Origin Awakening [ Genesis Born ]

Chapter 2 ~ [ Was I given a Chance...? ]

Planet :Earth

In a city near a half complete construction site…. One could hear the voice mixed with girls and boys laughing while one sound which is shrieking in pain. A group of high schoolers was seen in the corner of the second floor of the building. The boys where using there legs to kick something while the girls where laughing like they are seeing a comedy anime. But one could see the escatic expression on their face to which the boys responded with more power in kicking. They were not playing football or any games. But they were kicking a boy with same expression as the girls.

”Look at him panting like a dog. Thats how a dog should be! Hahahahaha…. ”

”Loser should know your place. Ha! ”

A boy with a large build responded by kicking the boy even more after hearing his girlfriends claim towards the victim boy. He was rather large for his age.His figure can be easily accepted as a trained body. His name was Joe.L.Williams. He was son of a famous crime syndicate head. He used his power to bully the weak. His friends includes the bullies of his schools. Including the girls.

”Hey, thats enough. If you go on he will die.Although you probably don have any problem with it, we don want to be murders. ”

A boy with Blue hair said to the Red haired Joe. He was the only one in his team with a gentle character even though he was a bully.

”What…? Are you scared Dustin…? Coward. ”

”Stop it Jinny. He can do things that i can after all. ”

Joe stopped his girlfriend from mocking Dustin. Dustin was a martial arts student. He was a strong point to his group. If because of his girlfriend Dustin left , it was a loss for him as well. So he stopped his girlfriend Jinny.

”Kay kay. ”

Jinny nodded in obedience to Joe with her fake blonde hair tied in Twintails. She had a beauty in place of 6 in terms of rating from 1 to 10.She was actually happy to be Joes girlfriend because of his connections and money. So she accepted his every words like a child.

”Theres another reason for me letting him go. ”

Said Joe with a grining face.

”Hm..? Whats that..? ”.

”If he were to die we have to find a new toy.He has become our everyday fun. So isn it a little rude to abandon him like that…? ”

Joe replied Jinny with an answer and question to which she replied :

”Thats right. I forgot about it…. You hear shit…? You can go die like this.After all we are your owners.Hahahahaha…. ”

”Lets go everyone. Its time to enjoy a evening date with Jinny. I will see you all tomorrow. ”

” Yeah Bye. ”

”See you tomorrow. ”

”Have fun Jinny. ”

Each of the boys said to Joe and girls said to Jinny. Jinny blushed hearing that.

”You guys…! ”

She protested with puffed up cheeks with rosey colour.

”Lets go. ”

Joe hugged Jinny by her waist and started walking to which she nodded in acceptance. Their figure vanished like there friends who left them earlier. There existed only a beat up body of a boy. He was trembling due to mental pain and physical pain. He stood up and took his bag from the corner which the bullies threw and started walking towards his home. He walked on the street with beaten up get up. But nobody asked him what happened. If someone looked at his eyes what they could see would only be endless darkness. The boy after walking about 30 minutes reached a house with about 500 sqft. He knocked on the door to which no one responded. He then realized something and opened the door with a key. He removed his footwear at the entrance and entered the house. He then closed the door. Next thing he dis was fell on his knees.

”Wh… Sob…. Why… What… have..i…done…to.. suffer like… this… Sob…. ”

His eyes began to swell as it shed tears. He couldn hold it in anymore as he reached his home. He was holding his emotions until now. He was always like this. He hid his emotions outside. But he was a different person where he could feel peace. He could have ended this suffering by ending his life. But there was something that forced him to keep living.

He stood up again and cleared the tears from his cheeks and eyes. He then entered the hall room. Then the first thing his did was to look at the wall. Or rather the pictures on the wall. There were two pictures of two figures. One was a woman in her early 30s and a little girl in her 12 year. The woman had a beautiful glossy black hair and dark brown pupils. Her face was long and beautiful. Her name was Ellen.J.Abel.The little girl was like the woman but a a version of teen girl.If the DNA test and other scientific method weren considered they would have been misunderstood as sisters. Her name was Alan.J.Abel. Obviously they were the boys Mother and sister.

”Good evening mom, Alan.Today too was a horrible day.But thank you for giving me the courage to live. ”

They were in the picture not because of a award or anything like that. The boy lost his family, his mother and sister in an accident. His father died because of a disease when his sister was in his mothers womb. So all he had was them. But fate was cruel. As it chose to let him suffer alone.

”Its thanks to your words that i am still alive mom.But i don know if I can hold on anymore. ”

The boy said with a sad face.

”I wonder if this is even a life…. Nothing more than suffering, pain. ”

He went to bathroom and finished bathing and then eating. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself. In the mirror a face of average handsome boy could be seen. If it wasn for his beaten up face he would have been more handsome. It was also a reason for bullying him. He had a Dark black hair and dark black pupils. It shone like a gem in the light.

He brushed his hair and cleaned his wound. After taking necessary medicine he looks again in the mirror and sighs.

If I was given a new chance I would use it to change this fate no matter how hard it is. He thought while leaning his body on the sofa after returning from the washroom.Don forget your mothers words Alec.He then close his eyes and his consciousness leaves him as he rests…







*** Alecs POV ***

Where am I…?

The first thing I saw as I opened my eyes was a shining place. I focused my eyes to see that it was an endless space. A galaxy…? Or not.Am I dreaming…? Of course I am. What am I talking about.

Anyway this is way too wierd for a dream. Why is it in space…?

Hmm… I wonder if I should try to wake up. I tried to pinch myself to the limit. But I don feel anything.

May be I should sleep in dream too…?

I decided to sleep in the dream to wake from the dream. Before I closed my eyes something strange happened.

The whole galaxy or space, the stars started moving. As I watched this strange phenomenon I felt that they were coming towards me. Although it was a dream it felt real and I was scared. I tried to move. But I couldn . Then I decided to take it all as it just a dream. Then all of that existed came to me and it pierced my chest and went through it. I felt pain for the first time to say hell. Even though I got beaten up by them I still don feel this much pain. I tried to scream. I couldn .As my voice didn leave my mouth. It felt like my body is filled with acid and neutralizing at the same time continuously. It didn stop. As I was gonna give up I heard my mothers words again in my mind.

Alec… Always…. d… U..

I lost consciousness with that.

*** Writers POV ***

Alec jumped from the sofa while sweating like waterfall.

” What the hell…? Even dreams won let me go huh…. ”

He looked at clock to see the time to be 6:30 AM. He got up from sofa and greeted his mother and sister. Then he cleared his works at home and readied himself for class. He left while saying his similar words to his mother and sister.

”I am Off then. ”

But he didn knew this was the last time he would be telling them greetings as his fate was changing over time.








Planet : ???

Place : ???

There was a big round table while sitting in each six position was six different people with six different auras. They looked like they come from fairy tale. One of them asked while looking at others :

”How I that plan going..? ”

”We decided on a planet called Earth. ”

”It seems humans there are hoping for this kind of situation. ”

”…. ”

”We will test this with them. ”

”We shall give their puny life a little value. ”

” ” ” KUHAKUHAKUHA ” ” ”

Some of them laughed while one of them was sleeping. Their sinister lagh echoed through the hall.

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