Chapter 34: Recovery of the Ninth Meta-pulse

“Well, have you managed to remember the cultivation pathway of the Blood-burning Body cultivation method?”

Mu Feng asked with a smile at the end of his cultivation.

“Of course I have.
That Blood-burning Body cultivation method is indeed amazing.
Although it hurts a lot, I can clearly feel that I’m much stronger now after the cultivation.”

Mu Kuang gave an honest smile.

“No pain, no gain.
As the saying goes, legendary swords can only be honed by the toughest circumstances.
If we persevere in our cultivation, I believe that you and I will have great achievements in the future.”

Mu Feng said with a laugh.

“Yes, let’s go hunt for other Man Beasts.
Haha, next time, when the academy is recruiting again, I’ll be sure to put up a show.”

“Haha, let’s go.”

Both of them laughed and continued to explore the forest.

Six days later in the forest.


A low roar rang out in the distance.
A two meter long, gray-colored Forest Wolf that was as tall as an adult’s chest was spotted searching for food in the forest.
This Forest Wolf was a level nine Man Beast with a powerful bite force that could easily crush human bones. 

The Forest Wolf was sniffing in the forest for its prey when the smell of blood came from afar.
The Forest Wolf immediately rushed over to the spot where the smell came from, only to see the thigh of a wild boar that was still dripping blood hanging from a tree that was more than four meters above ground level. 


Why is the meat hanging from a tree? Even with its low IQ, it sensed that something strange was going on.
However, the smell of the blood was too attractive, so it gave no further thoughts.
The Forest Wolf jumped up four meters high and bit on the thigh, pulling it down. 

Just as it was about to enjoy its food, there was a flash of white light.
A muscular young man who was around 15 or 16 years old jumped down from the tree with a knife in his hand, prepared to strike.

The strike was as fast as lightning, but accurate like a skilled predator from the forest, and the wolf’s involuntary reflex wasn’t slow either.
It immediately darted to the left to dodge the attack, but the tip of the knife still left a long cut on its back.


The pain on its back cause it to be agitated.
The Forest Wolf stared at the young man with its cold eyes and snarled at him with its sharp teeth.
It let out a low roar, fell back a few steps, and prepared itself for battle.

The young man held a knife in his hand, bent his body slightly, and stared at the Forest Wolf with eyes that were full of determination.


The Forest Wolf attacked first by pouncing forward at a very fast speed with its powerful hind legs.
It raised its claws and gave a powerful swipe at the young man that had inch-long hair.

With a twist of his leg, the young man dodged agilely.
Just as the Forest Wolf brushed against his body, he swiftly made an upward cut. 


The knife made another cut on the abdomen of the Forest Wolf.

The Forest Wolf landed on the ground, let out a soft whine and pounced on the young man once more.

Meanwhile, on a tree that was more than 10 meters high, sat another young man dressed in black robes with a knife slid over his shoulders.
His sharp cheekbones portrayed a trace of determination, and there was a thin scar in between his eyebrows.
He smiled slightly while observing the fight below him. 

Mu Kuang’s knife-fighting techniques were much swifter and fiercer compared to the time when they first entered the forest.
Mu Feng was delighted to see his progress.

Over a period of six days, he managed to reach the cultivation level of Tong Mai Eighth Sky and his ninth meta-pulse was still recovering.
Mu Feng was confident that he would win the fight even if he encountered a Tong Mai Ninth Sky cultivator.

After suffering many injuries, the Forest Wolf was dripping with blood and its attack speed was much slower than before.
When it pounced again, Mu Kuang ducked, charged forward, and stabbed it with his knife.


The knife went straight into the wolf’s throat and pierced through its neck.
It then struggled for a while on all fours.
This level nine Man Beast that weighed more than 50 kilograms was finally dead after one last knife strike.

“Haha, not bad.
Your knife technique and body movement are much better compared to a few days ago.”

