Alessio was undoubtedly angry at the moment; his kindness had brought trouble to Ellie.
It was like trampling on his dignity.
He had thought this world was peaceful.
Sure enough, peace was only relative.
There were people lurking in the shadows who wanted to cause him trouble.

    The Griffin’s silver flames blew, and the hot wind brushed against the Vampire’s forehead hair, but the Vampire’s expression was very cold.
His eyes had passed through the flames and fell on the Griffin behind them.
The tips of his ears twitched slightly as he sensed several more Griffins approaching above.
Sure enough, even after ten thousand years, the Griffins followed the ancient form of fighting in groups, the source of Griffin’s formidable legions.

    Yet the flames of the Griffins were merely ……

    The hemispherical defensive wall suddenly rose up in front of Alessio, and the rolling heat wave was split in two.
The golden flames were splashing everywhere, but it was difficult to break through the light barrier.
Alessio, who had been ready to counterattack, froze and looked at the Saint, who was not far from him.
His left eye was closed, still looking indifferent after the instantaneous high-level protection magic.

    “You ……”

    “It was planned.” The Saint said lightly, “The substance that enraged the Griffin should have been on your coat, perhaps with ingredients that are not sensitive to you or me after ten thousand years.”

    He looked up and watched as the hemispherical barrier rattled under the sharp claws of the Griffins in the sky, but it remained impenetrable.

    “Groups of Griffins will form a battle formation.
There are dozens of them here, probably a medium-sized battle formation.
Waiting for outside help will take a ……”

    “…… Who wants to wait for help?”

    The vampire showed his fangs.

    “There are only a few dozen Griffins.
Who are you looking down on?”

    It seemed that a few dozen Griffins were not even an appetizer to the vampire, but rather seen as an insult to his abilities.
Ruzius pondered.
He could of course just sweep the field of Griffins, but this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
He would prefer to see the vampire strike, and it would be better to witness a few natural abilities.

    As it happened, the vampire in front of him was eager to prove his ability to be different from the Dark Creatures of this world.

    Ruzius glanced unobtrusively at the barrage assistant hanging over Ellie’s side.
This sudden situation made the audience nervous.
His timely opening of the barrier was heavily praised, although many of them wondered how Alessio, who had been slightly further away, could have appeared in front of Ellie.
Now that the vampire had made such a bold statement, the comments were saying that Xixi was cute and complimenting him, but it had to be stopped this time.

    It’s too dangerous!

    “Thank you, Mr.
Ruzius!” The Adjutant thanked him gratefully.
The trainer beside him had a solemn expression.
All the commands were declared invalid, but fortunately, the communication with the outside world was not broken, and the accident was broadcasted live.
The Military Headquarters reacted immediately, and someone had already entered the training ground.

    The Adjutant looked at the solid barrier and was quite sure that as long as the people inside didn’t run out, they could certainly hold out until all the Griffins in the field were back under control ……

    “Alessio!” Ellie suddenly cried out in alarm.
The adjutant followed the sound to see.
Unknowingly, at some point, the vampire had actually appeared outside the barrier.
The coat he took back from Ellie was resting on his arm and was leisurely tilting his head to survey the Griffins in the air.

    Five …… ten …… thirty ……

    Alessio silently counted the number of Griffins when a few suddenly rushed at him in a restless manner, disrupting his counting action.
Alessio licked his fangs unhappily and quickly teleported away from his spot.
When he reappeared, he found himself terribly hateful! Something had been unknowingly sprinkled on the coat.
The Griffins who caught the scent went on a collective rampage, calling out to their friends while having a significant increase in strength.

    Alessio tilted his head and felt it was interesting, he even smiled.

    “God …… Luzius! Weakened me!” He said, not paying any attention to the Griffins diving towards him.
His teleportation barely cooled down.
He could arrive instantly anywhere in space that was in his control.

    “After 10,000 years, these guys seem to be flying a little slower ……” As if he had eyes behind him, he whirled around to avoid a flurry of incredibly hot flames.
The pupils of his deep rose-coloured eyes were glowing slightly because of the battle he was about to engage in, “I’m afraid if I use too much force, the first few won’t survive.”

    While he might find his control later and thus be gentler, it was a real possibility that he may kill these Griffins at first.

    A second after his words, a large cluster of dimly lustred negative aura exploded over him.
The premeditated Saint had finished casting his negative spell and indifferently withdrew his hand, and opened his originally closed left eye slightly.
The thing in that eye had been tormenting him for a long time since Ruzius had raised the barrier.
Now that it seemed to monitor his act of releasing magic on the vampire, his pain was finally eased.

    Alessio glared at him, sensing his gradually slowing speed and the power that was draining out of him every second.
He felt that he shouldn’t accidentally kill a few more.
He raised his head again, his eyes moving slowly through the Griffins, finally settling on the one that flew the highest.

    When Alessio ate, he always liked to eat his favourite first.

    He thought that there would be real-time live broadcasts to spread his powerful image, that those people would no longer just blindly praise him for being cute, but would respect him more.
They would believe that the Dark Creatures were actually powerful and that the Vampires were actually extremely powerful.
People may fear him because of this, but this is just getting back on track for Alessio.

    He had said long ago that for him, the world ten thousand years later was like a dream.

    Inside the barrier, Ruzius stopped Ellie, who was so agitated that she wanted to rush out.
The Adjutant’s face was tense, and a closer look would have revealed that this trained soldier’s hands were trembling slightly.

    “Your Excellency!”

    The adjutant was simply bewildered.
The precious and vulnerable Dark Creature was outside of protection and about to face the fierce Griffin.
Just the thought of it made his heart feel squeezed!

    “What do you mean?!”

