Chapter 19.
You On The Rainy Day (3)


A white light flashed, and lightning struck.  Elusiana lay in the bed and moved her gaze out of the window again.

“Trisha, is father not coming back yet?”

“Yes, Lady.”

“I see.”

Trisha added her words as if comforting Elusiana’s dark-looking face.
“It’s taking longer than usual because it’s raining.
It’s only been two hours since master left.”

“Yes, I know.”

“So, stop worrying master, and go to sleep quickly.
Master would scold me if he found out that Lady is still awake.”

“Father wouldn’t do that.”

“Still, he will hate me.
I don’t want to be hated, so please do me a favor, Lady.”

Elusiana smirked at Trisha whining.
She knew why Trisha tried to put her to sleep, by making unreasonable excuses.  If you fall asleep, time will pass quickly.

Trisha smiled as she pulled the blanket up to Elusiana’s chest.
“Aren’t you scared? In the past, Lady used to hold my hand and sleep because Lady was scared of the thunder.”

Elusiana, who flinched, and smiled awkwardly, “That, I’m putting up with it.
I… have grown up a lot too.”

“Yes, you grew up well, my Lady.”

Trisha’s eyes reddened for no reason, then she cleared her throat and turned around.
Then I’ll go out now.
If you’re scared, please call me.”

Good night, Trisha.”

Standing at the door, Trisha looked back once more.
When Elusiana smiled broadly and waved her hand, she closed the door as if she was a little relieved.

Haa… Honestly, it’s too much to sleep while holding hands at this age, right? It’s just the thunder.

It was then a powerful sound exploded like a bomb, ringing in her ears.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble.


* * *


Even in the midst of that noise, it seemed that she had fallen asleep suddenly.
Elusiana pulled herself out of bed, sweeping her disheveled hair behind her ears.

Seeing that the sound of rain is still there, it seems like it still hasn’t stopped.

She couldn’t open her eyes, perhaps because she had fallen asleep before.
Rubbing her eyes, Elusiana turned her gaze toward the door.

I think I heard something.”

But now, all she could hear was the sound of rain.

“What time is it now?”

Elusiana’s gaze, which opened her eyes repeatedly, turned to the wall. Around 2 a.m.

She didn’t know if her father was already back or not.
Elusiana wanted to go to Simons’ bedroom to check it herself, but if she did that, she would be rumored to be a ‘coward.’

Just in time, it was thundering loudly.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble.

Maybe using that excuse for the 8-year-old little girl just looked cute.

Let’s just think that no news is good news. There was no way it could be this quiet if something happened.

Elusiana walked over and sat down on the chair by the table.
She sighed, filled a glass with water, and drank it coolly.

It’s cool.”

Putting down the glass of water, Elusiana wiped the remaining water around her mouth.
Her mind was awake, and it seemed like she couldn’t fall asleep again.

It was then.

Tak- tak- tak-


Tak- tak-

“What is that sound?”

Elusiana rose cautiously from her seat.
She was certain that she didn’t hear it wrong.
It was definitely a weak knock.
However, the repeated sound of knocking was clearly coming from beyond her door.

Who is going crazy this early in the morning? Even disturbing this precious lady’s sweet sleep?  That thought was not here for long.
Whoever was outside the door, she had to check it by herself.

“I wonder how thick their faces are, to do this.”

She wasn’t particularly afraid.
Inside the mansion, Elusiana was perfectly safe.
That was the reason that Simon restricted her access to the outside world.

The former viscount and Simon’s wife died of an unknown disease.
And his daughter barely survived the death.
It might be excessive, but Simon must have wanted to hold her in his arms and protect her until his anxiety was gone.
All Simon had left of his family was Elusiana.

Fortunately, such overprotection had been a great help to her, who had transmigrated.
Elusiana wasn’t able to adapt to this world without being noticed by others.
But this time, she thought it was time to get out from under his protection.

It’s also to prepare for an uncertain future, but I don’t want to live my whole life like a flower in a greenhouse.

Of course, her outing a few days ago was a bit impulsive.
She seemed to take the idea of the world too lightly since she had been living among people full of goodwill.
So, she thought that entering the lawless slums with only one escort would be safe.

Still, my goal has been achieved.

Although Simon scolded her a lot, her sincerity of wanting to break out of her egg seemed to have been conveyed to some extent. When the time is right, I will beg him for a tour of the islands.

Even if Simon didn’t like it very much, if it was Elusiana’s request, that father would do it  himself. Because he’s originally a weak-hearted person.

