The technical staff sent by MAX company have finally finished their explanations.
With feelings of reluctance, they said goodbye to their idols. 

The production crew got on the boat accompanied by the rustling sounds of their movements and simply took off.
They were stationed on another island that was some distance away from this island.
In these three days and two nights, the production crew will show up only when an unpredictable event occurs. 

On the deserted island, only sixth guests who were participating in the filming and six golden balls that were flying beside them were left. 

The six people stood on the beach and raised their gazes to look at the inner parts of the island. 

Their eyes were filled with rich emerald green color.
There was no trace of land development at all.
Right now, the sort of beauty that was common to the primitive tropical island carried an additional ounce of silent heaviness at the presence of only six of them there.

There was no resort hotel, no culinary delicacy, no modernized facilities.
At this moment, the three words《Deserted Island Survival》awoke genuine sentiments in the present people.  

Of course, this didn’t include Luo Xi. 

While others were looking at the inner parts of the island, only she stared at dark blue seawater.
She drooled over it quite a while before forcing herself to avert her gaze.
She turned her head and asked: “What now?” 

When the others came out of their trances, the oldest man among the guests spoke: “Let’s do it like this.
It’ll be noon soon.
Let’s look for food first.
I think I saw some bananas and coconuts over there.
After using the meal, we will go to explore the terrain in the inner island parts, to see if we can get some firewood and decide on where to stay at night.” 

This person was an accomplished male star Li Wei.
Although he was not as popular as little fresh meat1, he had considerable status within the entertainment.
Since he was the first to speak, he obviously intended to take the lead.
Moreover, his words were reasonable.
Everyone nodded and rolled their sleeve, about to pick the fruits. 

There were not too many tropical fruits on the outskirt.
They could only see bits and pieces of golden yellow bananas which were enough to allay their hunger but not enough for them to eat for three days. 

As for coconut, that thing could only be drunk as water.
It was unable to fill them up.
The production crew has obviously observed this problem.
They merely wanted to force them to explore the inner parts of the island. 

The six people ate all the bananas they could pick.
This thing filled the stomach better than other fruits.
Girls had a small appetite.
Li Mo couldn’t finish her portion hence she wanted to give it to men who were still hungry. 

The four grown-up men were too embarrassed to accept it.
Although their stomachs felt empty, they still refused her offer. 

Luo Xi suddenly stood up and walked toward the shore.
Li Mo asked her: “Lass, where are you going?” 

“I’m still hungry.
I’m going to look for something to eat.” 

Luo Xi walked toward the shore at great speed.
She directly jumped into the sea under the astonished gazes of the other five people. 

“Even if she is good at swimming, it isn’t done this way, right? That is sea…” Li Wei feared she’d meet with mishap thus he got up and strode to the shore. 

The others followed behind him.
When they saw the silhouette in the sea that was like a fish back in the water, everyone was dumbfounded. 

Did this newbie practice swimming in the past? By looking at her vigor in the sea, one could tell that she was a proficient swimmer.
Perhaps, she could truly find something to eat. 

Li Mo gave a soft snort: “Looking for food? Even fishermen rarely catch fish with their bare hands.
If she continues to mess around, she better not exhaust herself and have others to go fetch her.” 

Everyone agreed with her.
Li Wei stood at the seaside and called Luo Xi several times, telling her to pay attention to safety and quickly come back. 

As soon as Luo Xi entered the sea, she set herself free.
She felt so comfortable she had to keep humming.
When she heard the voices of people at the shore, she restrained herself a little bit.
She waved her hand to signal them that she was alright.
Afterward, she dived into the sea in search of food. 

Everyone: “…….”

“Hey, isn’t she away for a little bit too long?”

“It’s been a few minutes.
She hasn’t……” 

Li Wei’s face changed slightly, “Who can swim?” 

He was a non-swimmer.
Everyone in the entertainment knew. 

Apart from Li Wei and Gong Xu, the rest two of the four male guests were the little boy B-lister Xie Ze and the new film emperor2 Mo Nan.

Xia Ze shook his head, “I, I know a little.

He could swim, but he didn’t swim well.
The sea was much more dangerous than the swimming pool and he wasn’t confident that he could go and save the person. 

Mo Nan took off his shoes, “I’ll go.” 

