Chapter 35.
Scheduled Parting (3)

Ha! I’m so stunned.
It pisses me off just thinking about it again.

After a short snort, Elusiana twisted the corners of her mouth and gave a rotten smile.

“If someone asked them to wait endlessly, someone would say, ‘Ah, yes.
Don’t worry.
I’m fine.
Work comfortably.
I will always be waiting for you with all my heart.
Fighting!’ But do you even know how they were feeling?”

She flicked through the order ledger with her rough hand, habitually checking out the work that needed to be done today.
Then, as if she was so upset, she slammed the table.

“Am I like a girlfriend waiting for her boyfriend who went to the army? Or like a woman from the Joseon Dynasty who is waiting for their lover who goes to war? You want me to wait? Why me? Who are you telling me to wait for you? Ha! It’s not even funny.
I really meant it.”

Elusiana, who jumped up from her seat, took an empty basket and moved to the place where the flowers were listed.
It was then Noel, who she didn’t know when he came in, popped up his head in front of her.

“Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Joseon Dynasty? What else is that?”

“Ah! Y-You scared me!”

“What are you so surprised about?”

“Then, aren’t you surprised? Suddenly, without any sign, you popped up with your face.
And didn’t I warn you clearly? Don’t show up in other people’s stores like this.”

Noel smiled and circled around her.
“Well, I guess so.” He laughed playfully whether this had happened once or twice.

Ignoring Noel’s warm gaze, Elusiana began to pick flowers and put them into the empty basket.
Noel followed her and continued to talk.
“Are you angry?”

“Could you please step away? Don’t disturb my work.”

Elusiana’s answer was as solid as an iron wall, which made Noel come closer and gently smile at her.

“Do you have to speak so coldly? We’ve known each other for over two years, Lusi.
Can’t you be a little nicer?”

“Never mind.
Please leave now.”

Elusiana pushed Noel’s body away and took a seat at her work table.
Then Noel dragged the chair next to her as if he was used to this situation.

“Do you have a lot of work today? This isn’t even your main store, so what’s going on? Why don’t you get an assistant instead?”

Elusiana, who was trimming the flowers, put down the scissors she was holding roughly. Tak.

“Asking for your help is absolutely a no, Customer.
If you don’t want to be kicked out that door right now! Let’s stop here, alright?”

“Ei, is it because of what happened last time? It was a mistake.
How could I know that the young lady who was chasing me would appear there? In addition, I accepted the flowers that were being delivered and said thank you for the gift and smiled… but asking for it back is a little too much.
I also have a reputation with the outside world, don’t you think so?”

He picked up the scissors that Elusiana had put down and snipped off one of the intact stems.

“Who was the one who assured me to trust and just leave it to you? Who said you can do well for days, just trust you and promise that I will never regret it? But is it just a mistake? Do you really feel sorry? How could you say such irresponsible things?”

As the memories of that day came back vividly, Elusiana raised her eyes while scissoring ferociously.

Noel still smiled softly and said, “You must be really angry?”

“You think I’m faking this?” You crazy punk!

It had already been two years.
And it had been a long time since he came and scratched the inside of Elusiana like now.

Elusiana tapped her chest in an attempt to soothe her boiling anger deep inside.
Then, in less than a second, Noel naturally grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t do that, Lusi.
It hurts.”

Elusiana took off the crane and hit Noel on the back of his hand. Slap.

“I told you not to touch me, right?”

“Why? I’m genuinely worried about Lusi.”

What are you saying? This man’s words smell like bullshit.

Elusiana, who couldn’t contain her anger, stood up from her seat with a furious face.
Then, the gray cat, which jumped up quickly, stepped forward as if to protect her, giving a big swing with its front paws.



“Oh my, where else had this brat been hiding and suddenly popped out?”

Noel grinned and pushed his body back excessively.
He didn’t do anything wrong, but this cat was alert every time it saw him, raising its fur.

