Blake and took a deep breath. ”Mmm… While it does seem a bit heavier, it should be fine. ” Lillias cheeks began to blush as she suddenly thought of something. She lowered her head and asked: ”Ar-Are you worried about me? ”

”Well yeah. I mean, you have lived in a world without all the toxins that this world has. I was worried it might make you sick. ” Blake replied honestly while scratching the back of his head.

”Hehe! ” Lillia smiled brightly. She ran up to Blake and hugged his arm. ”Don worry. Dragons are not weak. We do not get sick so easily. ”

”Alright then, lets head out of here. We need to hit the bank and then do some shopping before we head home. You will need some extra clothes and stuff as well. Also…. ” Blake blushed. ”Can you make your dress a bit longer? When you spun just now, I could see everything…. ”

Lillia pursed her lips and waved her hand, causing her dress to flow down past her knees. ”Humans and their silly rules. You haven changed on this aspect, I see. ”

Blake breathed a sigh of relief. He saw something amazing just now and had to do everything in his power to restrain himself from blushing or having a certain reaction in a certain area. He made note to buy some undergarments for the cute dragon girl. But he was indeed relieved to find out that she had the proper parts.

Before they could leave the forest, Blake asked Lillia to check which direction the city was in. it was easy to see if one climbed a tree. He had done it a few times while searching to keep his bearings. But for Lillia, she just floated up into the air and did not need to climb anything. So with their direction set, the two were now walking through the forest.

”Lillia, you said something about the second evolution earlier. What did you mean? ” Blake had been wondering about this. He did not know how evolution worked. He only knew with mana returning to the world that humans had evolved to be able to use it.

”Mmm… Practice? You need to be able to expand your mana pool. Lets say when you first gain the ability to cast spells. Normally your mana pool would be enough to cast maybe one or two spells if you were born with a higher than normal mana pool. As you continue to cast spells and drain your mana, it will gradually expand your mana pool.

Slowly but surely, you will be able to gain mana greater than you had before, and those one or two spells cast will turn to three or four. As you continue to use it, the more mana you will gain until finally, you reach a point to where your entire being is saturated in mana, allowing you to evolve once more. ” Lillia explained.

”So basically, there is no quick way about it. I will just have to keep casting spells over and over until I expand my mana pool to a great amount. No wonder people in my past life were gaining so much power. The war was really a good way to allow people to strengthen themselves. ” Blake realized that once he became a soldier, that he was able to use stronger and stronger spells more and more frequently. Mana drain was a big thing during the war because it would make you feel tired and weak. But now, this mana drain was actually good for them.

”Mmm… Sadly it is a good way to rise to power faster. But luckily you do not need to wait long. We just need to get you to your first evolution. Even though you can use some rudimentary spells like strengthening, you will not be able to cast higher level low level spells until you evolve. ” Lillia wanted her boyfriend in name to be the strongest, and she decided she would do whatever it took to do that. Plus, what she did not tell Blake was that the higher the mana one has, the longer they will live.

”I will be counting on you then. Lillia, if there is anything I can do for you in the future, let me know. I will do whatever I can. ” Blake was someone who always repaid the kindness others bestowed upon him.

”There is no need to be so stiff, you are my boyfriend in name remember? ” Lillia smiled and hugged Blakes arm tighter. She was happy that she met her fated one after sleeping for so long.

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