The facial features of the girl getting out of the car were unusually beautiful.
It was as if she has fallen from the sky.
She had a delicate face and her skin was exquisite, emanating a cold snow-white color.
Her long hair was like ink.
It was casually draped over her shoulders. 

Maybe she woke up too early, maybe it was due to dazzling sunlight.
She narrowed her eyes.
Her half-awoken eyes gave off an illusion of vulnerability. 

She stood in front of the door to the car.
The sunshine cast on her made her appear as if she had a faint golden halo all over her body. 

When those pair of raven-colored eyes fully opened and looked into other people’s eyes, at that very moment, that sort of astonishing beauty made people seemingly hear the sound of flowers blooming.
There was only her in the whole world.
It was like one’s soul was going to be sucked into those eyes. 

The media outlets held their cameras while their gazes were somewhat absent-minded.
It appeared like they couldn’t recall their disdain toward this newbie.
Their heads were filled with—

What a beauty…she was beautiful like a demoness. 

So good looking…..

Long straight black hair is so breathtaking……

Just relying on that face alone she can definitely get popular! 

From where did Ba Tian Entertainment scoop out the newcomer? Could you nowadays randomly pick up an artist of such level on the street? Ba Tian Entertainment’s ancestral grave must be emitting smoke1, right? 

For the first time ever, they had an urge to worship a beauty……. 

The other passer-by and fans gathered around the meeting point were surprised by the silence of the media.
They looked at the direction of the cameras in bewilderment and then they collectively spaced out.

There was a kind of person who just needed to stand there and could become the focus of the world.  

What made it even harder for people to look away was that she didn’t only have a good-looking face but also perfect body proportions.
Although she didn’t reach the model’s height of over 1.8 meters, but that waist, those legs, and that chest! 

Every inch of hers seemed to be meticulously created by the god.
One could not pick any flaw on her.  

The media who were previously making the ruckus were the first to pull themselves together.
The clicking sounds of the shutter being pressed rose one after another. 

The live-streaming host once again started to noisily chat.
Her voice was hurried, “My God! Where did Ba Tian Entertainment found this newbie? How can she be a newbie? How could have she remained unknown with such a face?” 

The host’s words represented almost everyone’s thoughts.
In the era of the Internet, a beauty, a beauty with such good looks, it was impossible for her to fall into oblivion. 

Unless she used to stay in the depths of hardly accessible mountains! 

But, it didn’t seem possible. 

Her manners, delicate and fair skin, elegance, and grandeur revealed in each of her movements resembled a princess brought up by an ancient royal family.
All of these indicated that she came from a very good family. 

Could she have come from a big clan with a profound heritage? In order to protect the younger generation, they took particular care to ensure their confidentiality.
To the extent that such beauty was discovered by everyone just now? 

Everyone made up mysterious origins for her in their minds.
Many visual fans2 immediately became Luo Xi’s fans.
They shouted loudly “Lick, lick, lick3”.
Going back on their previous words without any integrity. 

In the crowd, the faces of Li Mo’s diehard fans turned unsightly.
A newcomer whom they didn’t pay any attention to had an unexpectedly enormous destructiveness.
It was no wonder that Ba Tian Entertainment acted so shamelessly and dared to issue such an announcement.
They intended to use that newcomer to step on their Li Mo and displace her! 

Damn it! With such looks, as long as this newbie did not look for trouble, no matter what she did, she would be able to succeed in the entertainment industry. 

The boss of Ba Tian Entertainment who sat inside the car was dumbfounded. 

He really didn’t expect that Tang Luo Xi who was an oddball, a silly naive girl, had all kinds of eccentricities but at least a lookable face could actually have such a side.  

This was not a question of good looks.
It was the whole person.
The vibes she gave off seemed to be different.
It was obviously still the same face but like a different person. 

Looking at the graceful girl with a shallow smile outside who was unbelievably beautiful, the boss suddenly remembered how she assured him with brightly lit eyes that she will work hard for the sake of soaking in the swimming pool for a little while. 

This was more than hard work.
This was simply astonishing!

The boss clenched his fists in excitement.
Right now, he no more thought that Luo Xi loving to soak in water was a quirk. 

It was a good thing to have a hobby.
Having no desires at all was more worrisome. 

Allowing her to soak for three more days has made her work this hard.
If he was to build a large gold swimming pool for her, would it be possible for her to take them, the Ba Tian Entertainment, off? 

Based on her abilities, Ba Tian Entertainment can definitely produce a superstar!

A joy burst in the boss’s heart.
He already started to imagine the scene of Luo Xi taking them along to show off and fly. 

