at first sight.
It blinded her as if there was a halo shining brightly from him.


“…stop talking and go to sleep.”

“Why are you covering my eyes?”

“That… stop talking, or should I just leave now?”

Astein laughed.
The corners of his softly curled lips drew a graceful curve, again stealing Elusiana’s attention.

It’s not good for my heart. She tightly closed her eyes as if denying reality.
Whether he knew this or not, Astein asked back with a smile.

“But will you stay with me until I fall asleep?”

I will.”

And soon after, Astein fell asleep.
Only then did Elusiana feel relieved. I almost got in trouble.
I’m this close to hugging him tightly and kissing him.

Elusiana pouted her lips as she looked at Astein’s chest, which was going up and down evenly. You don’t even know what crazy thoughts I had, but you sleep comfortably.

Elusiana, who was disappointed for no reason, shook her head.

“How can he fall asleep in less than five minutes?”

She smiled faintly, lowering her arm that was covering Astein’s eyes.

I was worried, but I’m glad he’s gotten much brighter. Although he was still blunt and cold, compared to the first time they met, Astein was getting much better.
He talked more, and sometimes he laughed. Wait… Did he hit his head somewhere?

Elusiana’s head tilted slightly, frowning.

“Looking at him today, it seems to be the case.”

Well, it’s good that he laughs well.

Elusiana lifted herself up, touching Astein’s nose slightly.

“Good night, As.
And for today…thank you very much.”

After giving her thanks, Elusiana left the room.
Left alone in the room, Astein soon opened his eyes.
He smiled slowly and touched his nose where her fingertips touched.

“Me too.
Thank you, Lusi.”


* * *


This is so boring. Elusiana, who had canceled her schedules this week, had been staring out the window since the morning with a bored face. I shouldn’t have told him to rest well if I knew this would happen.

It wasn’t enough to mess up his perfectly fine feet, she even forced Astein to rest because of her guilt of abusing the precious ointment and causing him to faint.
He said it was okay, but she was using that excuse to take a break from the tightly organized class, what a beautiful ending.
But that kind of joy was only for a short time.
On the third day, she felt suffocated.

“Lady, why are you looking so down?”

“Because there’s nothing to cheer me up.”

“Are you bored?”

“Why do you ask when you already know?”

Elusiana, who was like ice cream melted in the heat, suddenly raised her head.

“Why? Is there anything interesting going on?”

In response to Elusiana’s reaction, Trisha put down the flowers she was tending to and smiled.



Elusiana’s scarlet eyes widened and sparkled with anticipation.

“What is it?”

“Fufu, follow me.
Eat your heart out.
Lady probably won’t notice the passage of time for a while.”

“It’s suspicious to say that.”

Elusiana shot a wary look at Trisha’s overconfidence.

“Trust me, Lady.
At least you will be much happier than you are now.”

I’ll trust you.”

Trisha took the lead with a lively smile.
Elusiana was somehow bothered by that smile, but she followed her without saying anything because she had nothing to do.
Then they arrived in front of a door.


Elusiana sighed and looked at Trisha.
The room she was looking at was the room she visited yesterday, the day before and the day before yesterday.

“Did you convert my dressing room into a playroom, Trisha?”

“What do you mean by playroom? I don’t understand what Lady is talking about.  You can’t compare it with this place, even if you put 10 playrooms together.
Come in, Lady.
You’ll never say that again if you see it in person.”

Without a moment to refuse, Trisha grabbed Elusiana by the wrist and led her into the dressing room.

“Oh my gosh! Look at this, Lady.
It’s a bag made of mermaid scales.”

Trisha’s hand, which had let go of Elusiana’s hand, was already holding a bag that sparkled in a mysterious color.

“Look at the beautiful color.
This is a rare item that even the Imperial Palace only has a few of.
Where did they get this from? Oh my! T-t-these are fairy wings!”

Trisha put on an ecstatic expression as she held the transparent fabric in her hand.
Then, searching for another target, she disappeared into the dressing room.

“It’s only a piece of cloth, but is it that good?”

Shaking her head, Elusiana looked around the dressing room with a sullen expression. 

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