    Ruzius felt his left eye begin to hurt again.
He resisted the pain, and also himself, who was now explaining for the vampire.
However, he could hardly control himself and could only comfort himself with the possibility of gaining information about the vampire.

    “Ten thousand years have passed.” He said lightly, “I have read the current research reports, and the scholars acknowledge that the world before the Fire and Rain was different from now, that light and darkness may have been divided and opposed, that the two camps divided equally between day and night, and fought successive wars.”

  “But you still lack the sense of reality and even spontaneously tried to protect Alessio according to the present standards.”

        He raised those extremely clear, sky-coloured eyes, but there were extremely complicated emotions hidden in them.

        “But he is a vampire, after all, a third-generation Prince, occupying the top of the tower, monarch of eternal night.”

    People like the Adjutant and Ellie, ten thousand years later, knew that there had indeed a history of rivalry, but it was too distant in contrast to the lively and adorable Dark Creatures of the present day.
They were still struggling to understand when Ruzius noticed that the camera that had been flying and hovering off to the side had actually dropped to the ground and didn’t look like it was working.

    “Is the live broadcast …… stopped?”

    Ellie was startled, her brain still digesting the information in Ruzius’ words.
Her body had reflexively picked up her camera, debugging it a few times before she raised her eyes in bewilderment.

    “The machine shut down automatically after being forcibly taken over ……”

    In the entire Federation, there was only one being with such supreme authority –


    “Has someone entered the grounds? OK! We must bring everyone back without damage!”

    “Get the sedation medication ready! The medical team will enter as soon as the situation stabilizes!”

    The Old Marshal issued the order in an orderly manner.
He had only just learned of the incident and had come as fast as he could.
Only after repeated pleas from his subordinates did he not enter the training ground himself, which had gotten out of control.
He suspected that this incident might be the work of a secret pawn of some forces in the Military Headquarters, but he also could not rule out the possibility that the Conservation Center also can be infiltrated by an insider, which would make the scope of the investigation extremely wide.

    Those people! What was the point of hurting an innocent Dark Creature?

    The Old Marshal had been staring intently at the training ground’s surveillance screen when suddenly, the screen flickered and the huge pupils appeared on every screen, pupils that had grown round since Alessio’s recovery, looking full of warmth.

    [External data theft detected, proceed with protective counterattack.]

    [Rules violation rejected, reverse tracing initiated ……]

    [Suspicious territory range narrowing ……]

    [Opponent has cut the line, protection successful!]

    Hitomi is actually fighting back herself! Hitomi has been incredibly active for some time now.
In the past, he had usually been on standby for long periods of time.
He was not remembered in history as a saviour of various races, but more often as a spiritual symbol.

     In the void, Hitomi frantically unfurled his tentacles.
Had the force that had tried to invade and steal the images not broken its tail to survive, Hitomi would have been able to trace them directly to the location where they were hiding with his ability.
Even if the line was broken, Hitomi did not just give up; He turned his head back and accurately marked two rooms in the Military Headquarters with red.
It was too late for the traitor to realize what had happened, as soldiers armed with guns had already entered through the door Hitomi had opened with the highest authority and taken control of the two men.

    One of the traitors was escorted to the Old Marshal, who stood with his hands folded behind his back, the image of the huge pupil still on the screen behind him.
He saw the face of the traitor clearly, that young man he thought was promising, and sighed deeply.
The soldiers took off the traitor’s jacket, and the special medicine spilt over the back of his shoulder, indeed revealing the entwined thorny totem.

    “This is a newly developed medicine, specifically to counter your increasingly advanced means of concealment.”

    The Old Marshal said in a deep voice.

    “Detain them! Interrogate clearly!”

    Even ten thousand years later, there is not just one voice in the world.
The mainstream honours the principle of the balance of light and darkness and greatly cherishes Dark Creatures.
Still, there are also opposing forces lurking in the darkness, intent on using the Dark Creatures and seeking another path.

    The Old Marshal looked back at the screen behind him and muttered to himself.

    “The people of the Thorn Society had hidden themselves so deep that you have to take control temporarily.
Do you want to …… protect Alessio?”

    Hitomi gently gazed at everyone and gradually darkened.
Because of the sudden interruption of the live broadcast, the accounts of Ellie, the Conservation Center and the Military had exploded, with countless people asking what the situation was really like, whether Alessio was safe and what was going on.

    Hitomi’s reply was unconditionally at the top.

    Hitomi: [video].

    In a few short seconds of video, the platinum blonde-haired Saint’s hand revealed a bow and arrow surrounded by white bird feathers.
With his left eye slightly closed, the power of light condenses into a golden arrow, flying swiftly towards the second-highest flying Griffin!

    The Griffin fell in response, and the golden arrows turned into a net of light to capture and bind it, without harming the Griffin’s life.

    [Ah, ah, ah, ah quickly protect Xixi ah, ah, ah thank you!]

    The comments were crying tears of joy, with a few scattered doubtful remarks that were drowned in the army of thanks.

    [Why does it feel like the Griffin fell off before it was shot?]

    The video ended, and the audience was greatly comforted, while Alessio in the arena was about to die of anger!

    “Bastard! Why did you rob me of my monster?!!!”

    Fortunately, he was fast!

    It seemed that even without his bat wings spread, the vampire could still do a quick fold in the air …… Ruzius twisted a second golden arrow, this time aiming for the one on the edge, though this one split in three on the string, intending to make it more difficult.

    It was not his intention to interfere; if he could, he would have preferred to hold his notes and watch the vampire show off his force in the middle of the field.
But just now the camera had been forcibly taken over and landed on the ground.
The sharp pain in his left eye had brought the tentacles of some being into contact with his spirit.

    [Hide Alessio.]

    Hitomi requested.

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