Chapter 28: Increasing Agility

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TL: Hanguk



Sejun woke up to the sound of the baby bear’s cry.

Lately, the mother Crimson Giant Bear’s departure time has been getting earlier and earlier.
It felt like she wanted to quickly leave her cub here.
Also, the time for her to pick up the cub has been getting later and later.
What’s going on?


Sejun got up and added a line on the cave wall.
Five 正 characters completed on the fourth line.
The morning of the 175th day began with the baby bear’s cry.





The rabbits and poison bees greeted Sejun in the morning.

Sejun washed his face and walked towards the dried roasted sweet potatoes he had left on leaves to dry.

He had run out of the dried sweet potatoes he had prepared, so he roasted 50 more sweet potatoes yesterday, cut them, and left them to dry in order to make new dried sweet potatoes.

Naturally, yesterday’s menu was roasted sweet potatoes, and he enjoyed them with the rabbits and the tower administrator.

He also learned something new: sweet potatoes become more delicious after being harvested and left for some time.

Thanks to this, everyone ate the sweeter roasted sweet potatoes without realizing that their faces were covered in black soot.


Sejun picked up a well-dried roasted sweet potato and put it in his mouth.

Chew chew.


The sun-dried sweet potato released its sweetness and warmth in his mouth.
It sent a signal to his hungry brain that energy was coming in, waking it.


“Hehehe, it dried well.”

Sejun confirmed that the roasted sweet potatoes had dried well, then sang a little song as he took out the portion for breakfast and put the rest in his pouch.

Hop, hop.

The rabbits ate their carrots, waiting for Sejun to give them the dried sweet potatoes.

“Let’s eat the dried sweet potato.”

Sejun gave each rabbit three dried sweet potatoes.

He also gave wife rabbit six dried sweet potatoes, as her appetite had greatly increased since she became pregnant.

After having dried sweet potatoes for breakfast, they started their morning farming.
Sejun harvested the cherry tomatoes right after cutting the leaves.

“Oh, this is a big one!”


Sejun cut the branch with the cherry tomatoes hanging in clusters.

[You have simultaneously harvested 10 well-ripened Magical Cherry Tomatoes.]

[Your job experience increases slightly.]

[Your proficiency of Harvesting Lv.
3 increases slightly.]

[The effect of Proficiency Increase Lv.
1 increases Harvesting Lv.
3’s proficiency by an additional 5%.]

[Harvesting Lv.
3’s proficiency is filled, and the level increases.]

[A new effect is added to Harvesting Lv.

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[You have gained 200 experience points.]


Sejun hurriedly checked his skill as he received a message that a new effect had been added to the Harvesting skill.

[Job Skill – Harvesting Lv.

-When harvesting, slightly underripe or overripe fruits will be adjusted to their optimal state.

-There is a very low chance of harvesting a crop one grade higher than what can normally be harvested.

Although the probability is very low, the ability to harvest a higher grade made Sejun feel better just by imagining the even more delicious cherry tomatoes.

“Does a skill effect get added when the job skill reaches level 4?”

Sejun decided to check when his other job skills would reach level 4, and then went back to harvesting cherry tomatoes and brought them to wife rabbit.

While harvesting cherry tomatoes,


The black rabbit called Sejun.
It was lunchtime.


Sejun went to the pond and moved the piranhas the black rabbit caught to the fire, seasoning them with salt and pepper, and grilled them.
However, since white rabbits cannot eat pepper, their grilled fish was seasoned only with salt.

As the grilled fish were almost done,

Kkoo-eung! Kkoo-eung!

The baby bear, attracted by the delicious smell, started to cry for food.
But now Sejun and the rabbits were skillful, they didn’t panic and packed all the items and food.



Kkoo! Eung! Kkoo! Eung!

The baby bear began to pull Sejun and the rabbits up.

When they reached the ground, there were about 10 branches, the size of Sejun’s forearm, piled up next to the baby bear.

Sejun had asked the baby bear to bring branches of similar thickness to his forearm, and since yesterday, the baby bear had been collecting a few at a time.

Sejun had plans to make ladders and other useful necessities, but he couldn’t find the time due to farming.

In the future, as more baby rabbits are born, there will be more helping hands, but Sejun’s plans and the number of crops he wants to plant mean that the fields will expand more quickly.

Sejun thought that farming only required strength and stamina, but speed was also necessary.
So, he planned to increase his agility stat as well.


The baby bear looked at Sejun with a proud expression, as if asking for praise.
Did I do a good job?

“You did a good job.”


Sejun patted the now bigger baby bear’s hip and began to eat lunch.

“Here, try this.”

Sejun handed the roasted sweet potato to the baby bear.
The baby bear didn’t get to eat roasted sweet potato yesterday, so Sejun had saved 5 for him.
Thanks to this, the tower administrator got upset, asking why the baby bear had a separate serving of roasted sweet potato.


The baby bear didn’t even peel the roasted sweet potato and put it in his mouth in one bite.


As the baby bear chewed on the grilled sweet potato, he shook his body to show how delicious it was.
It’s so delicious!




The baby bear kept putting roasted sweet potatoes in his mouth.

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And then,


The baby bear, holding the last roasted sweet potato, hesitated, then got up.



Sejun and the black rabbit, who had never seen the baby bear get up before finishing his food, looked at the baby bear in puzzlement.


The baby bear went to the field, dug up the ground, and buried his roasted sweet potato.
Then he covered the sweet potato with dirt and patted the ground.

The cub who learned planting thought that anything would grow if planted in the ground, so it planted a roasted sweet potato.


Sejun burst into laughter at the cub’s absurd behavior.

The black rabbit hurried over to the cub.
It was time for another lesson from its big brother.