Gong Xu grabbed them.
He stripped his clothes and directly jumped into the sea, “I’ll go.
You stay here.” 

The others were slightly shocked.
They knew that Gong Xu and Mo Nan got on well, but they didn’t expect their relationship would be so good.
Even in this sort of dangerous circumstance, he would go on Mo Nan’s behalf? 

Mo Nan paused for a moment and forced a smile. 

Gong Xu was a genius music producer with great talent.
On top of that, he was born to Gong Household.
He had no fears for any unspoken rules of the entertainment industry.
The works he was in charge of producing demanded perfection that was close to obsession. 

Before Mo Nan rose to fame, he was a male model in an MV Gong Shu shot for one of his songs.
Under Gong Xu’s nearly demanding requirements, he has soaked in water for several days.
At that time, he was not well-known.
Even though he didn’t feel well, he still hung on persistently.
As a result, he was left with a tiny ailment. 

He did not regret using this in exchange for the opportunity to reveal his talents.
However, this was accidentally known by Gong Xu later on.
Gong Xu was always attentive in this aspect.
Since he felt like owing to him, he even introduced to him a renowned old TCM physician. 

It was also since that time that he learned that Gan Xu, who was proud and insolent because of his talents, was not a person with a nose in the air.
Although he demanded perfection for his work, he wasn’t unreasonable. 

Back then, if he confessed that he felt unwell, despite being a newbie, Gong Xu probably wouldn’t have forced him. 

Mo Nan looked at Gong Xu who jumped into the sea.
His forced smile deepened. 

He could understand Gong Xu’s mindset.
He merely wanted to compensate and take care of him.
After his repeated refusals were disregarded by Gong Xu, he could only assume a laissez-faire attitude.
It was just when he thought of Gong Xu’s elder brother, he felt terrified. 

Gong Xu was the only son of Gong Household.
However, only a few people knew that he could, in fact, be also considered as a child of Lu Household.
Lu Hao Zhi who was in charge of Lu Household was Gong Xu’s elder full brother.

If Gong Xu jumping into the sea to save a person in his stead, such a dangerous thing, was known to Lu Hao Zhi, he would be paying for this. 

Lu Hao Zhi was very low-key.
He wasn’t fond of media exposure.
However, since he was able to take control of the whole Lu Household and unify the hearts and minds of everyone at such a young age, it could be clearly seen how awesome he was.  

With Lu Hao Zhi’s position, if he was unhappy, he wouldn’t beat around the bush.
Instead, he would take direct actions to make you very uncomfortable.
A stumble may prevent a fall.
He would definitely make you learn by heart to not repeat the same mistake again. 

Even if it wasn’t his problem and it was Gong Xu who acted foolishly, the one receiving punishment would still be him. 

Mo Nan felt that he was quite wronged.
He expressed countless times to Gong Xu that he didn’t need to look after him in this regard.
Unfortunately, Gong Xu didn’t listen at all.
Both of these brothers were people who went their own way. 

In all these years, he faced Lu Hao Zhi’s fury innumerable times.
From the initial state of being unable to make sense of the anger to later learning about the horror of Gong Xu and Lu Hao Zhi being brothers and to the present when he was able to comfort himself by finding joy in sorrows. 

That’s enough.
At least he wasn’t the most miserable one this time.
That newbie soaked in the sea was the real culprit.
He could even guess Lu Hao Zhi’s thoughts. 

If that newbie didn’t go out to sea, would Gong Xu have taken Mo Nan’s place and gone to save the person? 

Mo Nan will receive a punishment.
As for that newbie, she will be done for. 

She has just debuted for not long and would be already loathed by Lu Zhi Hao.
He feared that her acting career was over. 

As for whether Lu Hao Zhi will found out about this matter, Mo Nan felt that it was not necessary to guess. 

Putting everything else aside, 《Deserted Island Survival》was backed by Lu’s entertainment which was merely a subsidiary of Lu’s corporation.
In addition, Lu’s corporation’s biggest boss was Lu Hao Zhi. 

Not to mention the edited final cut, as long as it involved Gong Xu, even the teaser would be reported to Lu Hao Zhi for his personal inspection. 


Mo Nan sighed.
He only hoped that Gong Xu would be able to smoothly fish the person up and they won’t run into trouble again. 

