Song Wanqing was at the right age for marriage.
She started searching for a suitable partner as soon as she came back from overseas.
She’d gone on multiple blind dates, but she couldn’t seem to find a spark even if the other person came from a similar family to hers.

Before she met Luo Tianyuan, her goal was to marry someone who was socially acceptable; but after meeting Luo Tianyuan, she became rebellious.
She wasn’t willing to follow through with a loveless marriage set up by her parents.

Luo Tianyuan treated her very well, and Song Wanqing was determined to treat him well in return.
She was ashamed over her previous assumptions about him.

When Luo Tianyuan noticed that Song Wanqing wasn’t getting into the car, he caringly asked, “Are you not used to sitting in the passenger’s seat?”

Song Wanqing came back to her senses and promptly shook her head.
“No, it’s nothing like that,” she said while getting into the car.

Luo Tianyuan closed the car door and walked to the other side of the car.
He had parked under the shade of a tall old tree, so it wasn’t very hot in the car, but alas, the car wasn’t the best place to have a serious conversation.
He stepped on the gas pedal and drove out of the neighborhood.

There were only a few western restaurants around the area.
While he was driving, he suggested, “Wanqing, do you have anything else to do now? If you’re free, why don’t we have a coffee?”

Song Wanqing was delighted to spend time alone with Luo Tianyuan.
She hastily nodded and said, “Yes, sounds great!”

He drove to the Red House Restaurant.
It was a quarter past one in the afternoon, and it was past the lunch hour of most people in Ning City.
Luckily, the restaurant also served desserts and was open until the sun went down.

Luo Tianyuan asked for a private room so that they could chat in private.

There was a minimum amount that you’d have to spend to be able to ask for a private room.
Luo Tianyuan passed the menu to Song Wanqing and asked her to choose what she liked.

Although Song Wanqing was from a rich family, she knew the difficulties normal people went through.
She knew how much Luo Tianyuan earned a month and was aware that he didn’t frequent western restaurants often because of the exorbitant price.
However, she didn’t want to hurt his self-esteem.
Thus, she decided to order something that would hit the minimum requirement; two cups of coffee and a slice of cake.

The two of them chatted for some time before Luo Tianyuan had a look at his watch.
He missed his daughter who was home alone, so he went straight to the point.
“Wanqing, there’s something I’d like to tell you.
Just to be clear, I have no intention of marriage, not now, and not in the future.”

When he saw that Song Wanqing was still smiling, he added, “I’m not kidding, I’m being serious.”

Song Wanqing stopped smiling as she stared at him.
The fork that she was using to eat the cake fell onto the table.
“What do you mean? You must be joking…”

“I’ve already told you that day, but I realized that you hadn’t taken me seriously, that is why I have to tell you again.
I’m already 28 this year and I’m no longer an impulsive young man.
I mean it when I say that I don’t plan on getting married.
You’re still young.
If you have no plans for marriage, we might be suitable for each other.
However, if you have marriage in mind, I believe we are through.
I will not marry anyone.”

Luo Tianyuan’s mindset was modern and ahead of his time.

Dating without marriage in mind wasn’t popular in the late 90s.
Most people assumed that marriage was the only way of life.

Although blind dates may not work out, most people still went on the date with hopes of building a family and relationship together.
However, it was different for Luo Tianyuan.
He didn’t date with the goal of marriage in mind.

Luo Tianyuan had been in relationships and his previous girlfriends understood the firmness in his decision.
That was why they managed to remain in a relationship for some time before breaking up peacefully.

This scenario was similar to that of buying a lottery ticket.
The purchaser knew that they wouldn’t have a high chance of winning.
However, if they knew that they were certain to lose, who would be willing to spend the money to buy the lottery ticket in the first place?

This was the reason why Luo Tianyuan only had two relationships over the past six years after Luo Shuyan’s birth mother left the country.

There were only two people who were willing to buy the lottery ticket with the knowledge that they would not win the lottery.

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