uo Shuyan couldn’t seem to see the bigger picture.
She had the idea that her family ‘could get by although they aren’t very wealthy’, so it took everything in her from shaking her father’s shoulders and forcing him to return the car.

To be fair, other people in the city deemed that the Luo family were living a comfortable life.

Grandpa Luo used to be one of the important workers in a factory.
In that era, a job in a factory was a job for life; it had good pay and good job security.
Later on, Grandpa Luo retired after having earned a decent amount of income.

In addition to that, Grandma Luo was an elementary school teacher, and the government granted her a house.

Plus, since they both were hardworking and thrifty, they’d managed to accumulate a handsome sum for Luo Tianyuan’s bride-dowy before their retirement.
Though, sadly, he still hasn’t found an opportunity to use it…

Luo Tianyuan himself was the cream of the crop.
He graduated from a prestigious university in an era where there weren’t many university graduates to begin with.

Plus, he was working for a company which paid him a commission on top of his base salary.
The commission could range from a few hundred to one to two thousand a month.

With this, it wasn’t odd that Luo Tianyuan was able to afford a second house.

From Luo Shuyan’s observations, she believed that their family was living paycheck to paycheck with their huge monthly expenditures.

‘With all that in mind, where on earth did father find the money to buy a car?’

CNY10,000 is an acceptable amount, but we are talking about CNY140,000 here!

Luo Shuyan was shell-shocked.
She never expected her family to have CNY140,000 in spare cash.
Did she not know her family’s financial situation well enough?’

The two children interpreted Luo Tianyuan’s relaxed tone differently; Shen Yan thought that Uncle Luo didn’t even care about the CNY140,000, whereas Luo Shuyan thought that her father was just kidding and was lying to her on purpose.

‘That must be it.
Who could possibly fish out 140,000 Yuan within an afternoon?’

‘After all, Papa isn’t someone who is so unrealistic.’

The more Luo Shuyan pondered, the more she realized that her reasoning made sense.
Furthermore, when she visited the company her father was working at, she remembered seeing a Santana parked in front of the entrance.

‘Oh, perhaps this is the big boss’s car? Or a company car? And Papa merely borrowed it for the afternoon?’

‘That makes sense!’

Shen Yan noticed the change in Luo Shuyan’s expression.
Her furious eyes went from being as big as a copper bell to being as gentle as a lamb.
She was in deep thought and was smiling as if she’d just eaten a huge drumstick; the sunshine had arrived after the rain.

He shook his head imperceptibly.
‘She’s gone mad.’

Luo Shuyan was unwilling to keep up with her father’s lame lie so she didn’t ask where the money came from.
On the other hand, Luo Tianyuan was paying extra attention on the road since he rarely drove, so he didn’t have the capacity to explain the situation to his daughter.

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