Chelsea’s grip was enormous.


While being dragged helplessly by the arm, Luce did her best to turn.


Mother, please don’t say anything about the eye color! 


Rev turned his face around and looked calm at first, but Luce was very unhappy with what she saw.


‘How the heck, how often have you heard something like this, and you’re acting like you’re okay with it all the time?’


Rev was softly nodding his head as if he was used to giving up.


As if to listen to her mother no matter what.


He must have a reason for being that way since he was so happy at the thought of playing with her for the rest of his life.


Either he had a lot of disappointments in his life, or he grew up in a strict place where even begging and pleading weren’t allowed.


She doesn’t know if it was a guess or not, but all of a sudden, she had an idea she didn’t understand.
Luce bit her lip.


‘He might be used to that kind of thing, but I’m not.
So I will stop it!’


“So he really is!” 




Luce, who was about to cut Chelsea’s words, stopped.




When Chelsea’s hand hit her back, it didn’t hurt much.


It’s just a way to teach the only troublemaker daughter a lesson.


“Luce, how many times have I told you not to go empty-handed when you go to someone’s house?” 


Luce looked up at Chelsea and blinked her eyes.
She looked confused.




“Yeah, I told you that you shouldn’t be living with your bare mouth! Anyway, you don’t really listen to your mother.” (t/n: bare mouth here means when you want to receive something in return instead of giving help or goods.)


Ah, is that so? 


Chelsea looked at Rev to see if her daughter’s bad behavior had caused any trouble.


Luce put her lips together and smiled as she touched the beaten back. 


“That’s right, that’s what Mom did.
I’m sorry.”


The happiness she felt when she realized her mother didn’t judge people based on their looks came before the embarrassment of being completely mistaken for a long time and the shame that she scolded her. 


It was a relief.


“What’s wrong with that kid?”


The daughter, who was surprised and hardened until just now, smiles and acts cute all of a sudden.


Chelsea, who had been dismayed by Luce’s sudden change of expression, paid attention to the boy’s movement a few steps away.


“Hello, madam.
Nice to meet you.”


“…Oh, yeah.” 


It was Chelsea who was rather embarrassed by the very polite greeting.


Calling her “madam” instead of “aunt” or “Luce’s mom” is also embarrassing in many ways.


The alert voice she heard before opening the house door must belong to this child.


She thought she was in a place she shouldn’t have been or that Luce had caused a lot of trouble, but when she saw his face, he was friendly and polite. 


A house full of books but somewhat empty.
A very polite boy.


Chelsea thought for a moment before opening her mouth.


“Luce, I was wondering why you are so distracted these days that you don’t come home, but you seem to be here all the time with this boy? She’s a tomboy so she only knows what’s good for her, but she doesn’t know how difficult it is.
You worked hard to play with her.”


“Mom too, really,  what do you think a five-year-old I am.
I’ve never had a hard time with Rev—?”


Luce then glanced at Rev.
Blinking, he nodded immediately.


It’s never been hard.
It was rather enjoyable.”


It sounded quite sincere.


Chelsea looked at the two in turn.


“Really? You’re not just pretending?” 


“Yes, it’s not like that.” 


She couldn’t understand why she thought so.


Rather, he started explaining in a small voice, saying that Luce was playing with him.


“—and I know there’s a custom to bring gifts when visiting other people’s homes, but that’s given your daughter’s frequency of visits and the area of my house—.” 


‘Rev must have been embarrassed, so I have to end my mother’s investigation at this point.’ 


“We’re friends, Mom.
We decided to hang out together often.”


With a very proud expression, Luce placed her hand on her waist.


“I mean, if I bring a gift to Rev’s house every time, he might run out of room.
Right, Rev?” 


Look at this? 


The boy’s ears turn red at Luce’s words.
His lips moved slightly. 




The child, who was reflecting on the word friend, soon smiled happily.


That’s right.”


“Rev is right, Mom.”


The two little children smiling face to face with proud faces were quite cute.


A smile spread across Chelsea’s lips. 


“Phew, okay.
Do whatever you like.
By the way, how’s the herb?”


“Here! I picked everything and played a little bit.
Don’t be too harsh on me.”


“Ugh, this fool.”


Chelsea, who had received a pile of baskets of herbs, held out a small box that had been hidden behind. 


