The signal wasn’t good, so Song Wanqing didn’t catch Luo Tianyuan’s less than happy tone.

Luo Tianyuan was 27 this year and he’s four years her senior.
She was a young woman with boundless confidence.
Since she was born into a rich family and always got whatever she wanted, her natural reaction was to become upset when Shen Qingruo stood in her way.

She took the opportunity to toy with his feelings.
“Tianyuan, your neighbor is really being too much.
What is she trying to do? She’s acting as if she’s Shuyan’s mother.
She doesn’t allow me to bring her out for dinner or even to buy new clothes.”

Luo Tianyuan rubbed his nose bridge in annoyance.

He’d never considered remarrying and he’d made it very clear every time he entered a new relationship.

He loved his daughter to bits.
He felt bad that she’d never met and would never get to meet her birth mother.
Over the past six years, he knew better than anyone else about how mature and understanding his daughter was.

The father and daughter duo have been each other’s support since the beginning, and she was the most important person in his life.

Despite that, he was only human.
He had emotional and physical desires, and he wasn’t against being in a relationship.
However, he didn’t want his daughter to find out about all this before she was old enough.
Plus, as a father, it was rather awkward for him to talk to his daughter about something like this.

He was certain that Shuyan knew what was happening with Song Wanqing.
She must have heard the commotion.

This caused Luo Tianyuan to panic.
The entire situation was all too sudden and he didn’t know how to explain it to his daughter.

He didn’t utter a word from the other side of the phone.
Song Wanqing finally realized how he was feeling and she carefully asked, “Tianyuan, are you angry with me?”

Luo Tianyuan was a gentleman.
He didn’t lose his temper in front of others, especially women.

Nevertheless, he was very impatient right now.
He replied as calmly as he could, “No.” He didn’t want to elaborate too much, he nonchalantly said, “There’s nothing happening between Qingruo and I.
In the past, I’ve told her to never let Shuyan leave her house with anyone else but myself.
Qingruo is merely Shuyan’s caretaker and I pay her to do so.”

This was weird.
If anyone else were to say something like this, never in a million years would Song Wanqing believe them.
Yet, she was able to believe in Luo Tianyuan’s words.

“Mn, I trust you!”

Luo Tianyuan was very patient and tolerant when he talked to her.
After all, she’s the woman whom he loves.
“It’s getting late, why don’t you head home first.
I’ll let Qingruo know that you’re sorry.
Take care on your way home.”

After the call ended, Song Wanqing hopped onto the car in a daze and went home.

As for Luo Tianyuan, his headache had just begun.

‘How am I supposed to explain this to my daughter? Will she be angry at me?’

Luo Tianyuan immediately got off from work and came back to bring her home.

It seemed to be the norm for young fathers to pamper and spoil their daughters, and Luo Tianyuan was no exception.
His friends always laughed at him for being a ‘slave’ for his daughter, and they weren’t wrong.
If she wanted the stars, Luo Tianyuan would do anything in his power to pick one from the sky for her.

Luo Tianyuan was a gentle person and he was also a capable entrepreneur who was firm with his decisions.
His daughter was his only soft spot.

His daughter is a kind little girl.

He followed obediently behind his daughter as she walked around the house; he lacked any dignity as a father when she was around.

Luo Shuyan opened the fridge and took out the piece of cake that her father had bought for her a few days ago.

It wasn’t anyone’s birthday.
She’d seen someone eating the cake on TV and briefly said that she liked it.
Thus, Luo Tianyuan purposely made a trip all the way to a most famous bakery in the provincial capital to buy a cake for her.
The cake was supposedly made from some sort of rare animal butter instead of margarine.
The fruits on the cake couldn’t be found in Ning City either.

Luo Shuyan didn’t know what to do.
She would be asking for an early death if she were to eat cake at this hour…

She looked down at her plump hands and gently closed the refrigerator door.

Although she was still young, she had to start taking care of her figure! With the way her father spoiled her, if she didn’t have any self-control, she’d definitely grow up to become obese.

“You don’t want to eat it?” Luo Tianyuan asked her.
“Is it because it’s not fresh anymore? Papa will go out now to buy a new one for you, how does that sound?”

Luo Shuyan was speechless.
She turned around and looked at him with a serious expression.

Anxiety could be seen on Luo Tianyuan’s face, and he looked nothing like the mighty man who ordered people around in the office.

If Luo Shuyan were only six years old, it would be natural for her to be upset over her father’s new relationship.
However, she was psychologically older than her physical age.
She’d tried to guess her age.
Based on the fact that she naturally treated her father as an elder instead of a peer, she strongly believed that she’d only lived till around the age of 14 in her past life.

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