992 became extremely wealthy.
This was Luo Tianyuan’s case.
He’d borrowed money and used up all his net worth to buy those warrants.
Although there was protectionism and only the locals were allowed to purchase it, he found a way around the system and managed to buy multiple warrants.

Although Song Wanqing was from the richest family in Ning City, Luo Tianyuan’s net worth was the same, if not more than theirs.
He merely preferred to keep a low profile.

He had a weakness — his little girl, and there was a plentiful supply of criminals around.
Song Wanqing’s older brother was kidnapped when he was younger and almost lost his life despite the Song family having very good connections.

Luo Tianyuan couldn’t let anything bad happen to his daughter.
So, he had to keep a low profile and he couldn’t even buy a car.

He couldn’t help but laugh at himself.
It was suffocating to have money but not dare to spend it openly.

Luo Tianyuan put up a very good front.
Other than Shen Qingruo, who was observant enough to notice, even Luo Shuyan didn’t realize that she was born rich.

In this era, the toxic comparison between students wasn’t as bad.

Luo Shuyan didn’t think her father was rich, in fact, she even thought that he was struggling to get by.

She estimated that her father was earning around CNY1,000 a month, which was a very high salary in Ning City.
Though, he spent most of it on her.
He would buy snacks and dresses for her everytime he went on a business trip, even if she told him not to.
Even the grandma living one floor above them shook her head at him in disappointment.
He was handsome, highly educated, and kind! But he didn’t know how to properly plan his life!

Luo Shuyan suspected that her father didn’t even have savings…

If it weren’t for the fact that her father was a righteous man who owned two properties, Luo Shuyan would genuinely be worried about their future.

Luo Tianyuan held his daughter’s and Shen Yan’s hand and led them out from the neighborhood.
He thought of a brilliant idea and laughingly said, “Shuyan, winter is coming soon.
Papa is thinking of borrowing some money to buy a second hand car.
I’ve inquired and it’s not too costly.
What do you think?”

Luo Shuyan was shocked.

Only the super rich drove cars, and based on her family’s financial standings, she couldn’t understand why her father would want to take a loan to buy a second hand car!

She raised her head to look at her father.

‘Men are all the same.
They want to own a car when they have a girlfriend.
Vroom , vroom!’ she thought to herself.

Before he got an answer from her, he asked Shen Yan, “Shen Yan, what do you think?”

Shen Yan gave it some thought before nodding.
“Sounds good.”

‘At least Shuyan won’t have her eyes glued on the cars when she sees them on the streets.’

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