Being caught in the act by the boss, the two girls who came to pick a quarrel stiffened for a second.
However, when they recalled the company’s current situation, they felt reassured and had nothing to fear.

Especially the girl whose wrist was squeezed by Luo Xi.
She rubbed her wrist and broke into tears.
With eyes full of grievance, she looked at the boss and sobbed, wanting the boss to call the shots.

Unfortunately, her ambitions were destined to be fruitless.
The three people on the side of the swimming pool had their gazes fixed on Luo Xi from beginning to end.
They didn’t bother to give the two girls even a look.

As the only secretary who decided to stay when the company was so poor it was on the verge of bankruptcy, he knew the boss’s mind well.
Despite that the boss’s face was currently as black as the bottom of the pot, he won’t touch Tang Luo Xi.

The secretary leaned over and asked for instructions: “Those two?”

The boss swept a ruthless glance at the two who have stirred the trouble, “Terminate their contracts.”

The company tried to boost their popularity for several years, yet they were unable to get popular.
The two had high standards but little ability.
Too many ideas entertained their minds.
What’s more, they kept causing trouble.
In any case, his company will bankrupt soon.
If he terminated contracts with them, at least he could save some food.

The secretary nodded and expressionlessly got the two dumbfounded girls out of the pool.

Once they left, the black-faced boss stood at the side of the pool and spoked tensely about Deserted Island Survival issue.
When he saw Luo Xi who was soaked in the water showing no interest whatsoever, his face turned even more black.

As far as this newbie was concerned, he had high expectations for her.
But, this person was an oddball.
So many girls dreamt of entering showbiz, yet she seemed to have no idea at all.
Apart from being fond of soaking in water, she had no other desires.
It was infuriating!

However, if she truly did not want to enter showbiz, how could have talent scout coax her to join their company?

It could not be because she truly believed that his place was a hotel that provided food, shelter, and soaking in water, could it?!

With “pfff”, Li Na broke into laughter.
She cast off her high heels and casually sat by the poolside.
She put her calves into the water and swayed them gently.

Looking at the one in the water, she said casually: “If you don’t go, the company will go bankrupt.
If the company bankrupts, this place will be also gone.
In the future, whenever you want to swim, you’ll have no other choice but to go to the public swimming pool.
You need to have money and it’ll be crowded.
Moreover, you’ll be charged an hourly fee.
Do you have money? Besides, if the company goes out of business, nobody will provide you with food and water.
Your place to live will be also gone.”

Luo Xi who felt sleepy in the water immediately became vigilant upon hearing her words.

She stared at Li Na with wide eyes filled with accusations.

In the beginning, they said that they’d provide her with housing, food, and soaking in the water!

On Asmana planet, humans have gone extinct a long time ago.
Luo Xi didn’t have the slightest notion of things like money.
As a result, when she arrived in this world, everything demanded money.

When the transmigrated and impoverished Luo Xi was picked up by the talent scout, she just planned to execute a robbery against the powerless humans.

The appearance of the talent scout saved those pitiful weaklings from brutality.
Afterward, she was educated about a string of rules and general knowledge.

The only thing she remembered was that without money one couldn’t move a single step.
A man without money was no man at all.
One could get anything but couldn’t get sick.
One could have nothing, but couldn’t not have money.

When Luo Xi called this to mind, she changed her previous lazy attitude.
She swam to the edge and said earnestly: “I am going.”

The boss’s black face finally appeased upon hearing these words.

He gave Li Na an appreciative look.
In order to stir Luo Xi’s enthusiasm, he said: “The reward from participating in Deserted Island Survival, our company won’t take any commission from it.
It’ll be all yours.
If you perform well, you can soak in this pool for three days.”

“Including evenings?” Luo Xi’s eyes shone.

Every time she wanted to soak in water, she would be always stopped.
It was not easy to soak for two hours a day.
Not to mention, this place got locked in the evening and she’s been warned to not soak inside.

“Including evenings!” The boss said those words through his gritted teeth.
He didn’t forget to add: “However, it’s on the premise of ensuring your personal safety.”

Luo Xi didn’t pay attention to the latter sentence at all.
When she heard the boss agreeing that she could also come in the evening to soak in water, she laughed.

She rested her upper body against the edge of the pool and slightly raised her head.
Her eyelashes were arched into crescents.
She labeled him as a “nice guy”.

“Boss, you’re such a nice person.”

The smile she gave the boss made his mind space out for a few seconds: “….”

