In the end, they didn’t have hamburgers and fries for lunch, and neither did they eat out at a restaurant, because Song Wanqing paid them a visit.

Song Wanqing read from one of the books that “to win a man’s heart, you have to first satisfy the man’s stomach”.
She decided to try it out, since she believed in what Luo Tianyuan had said — that he and Shen Qingruo were merely friends.
However, as a woman herself, she didn’t believe that Shen Qingruo didn’t feel that way for her soon-to-be boyfriend.

In the eyes of Song Wanqing, Luo Tianyuan was too perfect to be true.
She was constantly worried that other women in his life would have ulterior motives towards him.

First off, Luo Tianyuan was a graduate from a prestigious university.
There weren’t many university graduates in the 90s, so graduates were seen in a different light altogether.

Song Wanqing’s family had a branch office in Yang City.
Many working-class people had moved to Yang City to try to make a living.
The Song family’s company was willing to give hefty remunerations to attract university graduates.
The monthly salary was above CNY1,000 a month, not to mention the accommodation and food allowances given.

Although Luo Tianyuan had never worked in a big city and chose to stay in Ning City, to put it into perspective, the fact that he could take home a salary close to that of a big city meant that he was an extraordinary man.

Furthermore, he was tall and handsome.
He always wore a white shirt and black pants, and was always well kept and clean.
A man who was handsome and clean is loved by everyone

Lastly, Luo Tianyuan had a very good character.
Song Wanqing couldn’t find a single fault in him; he wasn’t petty or cheap, he wasn’t vain, and he respected others.

He’d also helped her in the past, so Song Wanqing naturally developed feelings for this man.

It was worth mentioning that Song Wanqing was a lady who’d seen the world.
She was the apple of the Song family’s eye, their beloved daughter, and she’d also studied abroad for some time.
So since young, countless men had shown interest in her.
Ordinary men couldn’t impress her easily; she had slowly fallen for Luo Tianyuan through frequent interactions.

Song Wanqing wanted to satisfy Luo Tianyuan’s stomach, but she also didn’t want to cook.

To her, it didn’t matter if she was the one who made the food, or if it was her maid who made it.
Plus, she didn’t plan to be a stay-at-home mom after marriage.

Luo Shuyan swallowed her saliva when she saw the delicious food on the table.

There were a few dishes — braised pork, fried beef with green peppers, seaweed soup with pork ribs, and steamed Chinese mitten crabs.

And that wasn’t all.
Song Wanqing was also very considerate in preparing desserts that children enjoy which included cake, jelly, and strawberry milk.

There was no change in Luo Tianyuan’s expression, but through Luo Shuyan’s expression, it was clear that she had already fallen for Song Wanqing’s ‘charms’.

She was a sucker for good food after all…

The three of them sat at the dining table.
Luo Shuyan bit into a mouth-watering piece of braised pork.
Just then, she realized her father, who could usually eat two to three bowls of rice, wasn’t moving his chopsticks.

It wasn’t that Luo Tianyuan had no appetite to eat.
He was stunned because everything Song Wanqing had exceeded his expectations.

Luo Shuyan glanced at her father a few times, and Luo Tianyuan carefully observed her expression the entire time.
He finally let out a sigh of relief when he realized that she wasn’t unhappy.

Actually, before Luo Tianyuan entered into any relationships, he would always tell them beforehand that he didn’t plan to get married.
He’d only enter into the relationship when they accepted the terms.

It was clear to everyone that the reason he was reluctant to marry was because of his daughter; he didn’t want his daughter to have a step-mother.
He wasn’t sure if his two exes ever had the thought of marriage, however, they agreeingly chose to not appear in front of his daughter.

That was why Luo Tianyuan didn’t know what to do now, he had never met a woman like Song Wanqing.

He should’ve cleared things up with Song Wanqing after she visited two days ago.
However, he had been distracted yesterday over buying a car.
He had planned to contact Song Wanqing on Monday to discuss their relationship.

They haven’t confirmed their relationship as romantic partners.
He had also reminded her that he had no plans of marriage after he’d embraced her that night.
Surprisingly, she jealously refuted and said that she had no intention of marriage either…

Luo Tianyuan instinctively pinched the bridge of his nose.
He knew he had to clear things up with her by today.

“How’s the food?” Song Wanqing didn’t really like children, but Luo Shuyan was an adorable and beautiful child.
She also looked a lot like Luo Tianyuan, so Song Wanqing took quite a liking to her.
She even peeled the crab for her.

Luo Shuyan’s cheeks were full of food as she happily nodded.

‘It’s so good!’

The last time she had such good food was in her past life!

These dishes tasted better than the ones Aunty Shen made.
She felt bad for feeling so, but she had to admit, these dishes tasted even better than those from restaurants.

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