In a daze, He Xile heard a noisy commotion.

“Students, please line up in an orderly manner.
Don't be crowded.”

“What we have in front of us now is a very precious, well-preserved human body from the Blue Planet, and the only human specimen so far.”

“This human named Lan Lan is a male.
According to experts, he should have been underage when he lost consciousness and his body was frozen.
Ten years ago, he was accidentally discovered by old Star Scavengers and sold to Star Pirates.
During the period, he went through many hands, but fortunately everyone realized his preciousness and did not cause any damage.”

“In the end, Lan Lan was bought by our Majesty in the black market anonymously at a high price, and then donated to the Imperial Center Museum for exhibition.”

“Come on, everyone.
It can be clearly seen that this human being differs from us.
He has beautiful eyebrows, delicate skin, his body does not have a second feature, and he is only two-thirds of our height—hey, Hank, don't tap the display case on your paws.
Don't you know your tonnage?”

“Wow, he looks so good.”

“I wonder how this human feel…”

There were voices speaking in all directions, but He Xile could not able to comprehend a single word.
Those voices were transmitted to his brain, but it couldn't be analyzed and translated correctly.
He could only hear a strange and vague noise.

The dull sound of “Dong dong dong” which seemed to shake the ground was heard loudly, but soon it stopped abruptly with a sharp sound that could break through the air.

In front of the display case.

The student who was previously called Hank grunted in defiance.
He was nearly three meters tall, and his figure was relatively stout, but there were two small hippopotamus-like ears on the top of his head, which looked eerily cute.

He waved his arm slowly: “Teacher, isn't the display cabinet made of the newly developed synthetic α metal? I'm sure my movement will definitely not break it.”

The teacher, who was named, looked helpless: “That also needs more attention……”

On the side, a tall, thin man with a long neck snorted lightly, apparently at odds with Hank, he crossed his arms and said “Some creatures are genetically brought down to make a fuss and it cannot be changed in this lifetime.
Aren't you afraid that this human being will be woken up by your movement and eat you? I've read the literature on this subject, that the human beings on the Blue Planet dare to eat anything.”

Hank said disdainfully: “He has been sleeping for hundreds of thousands of years.
Can he still wake up? Your childish tricks don't work on me.
How about it? You want to try my bite?”

…It's too noisy.

The surroundings were really too noisy.

He Xile very much wanted to open his eyes to see what was going on around him.
Where he was, and why there were so many strange voices, but his eyelids were too heavy, and his whole body was like being pressed by the ghost, and it was too hard to even lift a finger.

As the surrounding noise grew louder and louder, He Xile finally regained some of his strength.

His long, raven-feather eyelashes trembled, at last his eyelids finally obeyed the brain command and slowly opened.

The beautiful glass-like pupils dilated and contracted slightly.

The place where he was in was dim.

It didn't take long for him to realize that he was in a transparent glass container, surrounded by a group of humans with a minimum height of two meters.

In an instant, the surrounding noises disappeared, and the place fell into the pin drop silence.

The human beings in front of them also seemed to have pressed the pause button, frozen in place.
His eyes widened to round, and the mouth was slightly agaped.

They all look so tall…

Is it the magnification effect of the mirror?

This was He Xile's first thought.

No, they don't seem like normal humans.

This was He Xile's second thought.

He couldn't believe his eyes.
Since he was just awakened, his body was too weak to move, so he only swept his eyes slowly through the …
strange human beings around him.

Although they were said to be humans, they appeared to possess some things that clearly did not belong to the human.

For example, the person who was closer has a pair of slightly curled ears on the top of his head, which were not as big as a palm.
At this moment, the small ears were still shaking rapidly, as fast as a small electric motor; standing next to him was a person whose entire arm was completely metal, which was almost big enough to accommodate a seven or eight-year-old child.
It looked very uncoordinated, and he didn't know how he stands upright; as for the farther one, his body remains in place, it's just his slender neck stretched out from between the few people, and his pair of ears it was more likely small transparent wings, as thin as a cicada's wings.

Was he dreaming?

Feeling confused, he subconsciously raised his arm, touching the transparent glass cover in front of him.


