he dungeon itself seemed to be built into the side of a large hill surrounded by a lively forest.

The trees were all evergreen and taller than the boss room door itself. At the bottom of the hill was what looked like a small dirt path, but it was overgrown with weeds and grass. I continued to look through the forest, attempting to find any living creatures.

After my quick search, I concluded that the area around us wasn close to any sort of town, as the only living creatures I found were small rabbits and other types of game.

”Maybe I should go exploring? ” I muttered to myself.

”If that is your wish, I will protect this dungeon with my life, ” Aros suddenly said, ”Though it may be wise to get your lordship something to wear, first. ”

”Oh, clothes, ” I gasped as I looked down at my naked body. I had been in this world for a little over three hours, and hadn yet needed clothes. Now that I wasn alone anymore the need for clothes was even stronger. I looked back at Aros, embarrassed, then quickly disappeared into the core room, ”Thanks, Aros. Ill be right back! ”

I quickly ran down the spiral staircase, leaving Aros behind in the main boss room. Then, once I touched down against the bottom of the staircase I stopped and opened my status. I quickly turned to my dungeon panel and searched through the shops items.

Because there were only three lists available, I was unfortunately unable to find myself any sort of clothes. I sighed in anger as I scratched the top of my head. I turned to the core in the center of the room, then slowly walked over to it.

”I know the core can level up, but I was never actually told how, ” I whispered as I slowly placed my palm against the cores surface, ”I assumed it would level up naturally, but what if that isn the case? ”

After I stopped talking to myself, I focused on the core beneath my skin. I only needed to focus on the core for a moment before my status screen reappeared. This time, there was a secondary panel over the dungeon panel.

『 Upgrade Dungeon Core for 100 DP? 』

『 Yes 』 『 No 』

”Shit, ” I sighed. I looked clicked the
o option and looked to the corner of my right window. At the top right corner of the window was the number that presented my remaining DP and the rate of the DP that I gained.

Available DP: 20

Current DP Gain: 10 per day

”I guess I just need to wait for a little over a week, ” I sighed as I looked at my numbers, ”I guess Ill explore outside until then. ”

However, for now, I was tired. I ended up sleeping on the ground of the core room to recharge my batteries while Aros sat on his throne up top.

When I awoke the next morning, my stomach was cramping bad from unanswered hunger. I carefully made my way up to the boss room, clutching my stomach as I leaned against the wall for support. When I finally reached the top of the spiral staircase, Aros was waiting for me on his throne.

”Lord Aureys! ” He shouted as he turned to see me. He jumped from his throne and turned his entire body in my direction. Although I couldn see his face through his thick helmet, his voice was full of concern and worry. As he came close to me, he slightly held out both of his hands, but didn come close enough to actually touch me. Something seemed to stop him from laying his hands on my body, like a subconscious block.

”Im fine, Aros, ” I reassured him as I leaned my other arm on the throne, ”Im just hungry, is all. Can you go out and get some food? I don know how to hunt, myself. ”

”Absolutely! ” Aros shouted. He quickly turned around and bolted to the door. He managed to cross the distance of the entire boss room in a manner of seconds, showcasing a strength of speed I didn know Aros had. Then, once he arrived at the door, he quickly opened it and ran into the forest outside.

I sighed for a moment as I watched him go. The door slowly closed on its own, slamming with a loud bang that echoed through the boss room. I turned to the throne, which was a little big for my size, and sat down.

My stomach grumbled in the silence as I waited for Aros to return. Then, after barely a minute of lonesome, I saw a notification pop up in front of me.

『 +5 DP 』

”Plus five? How? ” I muttered as I sat up in surprise. The rate of DP was 10 per day, so was this a part of it, or from something else entirely. Then, before I could figure out the cause for the sudden rise in DP, I saw another notification, then another.

『 +5 DP 』

『 +5 DP 』

”How? ” I yelled as I pushed against the throne in excitement. However, after the three sudden notifications, none others appeared in front of me. However, now that I had suddenly gained fifteen whole dungeon points, I realized there was a more efficient way of acquiring them.

I patiently waited for Aros to return. After about two minutes of waiting, the dungeon door opened and Aros ran inside. In his hands were three rabbits, bloody and beaten. One of the rabbits didn even have a head, while the other two had giant wounds that covered their body and soaked their fur with blood.

”My Lord! ” Aros shouted as the door closed behind him. Aros ran up to the throne, still carrying the bloody corpses of the three rabbits, and stopped just in front of me. Then, he dropped his knee to the ground and bowed his head, ”I have returned! Hopefully, these three rabbits will prove to satiate your appetite. ”

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