In the large swimming pool, Luo Xi floated in the water with her eyes closed.

The secretary, recognizing that he was unable to catch the person, turned around and went to greet the boss.

After a while, two people entered in.
They were two girls, 25-26 years old.
Their looks were better than those of average people.
However, in the entertainment industry, their appearance was not outstanding enough.

Luo Xi who was sunk in the water slightly opened her eyes.
Through the water ripple, she made out the coming people.

They were artists of Ba Tian Entertainment who debuted much earlier than Li Na and Li Mo.
Yet, the two of them were unable to gain popularity.
They tepidly stayed on Z-list while occasionally shooting for print ads.
Although they wanted to jump to other companies, no one wanted them.
Hence, the two of them stayed in Ba Tian Entertainment like this and dawdled away their time.

Luo Xi’s impression of these two people was: scoundrels that always come to pick a quarrel with her.

Like her, these two lived in the dormitory provided by the company.
From the first day since she came in, these two people put on airs of a senior and wished to put her in place.
As Asmana planet’s last Siren who possessed a golden fishtail, Luo Xi didn’t know what was this senior thing back then hence she naturally didn’t let the two of them succeed.

But since then, for the whole week, these two kept on looking for her trouble, so much so that this matter grew in severity, making Luo Xi very unhappy.

This world was different from hers.
Her world pursued the law of the jungle.
On the planet that was on the verge of extinction, life disappeared little by little.
The humans who once ruled the planet had completely died out before she was born.

This world was different.
The sky was blue, the water clear, and the air was no longer filthy.
This was a planet with a strong life force.
The one ruling this planet were humans.
Here, killing them was breaking the law.

However, the more forbearing one was, the worse was the result.
If some bad guys weren’t beaten until they experienced pain, they would only go from bad to worse.

Luo Xi tilted her head and pondered for a long time.
She decided to give them a light beating.

Humans were so fragile.
If she used the full force, people would die.

While Luo Xi was lying in the water and thinking, those two girls went to the border of the pool.

“Tang Luo Xi, come out.”

One of the girls angrily yelled at her.

“Come out, you shameless bitch.
You’re a newbie who just entered the company.
How dare you, snatching resources? Come out!”

Luo Xi rose to the surface.
She narrowed her eyes to judge the distance between her and them.

They were a bit far.
If it was in the past, she could take them down with one sweep of her tail.
Unfortunately, she had a pair of useless legs right at the moment.

Fair and slender legs of hers stepped in the water a few times.
She shifted herself into a back-lying position and floated on the water while muttering lazily: “You come down.”

Even if they wanted to have a fight with her, she didn’t want to leave the water.

In Asmana planet, such clear and scentless water was nowhere to be seen.
This was also the aspect that made her most satisfied with this world.
She didn’t want to leave the water even for a second.

“Do you know what it means to respect seniors? I asked you to get out.
Get out!”

The girl was even more enraged.
The other one pulled at her and shot her a meaningful glance.

If she didn’t want to get out so let it be.
There were two of them.
In the water, they could even better give Tang Luo Xi a lesson.
On the land, they would have to worry she would run away or the fight would be too fierce and leave behind evidence.
It would be much more effortless in the water.
Being choked by water will be a feeling unpleasant enough for her.

Even if boss found out, nothing would happen.
She would be just choked by water.
The company had not many artists left.
Anyways, boss won’t deal with them just because of this matter.

The two girls took off their shoes and jumped into the pool, approaching Luo Xi.

Seizing the opportunity, the two of them joined hands and threw at her.
One grabbed her arm and the other pressed against her head, trying to push Luo Xi into the water.


According to the calculations of the siren’s race, Luo Xi was still a fledgling.
Even as a fledgling siren she could still handle a butcher’s cleaver with ease1 in that almost pitch black colored sea of Asmana planet.
Not to mention here.

When the Asmana planet couldn’t stop itself from dying anymore and its core perished, she thought that she will certainly die.
Yet, a ray of light has enveloped her and caused her to cross the space and arrive at Earth.

Then, with a dumbstruck expression, she was oppressed by the Earth’s Law to the point of having only a faint breath of life left.

It was a pressure that has almost crushed her.
It was different from Asmana’s Law which was on the verge of perishment.
The Law of this world was complete, healthy, and young.
When it detected the invasion of a foreign object, the Supreme Law begin to instinctively banish and reject her.

At the time, even breathing was difficult.
The great pain made Luo Xi feel it would have been better if she died in the sea of Asmana.
If it continued, she would have only one outcome.
Become annihilated.

Luo Xi did not fear death.
When Asmana planet was being destroyed, she was ready to die with the mother planer that gave birth to them.
However, this did not mean she could accept that she was going to incomprehensibly die in this place.

The siren clan was the king that reigned over the sea.
A Siren with a golden tail controlled an unparalleled power.
Luo Xi was the last golden-tailed siren.

She used almost all of her power to trigger the blood vessels within her body, transforming the mythical and pure power inside her into a form that would be most easily accepted by the Law of this world.
It was like creating a camouflage shell and use it to cover oneself, attempting to hide from the Law.

The golden tail of hers disappeared.
It was replaced by a long and slender pair of fair legs.

Her appearance resembled greatly to the humans in her memory who had been extinct in Asmana.
Subsequently, she learnt that this world also had humans.
Furthermore, they were regarded as the wisest of all creatures and loved by the Law.

She was very unaccustomed to not having her tail.
At first, just learning to walk on two legs took her more than half a day.
Fortunately, this method was effective.
Once she put on the human shell, she could clearly feel that the oppression of the Law decreased a lot.