So frustrating.

What the hell was with this strange hobby? When it was mentioned that she gets to have the reward, she remains unexcited.
When it was mentioned she gets to soak in water, her eyes immediately lighted up.

Soaking in the swimming pool in the evening, isn’t she afraid that she would fall asleep and drown?! The company was already short on manpower.
Now they even had to find someone to crouch by the pool and keep an eye on her for fear that she would soak herself away!

The most disheartening thing was that even though he knew that the fellow in front of him, who was as beautiful as a fairy, was an oddball when she smiled he could hardly withstand this kind of unmatchable beauty.
It was men’s inherent flaw.
Even if the girl wasn’t the man’s type, his heart would be still swayed.

The boss spurned himself for a second and, all frustrated, had Li Na update Luo Xi about things from this industry.
They were going to film the show soon and she couldn’t be sent just like this.
In any case, they had to cover up this abnormal eccentricity!


The affairs revolving Li Mo and Deserted Island Survival have provoked much discussion.
Netizens ate melon seeds while watching passively the situation.
Fans felt indignant at injustice and ached for their idol.
And media outlets fanned the flames.

Under such circumstances, early in the morning of the next day, Ba Tian Entertainment directly responded in their official Weibo account with: “We’d like to thank Li Mo for her support.
The person who will be participating in this filming will not let people down…”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was in an uproar.

Fans wished they could throw the word “shameless” on Ba Tian Entertainment’s face.
They freeloaded on Li Mo’s resources in such a frank manner.
What’s more, not letting people down? Where was their face? Just with those few good-for-nothings from your company who cannot get popular no matter what? Don’t go disgracing yourselves, alright?

The media were overjoyed.
What entertainment news feared the most was not having any sensational materials.
Since Ba Tian Entertainment was so perceptive, they naturally didn’t have to worry about topics to report.

【Daily Entertainment news: Little flower dan Li Mo took the initiative to support the former employer.
Past grievances are written off.】

【Gossip Entertainment news:Ba Tian Entertainment has a card up its sleeves.
It is speculated that they’ve got a new star who can take on Li Mo.】

Under the build-up of media outlets and fans, this matter kept growing.
Even passer-by netizens who weren’t Li Mo’s fans joined in.
Everybody was talking about this.
Ba Tian Entertainment has garnered lots of attention as the result.
Be it people inside or outside the entertainment circle, nobody truly had faith in them.

Ba Tian Entertainment was simply a source of people’s amusement, a stepping stone to serve Li Mo’s perfect image.

Although Ba Tian Entertainment has already set Tang Luo Xi to film Deserted Island Survival, people outside were more looking forward to seeing Li Na.

In the past, Li Na and Li Mo have debuted together as a duo.
But they have eventually parted ways.

Back then, their duo has gained a bit of popularity.
Unfortunately, the two of them didn’t belong to the same level right now.
While Li Mo became an A-list little flower dan, Li Na was only a B-list artist.

Former comrades get to meet in Deserted Island Survival.
No matter how you look at it, it is a source for sensational headlines.

In the end, Ba Tian Entertainment spoke out to this matter.
Due to Li Na’s scheduling issues, a newbie will be participating in this filming.

Once this statement was released, the media outlets became really busy.

Scheduling issues?

How could a female celebrity who was far behind B-list have such a full schedule? She clearly didn’t want to go.

Media stirred a fervent discussion around this matter.
There was all sort of headlines flying around.

Former companions turning into strangers? They took little flower dan Li Mo’s goodwill for ill intent.
Ba Tian Entertainment was extremely daring as they attempted to use a newbie to compete against Li Mo.

The fans rushed to scold Ba Tian Entertaiment, scold Li Na, scold that newbie for not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth1.

The Daily Entertainment News was particularly impressive.
When Li Mo attended commercial activities, it rushed to the first-line and interviewed the little flower dan about her opinion of Ba Tian Entertainment’s way of handling this matter.

The pure and adorable little flower dan, who was called Porcelain Doll, pursed her lips first and stayed silent for a few seconds.
Afterward, she showed a particularly sad smile.

“I’m very sad that Li Na cannot come.
However, I’ll do my best to film this episode so as not to let the audience down.”

No Entertainment news was simple.
As soon as these words came out from little flower dan, their eyes lighted up.

Such a simple sentence.
Not only did it show that the one she wanted to support was her old boss and former companion, but it also hid underneath her disdain toward that so-called newbie.