“Mom brought it for you, so give it to your friend.”


“Wow, it’s pie!”


It was still a hot pumpkin pie.


Luce ran up to her with a bitter smile and held out a pie box.


“You’re surprised, right? I’m sorry, I should’ve told my mom beforehand.”


“No, it’s okay.—she’s a good person.”


Just like you.


Rev, who muttered a little, looked a little tired.


He seemed quite nervous.
Even Rev’s hair, which was slowly taking the pie, was droopy.


Luce unconsciously raised her hand because he looked like a sleepy puppy.


“Eat a good dinner, and take your medicine.”


Then she gently brushed his dark glossy hair.


Rev’s eyes widened in surprise.
Soon it was released slowly.


It just looks like a cat.
A cat that usually stands up but only becomes gentle in front of its owner. 


“…Yes, I will.
Please say thank you to your mother too.”


“I will come again!”


Come again.”


The hand that was running through his hair moved away. 


Rev, who was chasing the warmth with his eyes, made a sad face for a moment. 


Luce didn’t see it because she worried her mother was waiting. 


“I heard you had a fight with Vincent because of him”


She was on her way back home.


At Chelsea’s words, Luce shyly scratched the back of her neck.


She’s sure she’ll say something when they hear a troublemaker, right?


“Oh, well, it wasn’t a big fight, it was just an argument…”


“What did you fight for?”


“We didn’t fight! It was just a little arguing, Mom.”


“So what were you arguing for?”


“No, well, it’s just… Vincent looked at Rev and said that red eyes are unlucky….”


What, who said it?? 


Vincent, this punk! Did he tell them? 


The words that followed Luce clenching her fists were quite surprising. 


“Good job.
You have to fight then.”


Chelsea was smiling pleasantly.


She thought she would get in trouble if she argued or ran around.




“Yes, Dominic said to Dahlia.
He said you’re so brave.”




“You were so cool.
That’s why Dominic was so shy.” 


Chelsea stopped, smiled happily, and then gave her daughter a gentle pinch on the cheek.


“When did you grow up like this, my daughter? I thought you were just making trouble.”


“I’m all grown up now.
And I learned it from my mom.”


“There’s nothing you can’t say.”


“You asked me when I grew up so much!”


Chelsea’s voice was heard in Luce’s ear playfully.


“If something unfair happens, continue to fight it like that.
Don’t be swayed by people’s prejudices, okay?”


“Ung, mother and daughter fight well.”


“Don’t be scared, don’t be intimidated… I’m always behind you.”


Luce, who smiled proudly, rolled her lips at Chelsea’s words.


‘Don’t be swayed by people’s prejudices.’


Raising her daughter alone without her husband, Chelsea must have been very worried.


She must be worried that people won’t listen to her because she doesn’t have a father. 


She thought that the gift she was talking about at Rev’s house might have been an effort to teach her better manners because her daughter might get in trouble.


Instead of the countless words that came to mind, Luce hugged Chelsea tightly.
And a thirteen-year-old ignorant child spoke brightly like this.


“Of course, Mom.
I’ll win everything!”


“Ugh, really.”


She pats her back when she talks as if she’s had enough.


‘My mom.
Although I got it from a book, my precious family that I had for the first time.’


Even though she was snoring and her nose was wrinkled for no reason, Chelsea said.


“Now come down, this is heavy.”


She doesn’t get moody no matter how much she thinks about her mother—.


As she snorted and said it casually.


“By the way, Dominic is the only one.”


“Dominic? Why?”


Chelsea just shrugged her shoulders when asked what was going on.


“There’s going to be a festival in the next town soon.”




“Yeah, it’s held once every three years.
It’s a festival hosted by the lord himself.”


She had never heard it before, but Luce seemed to have been looking forward to the festival in the past.


There was no way to know, but Luce kept the beat by nodding her head.


“Oh, that one! But what’s with that festival?”


“He has to go in pairs to participate in there.”


“I, is that so?”


“I think Dominic was really looking forward to coming with you.”


Chelsea used her chin to point at something.


It was in the direction of Rev’s house.


“But don’t you think that if you go with Rev, he has a better chance of winning?”


“…Better chance of winning?” 


Have a higher chance of going with him? What kind of cube matching contest is held?


Luce, who nodded her head in confusion, came to know about the ‘festival’ properly.

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