ccording to what I know of this world, it has only been around for four billion years. ” Blake did not understand. Even if there was a kind of reset on the planet, the earliest recorded animal ever found was 1,237,000 years old. And this was discovered two years ago in 2026.

”This planet? Four billion years old? Hmm… I guess that should be right around the reset date. To be honest, we put humans in hibernation back then. There were a few different breeds of humans, but I am not sure what happened to them during this time. But the truth of the matter is, is that this planet is over five trillion years old. At least that was what my ancestors told me at one point. ” Lillias words were actually really destroying all known science.

Blake liked space and things related to space, so he knew a lot about the universe. But the date that was most widely known now was that the universe was 16.28 billion years old. Since that was as far as they could look back. The scientific world was turned on end when they discovered that the Big Bang was not actually the beginning of the universe. They found many galaxies and planets much older than the big bang theory with newly made telescopes that could look farther out and found that what they thought was the big bang was actually just a very large galaxy, that took up a large section of the sky and was now called the Big Bang Galaxy.

”Five trillion years old. Then Lillia, how old are you? ” Blake asked.

Lillia turned and looked at Blake with a smile that did not reach her eyes as she firmly said: ”I am twenty years old. ”

”But…. ” Blake was confused. Hasn she been alive all this time? But before he could continue asking, a hand that had turned into a claw clamped his shoulder and squeezed it as the voice of death entered his ears. ”I am twenty years old! ”

”Ah! Mmm…. Right, twenty years old…. ” Blake felt a cold sweat roll down his back. He couldn even breathe. Nor did he dare raise his head to look the scary dragon girl in the eye. He only now remembered something an old lady once told him. Never ask a girl her age unless you are seeking death…. Thinking of that old lady, he couldn help but apologize in his heart for not taking her seriously.

Hearing Blake say she looked young caused Lillia to smile and blush. ”Hehe… Saying I look so young…. ”

Blake almost coughed up blood. This girl basically threatened him into saying it. He had a lot to say but didn dare say anything out loud, so he decided to change the subject. ”Is there a way for me to become strong before the Dragonic return? ”

”Hmmm… I did happen to keep a vial of blood that belonged to a certain ancient race. Although, whether it will kill you or not is another story. ” Lillia paused before continuing: ”I can say that if you are able to merge with this blood, you will be able to grow ten times more powerful than any human ever could. ”

”Blood? Which races blood are you talking about? ” Blake was slightly interested. He did not mind taking a risk as long as he was not going to transform into some kind of disgusting monster. After all, he came here to become strong.

”The Drakani. A higher race of Vampires that had a bit of blood from every race within them. But right now, as you are, you can not handle such blood. If you did take it, your body would swell up and explode, instantly killing you. But do not worry, you said that with the return of mana that humans were able to evolve, did you not? Since that is the case with the mana here and my help, I can help you evolve once more before the Dragonic even arrive.

From there, you can begin enriching your body with mana. The process may seem slow, but once you reach the second stage of evolution, I will help you take in this blood and expand your strength greatly. ” Lillia stepped forward, sat in Blakes lap, and leaned against his chest. ”Since we were brought together by fate, I will be sure to help you grow as strong as possible. ”

Blake was silent. Feeling the warm body leaning against him, he felt a little self conscious but hearing her words that were spoken softly and filled with sincerity. He couldn help but feel touched. ”Then I guess I should work hard so I do not disappoint you. ”

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