wanted to drive back to the city for some urgent matters, he was berated severely by his grandfather, and he never did the same again.”

It seemed that everyone in this estate had the same opinion about his habits.


Despite everything Uncle Wang was saying, Chen Xu had ostensibly drowned to death, and Tang Tian recalled how his pale greenish hand had a cold, damp sensation to it as it held hers.  


“Come to think of it, why haven’t I seen the Great Old Master?” said Tang Tian.


Uncle Wang shook his head slowly.
“He passed away a long time ago, when the Young Master was about twenty-one or twenty-two years old.”


Tang Tian briefly reflected on the entire timeline and prodded further.
“After the Great Old Master passed away, did Chen Xu never go back to his father?”


“No,” Uncle Wang murmured.
“For one, the Young Master wasn’t willing to.
There were some rumours, back then, about the woman Boss Chen married.
They said she was his secretary who had worked closely with him at the time, and that they already had an affair before Mrs.
Chen died.
The Young Master wasn’t pleased about it and chose to stay here in this old estate rather than move back to live with his own father.
On top of that, Boss Chen was rather wary of him…”


How strange.
A father being wary of their own son.


Tang Tian had more questions she wanted to ask, but Uncle Wang suddenly gasped out loud.
His apprehensive eyes were focused on something behind her.
“Butler Chen… I… I didn’t mean…”


Tang Tian abruptly turned around to see the slightly hunched figure of Butler Chen standing by the entrance.
His jaded, greyish eyes swept over Uncle Wang coldly, compelling the latter into complete silence.







This refers to the father of Boss Chen, the grandfather of the male lead.

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