ither the rider nor the passenger would feel comfortable.

A car was his best option!

He just wanted to give his daughter a better life; a life where all her necessities were met.

Luo Tianyuan’s colleague could understand where he was coming from.
He smirked and said, “Ah, I got it.
It’s not easy to enter into a relationship, it’ll be easier if you had a car.
Yuan-ge, you truly have determination.
Give me a moment, I’ll give my relatives a call pronto.
We’ll have this settled by today!”

Everyone in the company knew that Luo Tianyuan had recently gotten a rich girlfriend, a very rich one.
How could he get her to stay with him if he didn’t meet the basic criteria?

He had a house and a job.
All he needed now was a car.

There were few cars in Ning City.
To be fair, who wouldn’t want a car as a status symbol? Most people simply couldn’t afford it.
So, owning a car was a sign of wealth.

The perfect combination of a sincere buyer and a sincere seller.
Adding to the fact that the seller was short on cash and needed money fast, the seller lowered the price even more.
In the end, Luo Tianyuan bought his first car in his life, a second-hand Santana, at a much lower price than expected.

Two years ago, he’d actually gotten his driver’s license during his free time.
So, once he got off from work, he headed to his daughter’s school to pick her up in his new car.

Most students from Ning City Elementary School lived around the area.
They’d usually go home right after class unless bad weather didn’t permit them to do so.
Although Shen Yan didn’t wait for Luo Shuyan, she had plenty of friends anyway.
When she was chatting with a friend about where they’d be going during the National Day holidays, a male student shouted, “Oh! Look, there’s a car parked in front of the school gates!”

There were plenty of cars in bigger cities, but for Ning City, the appearance of a car was enough to get the older boys excited.

Ye Xin held Luo Shuyan’s hand and lowered her voice.
“My uncle’s boss also owns a car.
A few days ago, he even said that he’d try to borrow his boss’s car and take us out on a trip.
Luo Shuyan, I can bring you along if you want.”

Luo Shuyan smiled as she declied her offer.
“Papa said that he’d take me out during the holidays.”

She didn’t bother to look at the car when the two of them reached the school gates.

Suddenly, Ye Xin asked, “Does that car belong to Shen Yan’s family? I see Shen Yan standing next to the car!”

Luo Shuyan had a bad feeling.
She turned her head and looked in the direction that Ye Xin was pointing at —

“Hm, that person looks very familiar.
Luo Shuyan, isn’t that your father?!”

“It’s your car!!”

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