Mu Feng jumped down from the tree and said with a laugh.

“Hehe, I was fighting with Man Beasts every day, so it would be quite embarrassing if I didn’t make any progress.
Brother Feng, you can have this wolf for your cultivation.”

Mu Kuang laughed sheepishly while scratching his head.

“No, you killed it, so you should have it for your cultivation.
I will help you by standing guard.”

Mu Feng shook his head and said with a smile.

“Okay then.
I feel that if I cultivate once more, I will be able to cultivate a Gas Shield.”

Mu Kuang did not refuse and sat down cross-legged.

The levels of Ti Xiu and Yuan cultivation are the same, but there are special techniques in each level of Ti Xiu.

In the Tong Mai level of Ti Xiu, if one is able to cultivate a Gas Shield, one will be able to block the attacks from cultivators of the same level.
Their body had also a certain level of defense against sharp weapons.

A strike of the same power could kill a Yuan cultivator, but not a Ti Xiu cultivator.

Formed from Vitality, a Gas Shield is an invisible defense film underneath the skin.

For Yuan cultivation, only the powerful Yuan cultivators of the Ning Gang level could possess this defense shield, but for Ti Xiu cultivation, a cultivator of Tong Mai level could already cultivate a similar shield. 

Mu Kuang had an advantage compared to the normal Ti Xiu cultivators.
He had Vitality to assist in his physical training.
Moreover, the Blood-burning Body cultivation method was indeed extraordinary, so his Ti Xiu cultivation progressed at a very fast rate.

On the other hand, Ti Xiu was normally cultivated by cultivators with a poor level of Yuan Gu, or even without Yuan Gu at all.

While Mu Kuang was cultivating, he bit a wooden stick in his mouth and his face twisted in pain.
He also groaned softly.
This showed how painful the cultivation process was.
His body also turned red as he kept absorbing the Blood Qi to burn and train his body.
However, his eyes were full of determination and not even a hint of cowardice was seen.

Mu Feng had a slight admiration for Mu Kuang’s strong willpower.
In terms of willpower, Mu Kuang was not weaker than Mu Feng.

Besides, Mu Feng had seen bloodshed, whereas Mu Kuang had not.
Even so, Mu Kuang had such strong willpower.
This must be one of Mu Kuang’s talents.

Half an hour later, Mu Kuang had finished his cultivation and was soaked in sweat.
He was also entranced with excitement.
He managed to guide his Vitality to circulate around his body to form a defense shield underneath his skin.
At the same time, he felt that he was much stronger again.

After Mu Kuang finished his cultivation, he got up and continued his practice in the mountains with Mu Feng.

Half a month later, Mu Kuang was able to send a Zi Fu level Xiong Beast flying several meters away with just one punch.
The Xiong Beast was an Iron-armored wild boar covered in black scales that weighed hundreds of kilograms.

Beside him, Mu Feng shouted at the opportunity to attack.
He concentrated his Vitality onto his knife, took a step and dashed forward as fast as lightning.
Just like an arrow released from a bow, Mu Feng stabbed his knife into the unprotected abdomen of the wild boar and pierced through it.

The Iron-armored wild boar let out a cry while Mu Feng stabbed it another three more times and it eventually died.

Mu Feng’s ninth Xue Ling Pulse started to recover after he cultivated the Blood Qi from the carcass of the wild boar.

Mu Feng was delighted.
However, at the same time, his tenth Xue Ling Pulse also started to recover after the full recovery of his ninth Xue Ling Pulse!

Mu Feng was stunned, but he gave no further thoughts.
He continued to absorb the remaining huge amount of Blood Qi to further restore his meta-pulses according to the restoring method.
The Blood Qi was used up only after his tenth Xue Ling Pulse was half recovered. 

Meanwhile, his Vitality was already able to circulate within nine of his meta-pulses!

This meant that he had already reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky and he was able to break through the Zi Fu level to restore his previous level of cultivation.

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