ble to sleep today.

〇 Month ◎ Day

As the legend states, “Light” keeps everything away and ‘Darkness” swallows everything.
The light attribute is [reflective] and the dark attribute is [absorbing].

This was right on!

Well, this is about as documented as it gets, but it’s still impressive to see it in person!

The characteristic of ‘absorbing magic’.

It’s really awesome!

Too much already!

However, I’m wondering how to teach from here.

Rare attributes are difficult to teach because there are few precedents.

I mean, there are so many areas that you have to carve out on your own.

So I decided to show him my attribute magic for now.

My attribute is ‘sound’.

To be frank, my sound attribute is strong.

Very strong.

In my attribute magic, everything is “invisible” and at the “speed of sound”.

If an ordinary person were to turn against me, I think they would die without knowing what had been done to them.

I showed Luke-kun the magic of “sound arrows”.

It is extremely rudimentary magic, but when the sound attribute is added to it, it becomes an invisible, sonic blow.

Yes, my strong magic.

It was kind of cute that Luke-kun, who is always so uptight, was a little surprised when he saw it.

There would be an upper limit of tolerance, but the dark attribute has the characteristic of ‘absorption’, so theoretically it could be the strongest spear or shield.

But whether he can block my magic is another story.

It is impossible to prevent my magic after you see it.

Because you won’t be able to invoke your magic in time.

I think Luke-kun understood that immediately.

He got lost in thought right then and there.

This was the end of the day after all.

Hmm, I guess it was not good to show my magic all of a sudden.

Teaching is really difficult.

〇 Month#Day


It’s really bad.

Luke-kun named it─── “The Blessing of Darkness”.

“Magic Perception” is an ability that every magician possesses.

It is a very simple ability, that of sensing magic power, which is not even magic..

And then there is “magic barrier”, which is a magic that prevents magic.

Luke-kun said he “linked” the two.

A theory that even I don’t understand.

Even I, the director of the Attribute Magic Research Division.

The “The Blessing of Darkness” is a “magical barrier” of the dark attribute that is activated the moment it senses magic power.

In other words, this magic allows Luke-kun to semi-automatically prevent the magic of others.

There is no need to even be aware of it, and it is no longer relevant whether it is invisible or the speed of sound.

When he told me to try it, at first I didn’t believe him.

But I couldn’t resist greed.

No matter how much I weaken my magic, a direct hit will inevitably cause serious injury.

And yet, still, I just couldn’t do it.

An irresistible urge to try.

Looking back, I think I was really self-centered.

But… Luke-kun was telling the truth.

My magic was completely blocked!

Oh no!

This is really bad!!!

According to Luke, “The Blessing of Darkness” is a kind of subconscious magic and can only prevent magic below a certain magic power.

Even if that were the case, Luke-kun has absolutely no idea how great this is.

He doesn’t know the worth of this magic.

But that wasn’t all of it.

Luke was able to simulate the magic that he had “absorbed” with the “Blessing of Darkness”!

He actually recreated my “Sound Arrow” and showed it to me!!

Ohhhhhh, it’s too much already! ── (text is messed up and unreadable)

〇 Month ☆ Day

Luke-kun is now able to use the basic “Dark Arrows”.

I mean, this one definitely comes before the “Blessing of Darkness”.

Luke-kun is strange in many ways.

I’m used to it now.

While my “Sound Arrow” has the properties of “invisibility” and “speed of sound”, Luke’s “Dark Arrow” has the property of “absorption”.

This means that only a magical barrier greater than the magical power he put into it can absorb and prevent it.

On the contrary, the absorbed magic power will increase its power.

Aaahhh, dark attributes are the best!

That’s a ton of potential!

I knew I was right to stay here.

Things I want to research keep coming up.

I would like to know more about the “Dark Attribute”.

Oh, by the way.

There’s going to be a party soon.

A party to celebrate Luke’s “dark attribute” manifestation.

They want me to attend too… I don’t want to…

I wish I could sit quietly in the shade and watch Luke work his magic.

A lot of nobles will be coming, and I have to behave properly.


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