Despite not remembering much from her previous life, Luo Shuyan subconsciously knew the importance of owning properties.
It was a death sentence to sell a house in exchange for a car!

She felt dizzy and she couldn’t hear what Luo Tianyuan was saying.
She could only see his mouth moving.

In this era, houses weren’t as valuable as they would be in the future.
However, everyone associated homes as the foundation of living.
Luo Tianyuan knew that his daughter was more mature than children her age, so when he caught her in a dazed state, he couldn’t help but reach out to ruffle her hair.
“This isn’t a huge issue.”

It was clear that to Luo Shuyan, losing the extra apartment was devastating news.

When she saw her father’s gentle and cautious expression, she was reminded of her decision in the morning to be prepared for her father’s decision.
She suppressed her heartache and smiled at her father.

Though, her smile was very unconvincing; she looked even worse than when she was crying.

There’s a saying that goes, ‘You wouldn’t panic when you have food in hand.’ The two properties her father owned gave Luo Shuyan a sense of comfort, and that sense of comfort was instantly taken away from her.

How could she still be happy?

“That’s a lot of money…” she said in a small voice.

It’s CNY140,000!!

A salary of CNY800 a month in Ning City was considered high, so her father’s salary of CNY1,000 was no doubt envied by many.
Based on this, their yearly income should be around CNY12,000.
If her grandparents were still alive, she was sure that they would’ve broken one of her father’s legs.

Not only did Luo Tianyuan use up all his savings and sell away a house to buy a car, he still had tens of thousands outstanding.
Luo Shuyan tugged on her collar and felt as if life would only get more difficult from then on.
As a six year old, she was filled with worry everyday!

Luo Tianyuan knew that others would pay attention to his new car, and if he couldn’t come up with a believable reason, his previous effort put into acting poor would go to waste.

“The owner of the company I’m working for is from another city.
A few days ago over a phone call, he found out about my desire to buy a car and supported my decision.
Although he doesn’t visit the Ning City branch often, the managers of this branch need a car to travel to business meetings.
However, he was worried that the managers might take the car for personal use, so I suggested that we share our private cars for public use.
So, each individual will pay according to the number of times used, and it will cost 80 Yuan per use.”

To ensure that his lie was perfect, Luo Tianyuan even added, “I’ve done the numbers and it makes sense.
I need to go outstation a few times a month, and I receive a bonus of around 800 Yuan a month.
Other than that, the company also pays for my petrol bills and gives extra allowances.”

The father and daughter relied on each other.
On one hand, Luo Tianyuan loved his daughter to bits and liked to spoil her, on the other, he wanted to be a cool dad who was also friends with his daughter.

True enough, Luo Shuyan’s breathing stabilized after listening to her father’s explanation.

“Plus, I’m not always busy with work, so I was planning to take up a side job.
Shuyan, have you ever heard about wedding cars?” Luo Tianyuan asked.

Luo Shuyan could guess what her father was planning to do and slowly nodded.
“The bride and groom would need to use a car on their wedding day.
We usually see lots of ribbons and flowers on the car.”

“Mn, that’s right!” Luo Tianyuan continued, “I’m planning to take up a side-job where I’ll be chauffeuring newly-weds.
I can earn around 100 Yuan per client.”

Luo Shuyan finally understood.
Based on her father’s plans, it wouldn’t take long for him to pay off his car debts.

‘Papa will receive around 1,000 Yuan from his full-time job each month, and although Ning City is small, quite a few people get married each month.
So, even if he were to only do his side-job three to four times a month, he’ll also earn close to 500 Yuan.
That in total would add up to 1,500 Yuan a month.
If we were to live a simpler lifestyle and somehow find a way ro earn another 500 Yuan a month, we’d be able to pay off the car in two years’ time.’ Luo Shuyan thought.

So, after two years, they’ll have a positive net worth again.
At this rate, it shouldn’t be a problem to buy another property in the subsequent three years.

Of course, this was the best case scenario where she assumed all things would go smoothly and according to plan.

All in all, human beings thrived from having future expectations in life.
Due to that, Luo Shuyan was able to have a good night’s rest, though she was still a little upset over the fact that the apartment next door would no longer belong to them.

While the Luo family were discussing about their newly acquired car, the Shen family were also in deep discussion.

It was no exaggeration to say that Shen Qingruo had her entire mind on the acquisition of the apartment.
She hadn’t eaten or drunk much water throughout the day.

In the evening, after the Luo family had left, Shen Qingruo cut some watermelon and ushered Shen Yan to go to the living room.
They sat down and watched the latest drama streaming on the TV.

Shen Yan was a smart boy.
He was a child with few words and since young, he had never liked making a fuss like other children did.

Back then, Shen Qingruo had been worried sick.
Her colleagues comforted her that ‘honorable men speak few words’, her child was naturally introverted, and that she shouldn’t worry about it.
However, as a well-informed mother, she couldn’t allow herself to take things lightly.
She purposely scheduled a meeting with the local hospital for a check up.

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