Buying a ticket to go outstation wasn’t as difficult as a few years back.

Luo Tianyuan had many connections in Ning City.
They were in luck because someone happened to return their ticket, so he was able to buy the ticket from them.

They had to lay low when travelling.
He was prepared to buy three soft sleeper tickets for themselves.
However, after thinking things through, he realized that to lay low, he had to try to spend as little as possible.
He already did that when he travelled alone, what more when he’s with children.
Thus, he bought two hard sleeper tickets instead.

Luo Tianyuan held the two tickets in hand and happily said, “Shen Yan, you’ll have to squeeze with me tonight.
Hope you don’t mind.”

He explained, “My company only covers the cost of two tickets.
Shuyan is a girl and she hasn’t slept on the same bed as me since she was two.
Although you two are children, it’s still inappropriate for the both of you to share a bed.
Am I right?”

Shen Yan blushed.

He didn’t want to sleep on the same bed as Luo Shuyan either.

Luo Shuyan wasn’t a quiet sleeper.
She would often kick the blankets when they took afternoon naps in kindergarten.

On the other hand, Shen Qingruo had prepared a lot of food for them.

The security wasn’t very strict at Ning City Train Station.
People could board the train without a ticket, and there were many train hoppers who boarded without paying.
Even if there was a ticket checker, they would be able to find a way past them.

There weren’t many people in the sleeper cabin.
The train hoppers weren’t daring enough to steal a seat at the sleeper area either.
After they got their train tickets and made their way to their cabin, Shen Qingruo bid them goodbye.

This was Shen Yan’s first time on a train.
He found the experience fascinating.
Though, he didn’t like expressing his emotions, so he merely sat on the mattress and discreetly looked out the window.
His heart was racing and sweat covered his palms.

Luo Shuyan was very excited too.
However, in the back of her mind, she knew that this definitely wasn’t the first time she’s sat on a train.
This was because she even knew where the toilet was located! No one had told her but she somehow knew.
She also knew that there would be an attendant with a cart of snacks and food coming over later on.

The two children sat on the same mattress and excitement could be seen on their faces when the train started moving.

The children finally shifted their attention away from the scenery outside when they got bored.
Just then, an attendant came with a cart of snacks for sale.
Luo Shuyan hurriedly leaned forward to have a look, while Shen Yan controlled himself and merely observed what was happening.

“Beer, drinks, and mineral water.
Peanuts, nuts, and porridge.
Hey hey, could you please move your feet to aside…”

A passenger from another cabin shouted, “Don’t you serve actual food?”

“You’ll need to wait for a bit for the boxed meals.
However, I have cup noodles, there is also a hot water dispenser at the head of the train.”

Luo Shuyan’s eyes immediately lit up when she heard the word ‘cup noodles”.
She immediately turned to her father who was reading the newspaper and said, “Papa, I want to eat cup noodles!”

Luo Tianyuan put the newspaper down.
He was at a loss, he couldn’t understand why children liked eating instant noodles.

There weren’t any huge grocery shops in Ning City; there were only convenience stores.
In the 90s, children didn’t have many snack options either.
Thus, to children, instant noodles were an absolute delicacy because they could only eat it once or twice a year.

Luo Shuyan knew that cup noodles weren’t nutritious.
Yet, an item that is rare is valuable.
So it was pretty nice to eat it once in a while.



Luo Tianyuan always fulfilled his daughter’s wishes.
Even if Shen Qingruo had already prepared dinner for them, he still bought two cups of instant noodles for them.

He finished the dinner Shen Qingruo prepared by himself.

Shen Yan and Luo Shuyan leaned forward and slurped the cup noodles on the table.

Luo Shuyan’s mouth was full of food as she said, “It’s good right?”

Shen Yan proudly said, “It’s not as good as my mother’s cooking.”

Luo Shuyan agreed, but she felt that he wasn’t being respectful towards the instant noodles.
She unapologetically said, “Then you should stop eating this and go have your mother’s cooking.”

Shen Yan ignored her.
However when Luo Shuyan lowered her head to eat the cup noodles, she noticed that there was an extra piece of hot dog in her noodles.
She looked up and her expression immediately brightened.
“Are you not going to eat?”

“Why are you so talkative when you eat?” Shen Yan said.

Luo Shuyan replied, “You won’t be able to get a girlfriend if you act this way.”


‘What’s wrong with you! How can a little girl say something like this!!’

Luo Tianyuan went to get some water.
“The monkey calls itself king when the tiger is away from the mountain.” Without her father around, Luo Shuyan didn’t care as she dissed Shen Yan.
“You’d better not end up begging me to introduce a girlfriend to you, alright?”

Shen Yan was furious.

Even though Luo Shuyan was crazy, he didn’t expect her to say something like this!

He didn’t even want to eat the cup noodles anymore.

When Luo Tianyuan came back, he noticed Shen Yan’s pale face and his precious daughter happily eating.
He couldn’t help but ask, “What happened, did you all get into a fight?”

Shen Yan glanced at Luo Shuyan and thought, ‘This can’t go on.’

She must’ve watched too many dumb dramas.
Children will be affected when they watch too many dramas!

Shen Yan was in a good mood, so for the first time, he snitched on Luo Shuyan.
“Uncle Luo, Luo Shuyan says that she wants to set me up on a date, but I rejected her offer”

Luo Shuyan, “…??”

Luo Tianyuan, “…!”

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