The wolf cub must have caught his scent.
It can be seen by the frequency of his tail wagging, but he was raised to be too lazy to actually wait for him to walk over.
Alessio smiled coldly.
No one had ever dared to be in front of him, a third-generation Vampire Prince, like this.
He wasn’t going to spoil anyone!

    “Change the cafeteria today.” He said to Ellie, “I still like a livelier place.
It seems the second cafeteria will be busy today?”

    “Yes, yes …… then we …… go?” Ellie asked uncertainly.
She had thought Alessio would go over to see the werewolf, but the Dark Creature’s own wishes were the most important.

    Alessio nodded his head and prepared to leave without looking back.

    The fur ball lying limply on the table officially felt squared away.
He wagged his tail vigorously enough to attract attention.
Look! What a great tail he has! Fluffy and smooth! If someone with that smell turns around now, he doesn’t mind letting him touch his tail!

    Alessio didn’t even look back.

    Also, a pair of little ears! His ears are even better! He will reluctantly let you touch it once!

    Alessio: Hmph.

    Today, he was going to show that wolf cub that lazy dogs (wolves) laze around to the end and have nothing.

    He walked further and further away, not once looking back, instead Ellie turned back frequently, remembering the scorpion lion who had been rejected QAQ and sighed.

    Surely it’s the cold and heartless Alessio.

    The furball was completely squared away.
His various ceding territories and paying indemnities (self-righteous) moves didn’t work, so he could only turn over in aggravation and cry at the back.


    It was sweet and milky, incredibly sugary.

    Ellie felt like she was melting, only to peek at Alessio’s expression and find him expressionless.

    This coldness was something she was destined not to learn in this life!

    The little ball of fur whimpered twice and rolled himself off the table onto the chair, then onto the floor.
Not wanting to be held by the caregiver, he snapped forward, pattering on his own.
Because it was too round, his fur belly rubbed against the floor.
The little ball of fur no longer cared for his smooth, beautiful fur.
He almost rolled to Alessio’s feet, a pair of fat paws clutching Alessio’s ankles.


    The fur ball angrily hugged the vampire’s ankles and tried to climb upwards, only to fall on his butt and squat pitifully in place, whining.

    You hug me!

    The vast majority of people, including Ellie and the furball’s caregiver, had already opened the recording mode.
The dark-haired, red-eyed Vampire dropped his eyes to look at the silvery-white furball, his eyelashes were long, creating a dense layer of shadow when he looked down that looked heavenly in the few dozen seconds of video.

    He condescended to reach out a hand and lift up the messy ball of fur, glanced around again, and thought of the cat patting on the door GIF he’d seen in the morning, wondering what the hell he’d be made of this time.

    Ellie and the others consciously turned off the camera.
They have filmed enough anyway, and the staff at the door also dispersed.
Ellie glanced excitedly at Alessio, who understood the meaning in her eyes and nodded casually.

    The photos were taken anyway, she can do whatever she wants with them.

    He picked the fur ball up and took a good look at the werewolf.
The silvery white fur had obviously been well cared for, much smoother than the werewolves in his memory.
The wolf cub was fed round and round.
There were two black stripes on the inside of his erect ear tips.
He didn’t expect it to be a royal.

    A royal could not be spoiled!

    Once he had finished, Alessio put the wolf cub back on the floor and moved his feet towards the table.
His breakfast has been delayed too much already today.
The ball of fur, left where he was, looked at the distance between them once again and wanted to wuwu, but remembered that all his previous actions had been to no avail and his erect ears dropped a little.

    Once Alessio had sat down at the table and ordered his meal, the fur ball after an arduous journey came under his chair again and looked up at him pitifully.

    This was originally a day’s worth of exercise for the fur ball.

    “The Center has been trying to make him lose weight, but he doesn’t like to move, and we haven’t had much luck getting him to move.
Thank you for letting him move so much today.” The werewolf’s caregiver said sincerely.
She was a curly-haired woman with a very sweet smile.

    Alessio glanced at her.

    “I haven’t asked your name yet.”

    A little flattered, the werewolf caregiver replied, “Just call me Darf.
I have been working here for five years.”

    The name gave Alessio a slight pause, followed by a nod.
He picked up the wolf cub that kept pushing his leg under the table and placed it on the chair, even stroking the cub’s fur in a cheerful manner.

    “Ow? Ow ow ow!”

    The wolf cub rolled and asked him to pet it again, but Alessio reverted to his ruthless mode and refused.

    He was very happy indeed.
Although the girl who had once been called Darf was dead, the fact that the girl with the same name was so healthy and alive at the moment gave him inner solace.
The name Darf had belonged to the leading actress of the Starlight Theatre Company, a household name that had influenced their era.
Alessio could still remember going to a performance with the psycho one year.
Closing his eyes, he could hum the melody of the song 《 In Praise of the Stars 》.

    The Saint in his memory lowered his eyes, and the bright rose in his hand, which he was about to throw to the radiant actress on stage, suddenly turned and went into the arms of Alessio, who was humming that melody.

    [Pleasant to hear.]

    He said.
[The flowers have to be given to you.]

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