That invisible supreme being examined her coldly.
After a quite while, the pressure that was enough to crush her gradually disappeared.

Luo Xi let out a sigh of relief.
At long last.
She didn’t have to be annihilated.

The only thing that made her unaccustomed was that her power was restrained after putting on a human shell.
What’s more, she couldn’t use too much of her power.
She knew that as soon as she betrayed her disguise, she would be greeted by the Law’s ruthless extermination.

But even so, she believed that she was much stronger than ordinary humans.
Plus, in the water, she had the advantage of her race.

Even if they all had two legs, she won’t lose when confronting two human females.


When the two girls came at her, Luo Xi was like a slippery fish.
Her figure flashed and escaped through the gap between their bodies.
The two girls reached out their hands but didn’t touch her at all.
On the contrary, because of the great strength they’ve used in throwing themselves at her, the two bumped into each other and cried out in pain.

They didn’t expect her to be so agile in the water.
The two girls rubbed the painful spots and looked for her figure in amazement.

Luo Xi circled behind them.
She tilted her head to the side and asked: “What does it mean to snatch resources?”

“What’s there to pretend? Bah, bitch! You’ve used this face to bewitch boss and let him sleep with you to receive such an opportunity, right?”

The thing around Deserted Island Survival has provoked fervent discussions.
The two girls who came to pick a quarrel with Tang Luo Xi didn’t believe that she wasn’t aware of it.

Li Na and Li Mo made such a big scene back then.
She certainly won’t participate in this kind of show.
Hence, it should be their turn.
They were excited for half a night, waiting for boss’s notice.
In the end, there was no notice.
Instead, they saw the secretary look for Tang Luo Xi.
Apparently, boss intended to let her participate.

This made the two girls so jealous their eyes turned red.
And also because of this, they had lost their reason and came to look for Luo Xi’s trouble.

Such a good opportunity, as long as they could participate in the show and show their faces, their reputation will definitely skyrocket.
Even if they did not perform well, they wouldn’t suffer any major losses.
Who cares whether they would attract anti-fans or not.
Infamy was also fame.
For people like them who just got by for years yet didn’t make names for themselves, they didn’t care about this at all.

If Tang Ruo Xi got injured, she won’t be able to go to the show.
If she gave up on her own, the company had just a few artists left, it ought to be their turn.

The girl thought and she fiercely stretched her hand to scratch that beautiful face of Tang Luo Xi.

Her eyes turned crimson.
Her mind was filled with: Destroy her face so that she can’t be so cocky!

Compared to the girl’s viciousness, Luo Xi almost soundlessly raised her hand and gripped the hand which the girl used to swing at her.
Afterward, she lightly squeezed it, making the girl call out in pain.

The pain made the girl’s reason return a bit.
Her eyes met Luo Xi’s.
The black pupils showed no emotions.
It was as if they were watching garbage that wasn’t worth to be mentioned, so calm they made the girl’s hair stand on end.

She made a miserable shriek: “What are you doing?! Let me go.
My hand.
My hand hurts!”

The other girl was startled.
Seeing that the situation wasn’t right, she turned around to swim away.
She tried to go up the surface from the other side.

Luo Xi tugged the girl and turned around to swim over to the other girl.
She was obviously dragging a person yet she was more nimble and elegant than a fish swimming in the water.
Almost in the blink of an eye, she caught up with the person who wanted to run away.

A few seconds later.
She threw the girl she was dragging at the other person.

The two girls bumped into each other again.
There was a water ripple to buffer the impact so it wasn’t too painful.
However, Luo Xi’s nearly oppressing strength astonished them.
Their eyes were filled with an incredulous expression.

So fast?!

Wasn’t this person an orphan brought by the company? It was said that she has just reached adulthood.
How come that she was so agile?!

W-what did she want to do now?!

The two’s hearts beat violently.
The fear climbed up their back.

It was only at a distance well within their reach that they discovered that Tang Ruo Xi’s pitch-black pupils were mixed with specks of gold color.
They were like a gleaming light that flickered by quickly.
Spell-binding yet deadly.

The whole swimming pool suddenly quietened.
Under the gaze of those eyes, the two girls felt as if they were being attentively watched by a predator who was at the top of the food chain and yet it was also as if they were being overwhelmed by the fear coming from the deep sea.
They were too afraid to breathe air.

When the two girls felt that they could bear it no more, Luo Xi finally spoke while slightly knitting her brows.

“I don’t like boss.”

“I also didn’t sleep him.”

The two girls’ nervous and frightened hearts suddenly jumped.
That kind of oppressing feeling abruptly dissipated.
They couldn’t react for a while: “……What?”

Once they saw clearly the disdain in Luo Xi’s face, the two comprehended.

Was Tang Luo Xi responding to their earlier slander? She was saying that she absolutely disdained boss and felt that it was beneath her dignity to sleep him.

Although boss has had a hard time in recent years, he was much better than ordinary men.
He was in his early thirties, not old at all.
His looks were also passable.
Compared to those old bald men with a beer belly in the entertainment industry, he was far better.
There were plenty of girls with big star dreams who wished to jump into boss’s bed.

Did boss know that he was being disdained this much by a newbie whom he intended to make famous?


Luo Xi “softly” lectured those two jerks who constantly looked for her trouble.
She turned her head and saw three people standing in a row at the door.

The secretary, Li Na, and boss.

The secretary’s face carried an awkwardness.
Li Na curled up her lips in keen interest.
Boss’s face darkened.

Clearly, even if the three of them weren’t there from the start, they have probably seen most of it.

Luo Xi: “….”

Translation notes:

[1] To handle a butcher’s cleaver with ease is a Chinese idiom that means to do sth skillfully and easily

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