As long as Luo Xi rose to fame and Ba Tian Entertainment gained a signboard, there would be an unending stream of funds, resources, and high-quality newcomers waiting for them.
He also won’t have to return to his hometown with a tail between his legs and be mocked by everyone.
They, Ba Tian Entertainment, were going to achieve a turnaround in their fortunes! 

The boss cast Luo Xi a very affectionate gaze.
She was his future golden signboard, Ba Tian Entertainment’s golden thigh. 

They must properly coax her! 

The other guests didn’t arrive yet.
Because of Luo Xi, the meeting point that was supposed to be deserted and chaotic completely exploded. 

After media came out of their trances, their eyes lighted up with a realization that this was an enormous sensational story.
Carrying machines on their shoulders and holding microphones, they encircled Luo Xi. 

Upon seeing this, the boss immediately got out of the car to rescue their precious darling. 

Ba Tian Entertainment was on the verge of collapse.
They didn’t have enough manpower.
Since Luo Xi was a newbie, she naturally didn’t have a manager.
On top of that, there were previous occasions when she has shown her unreliable side.
The boss was worried.
This time, he pitched in and acted as her temporary manager. 

After contacting the production crew, the two finally managed to fight their way out of a heavy encirclement under the crew’s protection and get on the boat first. 

The location of the filming site dwelled on the South sea.
They were going to go out to the sea.
What’s more, there were quite a few of them.
The production crew has hence rented a big boat with lounges. 

The other guests haven’t arrived yet.
There were few people on board.
Only occasionally some staff would greet them and tell them to suit themselves and then they would go running their errands. 

Luo Xi did not enter the lounge.
She stood by the side of the ship and clung to the railing while staring at the sea below with stars in her eyes.
Her face was full of longing. 

The seawater had a sky blue color that resembled a gemstone.
It even sparkled under the sunshine.
It was so different from Asmana planet’s sea. 

Luo Xi turned her head to look at the boss who got on the boat together with her and acted as her manager.
Her face was saying: I want to go down for a soak.
For just a little while.
It looks much more luxurious than the company’s big pool. 

The boss’s heart tightened.
With a headache, he thought about how to coax this problematic child. 

Since no one was watching her noble and graceful appearance immediately disappeared.
The foolish naive girl’s image has reemerged. 

He deliberated for quite a while before telling her with a half-truth and health-lie: “You cannot soak here.
Sea is not safe.
There are sharks that eat people.” 

Luo Xi didn’t know what was the shark.
The creatures that could survive in the sea of Asmana planet were absolutely different from those on Earth.

They, the sirens, were on top of the food chain even in the sea of Asmana. 

“The shark is no match for me.” She responded. 

The boss cracked a dry laugh.
He treated it as a joke. 

Afraid that she would truly jump down, he changed the method.
He grabbed Luo Xi’s shoulder with a concerned face, “Even if that was being the case, you mustn’t go down to take a soak.
It is forbidden to soak in the water here.
You will be fined.
Our company already has no money.
If it gets fined it will go bankrupt.
The swimming pool will be someone else’s.
Moreover, we came to record a program.
Those media outlets will amplify this matter and publicize it.
In the future, no matter where you go, you’ll be treated as a weirdo and pointed at by people.” 

Based on the media’s integrity, even if they were astonished and dazzled by Luo Xi’s looks just a second ago, as long as Luo Xi’s extraordinary manners and behavior were found out, the media would be absolutely excited to dramatize her actions. 

The boss knew too well those bunch of guys who had no bottom line for sensationalism and lead stories. 

Luo Xi was extremely disappointed that she couldn’t go to soak in the sea.
But when she saw the boss’s worried face, she didn’t insist on it. 

Since she couldn’t soak here, she could soak once they got in the deserted island, right? The deserted island was part of an uninhabited area.
Apparently, no one cared about fining.
Luo Xi threw a smile at azure colored seawater.
Soaking in the water later was the same. 

Afraid that he has delivered a blow to her enthusiasm, the boss racked his mind on how to comfort her.
He promised her a bunch of benefits.
He even gave her an extra day to spend in the swimming pool. 

After receiving a big smile from Luo Xi, the boss let Luo Xi go in for a rest while feeling both helpless and amused. 

The more he spent time with Luo Xi, the more he felt that Luo Xi was just a child.
She didn’t understand the complexity of society.
Her straightforward and naive personality made people grow fond of her.
He only hoped that she could continue to stay true to herself in this corrupted entertainment circle and become the most radiant superstar.  

As 8 AM was approaching, all the guests apart from Gong Xu who participated in the recording were present.  

The deserted Island Survival program was very popular.
Furthermore, it was backed up by Lu’s Entertainment.
No one in their right minds would dare to act big-headed in front of the production crew. 

When the guests were present, the production crew greeted them and told them to get on the boat.
Gong Xu was a special case.
He has already informed the crew about his circumstances beforehand. 