She didn’t even mention that newbie.
She obviously looked down upon her and held her in contempt.

It would be rather odd if the newbie actually did well on a show of such a level as Deserted Island Survival where she’d be making her first appearance.
She would be probably only buying soy sauce2 from beginning to end, ending up with few screen time.

If so, as long as the production crew didn’t want this episode to bomb, they could only rely on Li Mo.

The media giddily went back to write stories.
Who cared about whether Deserted Island Survival would bomb or not? As long as it had a selling point, it was enough.

【Daily Entertainment News: Ba Tian Entertainment sticks up for a newbie.
However, she will likely become the most invisible background board.】

【Gossip Entertainment:The former companion has moved on.
The little flower dan Li Mo is deeply hurt and disappointed.】

【Today’s headline:A newcomer who reaches heaven in a single bound3?Biting off more than one could chew is undesirable.】


On the other side, Li Na smacked this news in front of Luo Xi.
Her red lips curled into a smile: “Take your best shot.
I will tell the boss to open up the swimming pool for you for a few more days.”


When Luo Xi heard that she could soak for few more days, she swiftly complied with her while labeling Li Na as a “nice person”: “You’re so nice.”

Li Na: “…..”

Is it really alright to send such a “silly white sweet4?

Li Na massaged her temples.
Forget about it.
Even if she was no good, at least she had a lookable face.

For each episode, Deserted Island Survival was filmed on different uninhabited islands.
Naturally, fans couldn’t follow their idols to the islands and cheer for them.

On the morning of the filming, the guests will gather at the location appointed by the production crew.
The production crew will transport the guests all at once to the deserted island.
Curious spectators and fans who came to support their idols naturally took the opportunity to cheer for their icons.

Ba Tian Entertainment’s car arrived very early.
The production crew had notified them that they will leave at eight o’clock.
But Ba Tian Entertainment’s car showed up as soon as it got past seven.
The other hotshot guests haven’t arrived yet.
The media gathered at the meeting point aimed their cameras at Ba Tian Entertainment’s car.

Online media were also present on the scene.
On the live stream, the host babbled on and analyzed.

”Because Li Na had scheduling issues, the one participating in Deserted Island Survival filming is Ba Tian Entertainment’s newbie.
This is an unexpected arrangement.
Apart from Li Na, Ba Tian Entertainment should have two more female stars.
Although the two of them are not well-known, at least they have a lot of experience.
Yet, Ba Tian Entertainment gave up on them and went to support the newbie which perplexed people.
According to the news we got, this newbie was discovered by Ba Tian Entertainment half a month ago on the street.
She’s just turned nineteen and is a complete novice.”

Having such a newbie to participate in this filming, Ba Tian Entertainment’s practice may lack propriety.
It will put the opportunity Li Mo has fought for them to waste.

The host continued to fire torrent of news she grasped.
Her words contained contempt toward Ba Tian Entertainment’s practice.
In the eyes of people who hung in the entertainment circle, Ba Tian Entertainment had no more tricks up its sleeve hence it could only use its newbie as a gimmick.

Due to Ba Tian Entertainment keeping Luo Xi’s information confidential and media’s contemptuous attitude toward the newbie on top of that, most people were uninterested in the newbie Ba Tian Entertainment stuck up for.
Even though Ba Tian Entertainment’s car has arrived, the majority of people present minded their own businesses and talked noisily.

The car door opened.
Luo Xi got out of it under the boss’s extremely worried eyes.

At first, only a few media paid attention to them as an expression of goodwill.
They aimed their camera at the door of the car and planned to take only a shot.
The rest of the people just swept a glance over there.

Like this, without any warning, that face has intruded into the eyes of all watching people.

Instantly, the media present turned quiet.
On the live stream, the moment this scene broadcasted, people who saw it also grew silent.

Is this Ba Tian Entertainment’s newbie?

Isn’t she too f*cking beautiful?!

Translation notes:

[1] Don’t know  immensity of heaven and earth is a Chinese idiom meaning an exaggerated opinion of one’s own abilities

[2] Buying soy sauce is a popular Chinese term that refers to a onlooker/spectator

[3] Reaching heaven in a single bound is a Chinese idiom meaning to expect instant success 

[4] Silly sweet white is a term Chinese netizens created for a woman who has characteristics of a  silly naive girl.
White refers to “naive and simple” quality of a girl while “sweet” is her essential impression on other people

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