Elusiana smiled involuntarily and grabbed the doorknob.
She was thinking about something else for a moment.
Still, the important thing now was to know who was the uninvited guest beyond the door.

Elusiana opened the door without much tension.



Her amber eyes were stained with absurdity by the presence of the unexpected visitor. No, why are you out here?

Astein, pale as if he was about to collapse, leaned against the door and looked at her.


“Haa, haa, Lu… si…”

“What are you doing here? No, more than that.
Don’t you know what time is—”

Elusiana wasn’t even finished with her words.
Astein’s body, which seemed to be shaking, fell in an instant like a sandcastle collapsing.
This was also completely unexpected, so while holding his body, Elusiana wondered if this was a dream or not. But the hot heat transmitted through my hands and his wet clothes… it was too vivid to call it a dream.

“You… why are you like this?”

“Haa… haa…”

“What’s going on? “Why are your clothes so wet?”

“Lu… si…”

Every time he spoke, his white hot breath spread .
Elusiana quickly touched Astein’s forehead at his unusual appearance. What? He’s boiling hot!

“What’s happening?”

There was no sign of this when she saw him in the garden during the day.
He acted cynical as usual and turned people inside out. That was why I became angry and came back first… Ah! No way…

“You! No way, were you all wet in the rain? Oh my gosh! You should’ve changed right away if your clothes were wet.
Have you been doing this all this time? Huh?”

Lu… si…”

Astein constantly called her name as if he didn’t hear her.

Elusiana helped Astein into her room and laid him on the bed as he seemed to be out of his mind.

“Lie down for now, As.
I’ll go quickly and get the doctor.”

“…don’t… go.”

“Just a moment.
I’ll be right back, so wait a minute, okay?”

At that time, a cracked voice like a dry desert was pleading.

“Please… stay… by my side.”


Elusiana, who was about to stand up, was slightly taken aback by her sudden pleading.
For a moment, she wondered, Is he really saying that to me?, Astein held her arm anxiously.

Don’t go… Mother… Don’t leave… me…”

Mother…? Elusiana couldn’t move when she repeated the word in her mouth.

The sobs swallowed he supressed inside, squeezed a corner of her chest, it felt so painful like it had been hacked to pieces.
Astein was weak enough that if you hit him, he would fall right away.
Nevertheless, Elusiana didn’t dare to lay her hand on him.
His touch was like the desperate struggle of a child who had exhausted being alive.

This…! What happened to you in the past, As?

Except from the time when she found him, he had never shown any signs of weakness.
Astein was consistently cold and blunt and mostly indifferent.
Above all, he was insensitive to pain.
But she thought he was fine.
She could see him gradually getting better.
But now.

As. He cried sadly now like a baby bird that has lost its mother.
It felt like his heart was about to burst.
Even his touch was weak, which made him more pitiful and sad.

Don’t… go… please…”

Astein’s hand, which had lost its direction, wandered in the air.
Elusiana clasped his hands tightly as if she wouldn’t miss it.

Mother… Mother…”

I’m here, As.”

Elusiana laid down beside him and hugged him, who was sobbing.
Then, as if digging into his mother’s arms, Astein dug into her arms.
At that time, the Lisianthus necklace around her neck shook with a clatter as if agitated by his feelings.

“I promise I will always be by your side.
So… calm down.”

Heeuk… Mother…”

Did he understand Elusiana? Astein reached out and hugged her waist tightly.


Elusiana was briefly surprised by the sudden force that came in, but soon she patted him on the back.
Astein’s trembling from the sobbing gradually subsided, when she patted him on the back.
His distorted expression became calm before she knew it.

After a while, the sound of his breathing became even.
He fell asleep.
Elusiana lowered her gaze slightly and brushed the black hair that was covering his eyes.
A tear-stained face turned back.

How can he look so pretty even when he’s a mess?  In particular, the black and rich eyelashes were wet with water, beautiful enough to make her heart ache. Certainly, this beauty must be coming from heaven, not this world.

Elusiana, who was staring unconsciously as if possessed, lowered her eyes as if something was pulling her neck.
The Lisianthus necklace, which she didn’t know when was being pulled, tightly into Astein’s hand.

When did he pull this?

He seemed rather worried that she might run away.

Is this boy really a kid?

With a spontaneous smile, Elusiana hugged Astein.
She hoped he knew that he wasn’t alone in this world, that there was someone who cared for him.
Even if his situation was like a lighthouse that shines dimly in the open sea, she wanted him to know that the light was still shining for him.

Please don’t get lost. Elusiana sincerely hoped.

…Then, ten years passed.

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