When the black rabbit told the cub to dig out the roasted sweet potato again,


The cub tilted its head.
“But, big brother, you said that if I plant this, I can eat a lot later.”


The black rabbit shook its head vigorously in response.
“No, you can’t plant something that’s already cooked,”


Enlightened by the black rabbit’s words, the cub dug out the roasted sweet potato, put it in its mouth, and returned to its spot.

After the pleasant lunchtime, Sejun offered his lap to the cub and black rabbit, drank coffee, and took a brief break.

And then after some time,

“It’s time to get up now.”

He woke up the napping cub and black rabbit and went to the field to plant the carrot tops left by the rabbits.

But at that moment,

“Huh? Why does the ground smell fishy?”

A strong fishy smell wafted from the ground.

Sejun felt something was wrong and dug up the smelly spot,


Sejun was startled by what appeared from the ground.

A piranha head greeted Sejun with a grin.

“Why did you bury this standing up?!”

Sejun was annoyed and looked around for the culprit who planted it.


Meanwhile, the energetic baby bear was digging up the ground with his front paws like a forklift.
He was probably thinking about planting more piranhas there.

It seemed like the cub needed some more lessons.


Top floor, 75th level.

Theo arrived at the shopping area, eagerly anticipating sitting on Sejun’s lap and eating a treat.

“Teapot, blanket, five glass jars for honey, tongs.

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Theo went into a general store, reciting the items Sejun ordered so as not to forget them, bought the goods, and left the store.

Another successful haggle today.”

Theo managed to haggle down the price from 2.1 Tower coins to 1.7 Tower coins, saving 0.4 Tower coins.

On the way to the last stop, the blacksmith’s,

“Hello, Theo.”

Someone approached and spoke.

“Huh? You?!”

Theo recognized the person.

“Aren’t you the fool who almost got scammed by Skaram?”

“Y-Yes, that’s right.
My name is Jeras.”

Theo’s words nearly brought Jeras to tears, but he managed to hold back and respond.
Having already found out through an investigation that Theo had been scammed by Skaram, Jeras was even more furious.
To be treated like a fool by another fool!

“What’s the matter?”

“I couldn’t repay you last time, so I thought I’d at least treat you to a meal…”

“I refuse.
I’m busy!”

Theo coldly passed by Jeras.
Theo had to hurry to the blacksmith and get the equipment for Sejun.
Theo’s intuition was telling him something.

‘Something feels off.
Someone is after Sejun’s lap!’

“Theo, how about a cup of tea, at least?”

Jeras hurriedly followed Theo.

“Why are you following me?”

Theo, who arrived at the blacksmith, asked Jeras, who had followed him.

“Ah… I have business at the blacksmith as well…”

Jeras had impulsively followed Theo since his offer was rejected.


Theo paid the blacksmith 13 Tower coins, like last time, for the equipment lottery and went to the lottery corner.

Theo carefully examined the equipment in the lottery corner.


“Oh, that one!”

There was an item that caught Theo’s attention.

As Theo was about to grab the item,

“Wait a minute! You’re not really going to choose that, are you?!”

Unable to hold back, Jeras stepped in after secretly watching.
That was just too much.

“That’s right.

“Why, you ask?! How can you choose that from a blacksmith?!”

Jeras pointed at the item Theo was about to pick up.
There was a straw hat that did not fit the blacksmith’s atmosphere at all.
To Jeras, it was 100% a useless item.

“It’s fine.
Don’t worry about it.”

Theo confidently chose the straw hat and left the blacksmith.

‘Sejun told me to pick whatever I want.’

Sejun had given Theo full authority over the lottery.

“Ah, this isn’t it…”

Jeras watched Theo leave the blacksmith and returned to the Secret Inspection Bureau without success.

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“Jeras, have you heard the news?”

Jeras’ coworker agent approached him.

“What news?”

“They say a thief broke into Overlord Grid’s warehouse on the 55th floor.”


Jeras secretly thought it served him right.
Overlord Grid was infamous as a wicked landlord who exploited tenant farmers.

“And here’s the list of stolen items.
The director wants you to take a look.”


Jeras quickly skimmed through the list and flipped through a few pages.



A familiar item caught his eye on the stolen items list.
An ordinary straw hat.
It was similar to the straw hat he saw at the blacksmith earlier.


“Nah, it can’t be.”

There are hundreds of straw hats like that in any general store.

Jeras closed the stolen items list and thought of ways to investigate Theo, which was his mission.


In the afternoon, Sejun re-educated the baby bear on planting and harvested seeds from the carrot flowers that he had been putting off due to his busy schedule.

The stored amount of carrots had been reduced by half, so the rabbits were urging Sejun.

Shake shake shake.

Shake shake shake.

As Sejun shook the completely dry carrot flowers, the carrot seeds fell down.

[You have obtained 50 carrot seeds from the carrot flowers.]

[Your job experience has increased slightly.]

[Your proficiency of seed Harvesting Lv.
1 has increased slightly.]

[Due to the effect of Proficiency Increase Lv.
1, your proficiency of seed Harvesting Lv.
1 has increased by an additional 5%.]

[You have obtained 35 carrot seeds from the carrot flowers.]



In total, Sejun obtained about 2,000 carrot seeds.
Sejun and the rabbits planted half of the harvested carrot seeds in the cave and the other half in the above-ground field.

And when they finished planting all the carrots in the above-ground field,

[You have created a 250-square-meter carrot field.]

[You have gained 500 experience points.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have obtained 1 bonus stat.]

Sejun raised his agility to increase his work speed with the bonus stat.

On the 175th day of being stranded, Sejun planted 2,000 carrots and increased his agility.


Good Night!!

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