The person in front of him, who obviously looked similar to a human being, but with a pair of strange small ears on his head, gave a big hiccup.
In the blink of an eye, he turned into a weird, hairy creature.

W-what –

This man has transformed!? And also turned into a strange creature that He Xile had never seen before!

He Xile: “Ah—“

Around the glass, a group of strange-looking creatures whose species they could not tell were stared in disbelief: “Ah—“


He Xile: “…”

He Xile couldn't understand these creatures' babbles before, and felt their conversations were like some tangled strands of string, but the screams were clear.

It seems that everyone makes the same sound when they are afraid.

It was like a signal to start.

For a moment, the entire scene became chaotic!

The first deformed creature in front of him had opened its mouth, exposing its sparse but very sharp teeth, making a weird cry similar to “wah”, and frantically fled to the side.

Following that, the countless creatures that were originally similar to humans have transformed one after another.
The lowest of them also seemed to be two or three meters high, and huge.
Birds flapped their wings and rose with significant force, despite the occasional crash.
At most, a few feathers fell on the place.
As for those on land, they were not so lucky, a group of creatures stepped on me and stepped on you, and ran wildly toward a light source.

He Xile was also shocked when he saw this change, and immediately retracted his arms.

He looked at everything around him in some panic.

…What's the situation?

What the hell are they?!

And shouldn't it be me who should be the most afraid?!

Why do they look like they have seen a ghost instead!


A group of people gathered in front of the surveillance room.

“Curator, the students have been evacuated.
Exxon and the others are counting the casualties.
The situation was special, and the stampede was serious, but they have all been sent to the hospital.”

“Well, make sure to pacify the situation.”


“Oh my God, he's climbing out of the display case! Walking, ahhh, this is really amazing! Even now, I can't believe my eyes…”

“This is a miracle for the whole empire and even the whole universe.”

In the corner of the surveillance room.

A well-dressed woman frowned.

Looking at the monitoring screen: “Why didn't the sensing device be placed in advance? What if this precious human race did not wake up this weekday afternoon, but after the museum closed? There's not enough air in the display case to keep him alive to see the museum curator! I even wonder if the fires of other races have lost the chance to rekindle like this!”

Another person snorted: “Have you ever seen a dead person suddenly come back to life? This is something that cannot be understood by common sense!”

A peacemaker: “Okay, stop arguing.
What's the use of pursuing responsibility now? What we should think about is a solution.”


A person weakly raised his hand.
After attracting everyone's attention, he said softly.
“Here, Here, I would like to remind you all that the ownership of this human named Lan Lan is not with us.”

Everyone: “…”

Everyone went silent, a figure appeared in their minds in unison.
Most people's faces were a little pale, some timid people even shivered on the spot.

“Let me declare first that I will not negotiate with His Majesty!” The little ears on the speaker's head pricked up alarmingly.

“Me too.”

“If you let me go to His Majesty, I will resign tomorrow.”

Even the capable woman just now said coldly: “If you choose me, I don't have to wait for tomorrow, I will resign now.”

Curator: “…”


Unable to exert strength, He Xile somehow reluctantly crawled out of the coffin-like cabinet, panting slightly, and stood in the empty venue.

Looking around, the place where He Xile was located is a relatively wide field.

At this time, the ground was in a mess, and the products left over from the chaos just now could be seen everywhere – bird feathers, tail feathers, hair, and even a broken tail with blood.

As he looked around, he found many large and small display posts with a transparent glass cover next to him.
A beam of light was cast down from the hood, and it lit up all kinds of strange things, countless tiny details could be seen clearly.

And next to the posts, there was mostly a transparent light screen.

On the light screen was a series of ghostly things that he couldn't understand.

Seeing these things, and the place, he was a little confused.

…This seemed to be a museum? Everything around was a collection?

Had he crossed over?

Transported to a museum in an inhuman world?

With this thought he couldn't help raising his hand he pinched his thigh.


It hurt so much that he burst into tears in pain.

Turning around again, He Xile saw the cabinet he had just climbed out of, and then at the same light screen next to the cabinet, and was speechless for a moment.

Was he turned into a showpiece?!

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