Li Wei heard him sigh.
He stared at the sea surface and comforted him: “It’s alright.
I think that Gong Xu is a skilled swimmer.
He knows where to draw the line.
Everything will be okay.
After all, it was that newbie being overhasty.
The youngsters nowadays are too ignorant of threats.
They truly cannot compare to how we were back in the d-d-day……”

Mo Nan was puzzled.
Why was Li Wei stammering? 

He looked up and saw Li Wei’s astonished face.
His eyes were wide-opened, so was his mouth.
He clearly forgot what he said just now. 

“……holy shit! Is that a shark?!” 

Xia Ze aside exclaimed. 

“Quickly tell Gong Xu to come back!” Li Mo was also alarmed.
She made gesticulations at Gong Xu who was in the sea, indicating him to quickly turn around and go ashore. 

Mo Nan was startled.
He looked over there only to see a small triangular pointed corner manifested on the surface of the dark blue sea.
That color, that shape, the traces it left behind while moving around in the water.
No matter how you looked at it, it was a shark’s dorsal fin! 

How could there be a shark?! 

Mo Nan wasted no time.
He directly jumped to sea and quickly swam toward Gong Xu. 

If something happened to Gong Xu, they all would be done for! 

Gong Xu in the sea has also discovered the shark.
He turned around to swim back.
Yet, how could be a human faster than a shark? That exposed little dorsal fin was getting closer and closer to Gong Xu.
It was so close that Mo Nan’s eyes dyed with despair. 

While people ashore were shouting at them at the top of their lungs, Mo Nan desperately swam to Gong Xu, feeling that blood will be splashing in the next second….

 With a sound of splatter, a fair glowing hand suddenly emerged and held onto the triangle dorsal fin. 

The long black hair of hers was dripping wet.
Few strands of them stuck to her cheeks and made her skin appear more translucent than the finest pearl.
The water droplets on her eyelashes glowed with glittering golden light under the sunlight. 

When she rose from the water and looked at you, she resembled a seductive demoness that has emerged from the deep sea.
Instantly, their minds were bewitched by her and they forgot about everything else.
She became all their eyes could see.
Even if they had to follow her and sink to the bottom of the sea, their faces would still carry a smile. 

Here and now, time seemed to be frozen. 

“Did you all come in search of food?” 

A demoness from sea spoke out.
The dreamy mood abruptly disappeared. 

The scene in front of Luo Xi made her somewhat bewildered.
Didn’t they agree that they will be waiting on the shore? Humans were not very good swimmers. 

Mo Nan wiped the water from his face and muttered: “You’re alright….n-no.
There’s a shark….” 

He didn’t finish his words because he saw the shark under sea show its head. 

Unlike a terrifying anthropophagous great white shark in his image, this big guy who way about three meters in size had a slightly rounded head that resembled a nurse’s hat.
He had bright and intelligent eyes and looked adorable.  

Nurse shark….it was actually a nurse shark. 

Mo Nan has seen it in an aquarium before.
At the time, he heard the guide give an introduction to this shark, saying that it was relatively meek in nature.
They belonged to mid- to large-sized breed that was common to the aquarium. 

The hell with the common! 

No matter how meek, it was still a shark.
A wild shark! A carnivore! It wasn’t a little white rabbit! 

Would an average person so calmly huddle together with a shark? Moreover, her arm was still resting against the dorsal fin of the shark.
Is she not afraid of being bitten? 

“He came to send us food.” 

Luo Xi explained and patted the nurse shark’s head.
That adorable nurse shark immediately rubbed against her.
Its round pea-like eyes were filled with joy. 

Mo Nan finally noticed that the nurse shark had a fish clamped between its teeth.
Looking at its body, it was approximately one metre in length, enough for six of them to fill their stomach. 

A nurse shark clamping a fish between its teeth to send food, I’m probably still sleeping. 

While keeping a poker face, Mo Nan turned around to swim back.
He felt that his three views3 were shaken. 

Gong Xu, on contrary, seemed to be his normal self.
After casting Luo Xi a pensive look, he swam back to the shore. 

Translation notes:

[1] Little fresh meat is a Chinese internet buzz word which refers to handsome young males 

[2] Film emperor is an actor who has won best actor award

[3] Three views refers to views of life, world and values

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