The guests who arrived late found that the media on the shore seemed not to be as avidly interested in them as in the past.
Many camera lens were targeted at the ship as if there was something more fascinating. 

What was on the vessel? 

The newbie of Ba Tian entertainment? 

The little flower dan Li Mo was last to arrive.
After giving few autographs to her fans she headed to the boat under the urging of the production crew.
Due to the previously hyped past grudges, the camera lens of the media outlets frequently swept at her. 

Many of the present media were online media.
Compared to the print media, they were much more unscrupulous. 

Especially those who did live-streaming.
They only sought for sensational stories.
A meddlesome media host used a joking tone to stir up troubles in the live broadcast: “When Li Mo sees Ba Tian Entertainment’s newbie in a moment, will she regret her actions? The good looks Porcelain Doll was always so proud of was annihilated within seconds, with no scraps left behind.

‘Son of a b*tch.
Do you know how to talk? What do you mean by instant kill with no scraps left behind? Their porcelain doll was also very beautiful, alright?’

At the other end of the screen, Li Mo’s fans gritted their teeth.
They raised their middle fingers at the face of the host while their angry curses flew across the screen like bullets. 

The media outlets were all opportunists.
Before this, they stood on their Li Mo’s side and gave her supports.
Just because that Ba Tian Entertainment’s newcomer was a bit more beautiful, they immediately sided with her and buttered up to her.

They flooded the screen with their comments.
All of them were scolding her.
All kinds of rotten eggs, poos, and other props filled the screen. 

The host grinned, not caring at all. 

In their line of work, their profits were linked to the followers and the number of gifts.
One needed to spend money to send negative props.
It was all money.
Moreover, the hotter the topic, the more it can stimulate consumption.
Not only Li Mo’s fans were watching the live-stream.
There were also a large number of passers-by and face dogsa Chinese internet buzzword used to refer to people who have no immunity to any beautiful people/objects who have just become Luo Xi’s fans because of her good looks. 

Since there were people who send negative comments, there were naturally also people who disapproved of them and send gifts.
Particularly those visual fans who have just switched sides.
They were still worked-up. 

Fresh flowers and gifts were mixed among a large number of stinky eggs and poos.
They have brought her a wave of earning peaks. 

Seeing that the mood was not bad, the host changed the topic and intended to stimulate another wave of consumption: “Although her good looks is enough to annihilate the majority of people, it won’t be easy for her to make it in the entertainment business with her face alone.
Tang Luo Xi was picked up by Ba Tian Entertainment more than a week ago.
She knows nothing about the entertainment industry and has no experience whatsoever.
With such a short time, even if she underwent special training it would be of no help.
She will certainly become the most flower vase-likereferred to people who have only a pretty face background board4 during this filming.
A soy sauce among the soy sauces.
Maybe, she won’t get more than ten scenes.

As soon as these words came out, Li Mo’s fans thought it sounded much more pleasant to their ears.
They’ve generously sent her wave of gifts, applauding the host for “correcting her mistakes”.
The visual fans, on the other hand, bombed her screen with a stream of stinky eggs. 

‘You are the damned soy sauce.
With this face alone, it’s not possible they would give her only ten shots.
Unless the production crew was a bunch of blind people.’ 

The host craftily enlivened the atmosphere, “Well, it seems that you don’t believe my sharp eyes.
When the show broadcasts and Tang Luo Xi won’t be the soy sauce background board, I will live-stream eating the camera!” 

The bullet screen was instantly filled with “if you don’t eat you’re a puppy” and “who doesn’t eat who is as*hole”.
Many passers-by found it interesting and followed the host. 

As the host watched the steadily rising number of viewers, his heart burst with joy.
He thought that this newbie of Ba Tian Entertainment was indeed a little god of wealth.
He live-streamed just to join in the fun, yet surprisingly reaped an unexpected profit. 

What a pity that he didn’t have any information about the new rookie named Tang Luo Xi on hand.
Otherwise, maybe if he chatted a bit more, it would be even more lively. 

The online host secretly committed this person, Tang Luo Xi, to his memory.
He had a premonition that he could benefit even more from this newbie. 

Translation notes:

[1] Ancestral grave emitting smoke is a Chinese phrase meaning to be lucky 

[2] Visual fans are fans who blindly like someone just for their good looks 

[3] The lick here comes from an internet buzzword “screen licking” which is used to express one’s fondness 

[4] Face dog is a Chinese internet buzzword used to refer to people who have no immunity to any beautiful people/objects

[5] Flower vase is referred to people who have only a pretty face

[6] Backboard board is often used to describe people whose presence is like that of a passerby.
In screens, they might not even have a line, face or name.  

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