Is it following its owner’s feelings? Noel somehow didn’t feel good thinking about it.
He impulsively picked up the remaining stem after Elusiana trimmed the flowers.
It would be nice to teach them who has the upper hand at this point.
Soda’s eyes then flashed unusually.


“As far as you’re concerned, I’m the best on this continent.
Let’s see how well you will hold up.”

Noel held back his laughter and swung the stem like a sword.
The sound of swishing left, and right was quite fierce.
Surprised by it, Soda hesitated for a moment but soon pressed the flower’s stem with its front paws in quick movements.

“Hoo~ Your quickness is amazing, isn’t it?”


“Both of you, stop!”

Soda, who was roaring in victory, and Noel, who had been clapping and cheering, stopped for an instant.
Elusiana touched her forehead in despair and picked up the back of Soda.

“Soda, this sister already said it’s dangerous to go out alone, right? Why do you keep coming out of the house? Huh?”


When she left the house, she definitely locked the door tightly.
However, Soda came to the ‘Fragrant Garden’ every time. Well, how could it answer a question like this? It’s not even a person.

Elusiana looked at Noel, who was determined to find a dog… no, a cat hole, once again when she got home. But how long does this man intend to stay here? Seeing Noel smiling comfortably in front of her, Elusiana let out a frustrated sigh.

Whenever Noel interpreted her sigh, he said with a smile, “If you have something to say, don’t hold back, Lusi.
Because I’m always ready.
Just in case, I like Lusi.”

“Are you crazy?”


Noel backed away at the sudden intrusion of Soda.
Soda’s fierce blue eyes were staring at him as if to kill him.

“Lusi, don’t you think Soda understands what people say? How can it interrupt every time I say something important?”

Elusiana smiled and clung to Soda.
“Look, Lord.
Soda is a cat.”

“Do you still feel that way even after seeing this? Hey, are you sure you understand what humans are saying? Otherwise, why do you hate me so much?”

Elusiana clicked her tongue and said, “Now let go of the illusion that everyone in the world will like Lord, okay? I know you have a high level of narcissism, but it’s hard to ignore Soda’s preference.”

“Then, what’s your preference?”

Elusiana, who had been responding lightly, paused for a moment.
She thought she had gotten quite used to his unruly personality.
Still, she was hardly immune to questions that sometimes popped up like this.

Elusiana tapped Soda’s fluffy butt and said sullenly, “I can say for sure that Lord is not my cup of tea.”

“Anyway, you’re not giving me… a chance.”

Noel’s expression, who was talking, froze for a moment.
Feeling something strange, Elusiana looked at Noel.
But before that, Noel rose from his seat with a smile on his face.

“I have to go now.
I have an important appointment this evening.
Ah! You’re wearing the one I gave you, right?”

Noel tapped his wrist and asked.
Elusiana looked at him quietly and then nodded.

“Yes, as you can see.”

There was a silver bracelet with a simple design on her wrist that had never been seen before.
It was a summoning artifact with purple amethyst embedded in the center of the bracelet, the same color as Noel’s eyes.


“Take it.
It’s your birthday present.”


He threw it over as if he already knew that she wouldn’t accept it.
But since then, he had reminded her of the existence of the bracelet every once in a while.
Just like today, out of the blue.

“Don’t ever take it off your body.
If something dangerous happens, press the jewel in the center.
Press it twice, understand? Then- wherever you are, I will definitely find you.”

Elusiana nodded reluctantly at Noel’s expression, which seemed to be very serious.

“Then, I will go.
Don’t get off work too late.”

Elusiana looked at Noel’s back as he left the store and smiled.

“He’s really arbitrary.”

Elusiana pulled the collar of her wrist a little further where the bracelet was visible.
It looked plain, but it was an expensive artifact for commoners to wear.

“Why did he give me this useless summoning artifact? Does he want to play the black knight? Well, it’s his hobby.”

He looked like a man that was easy to understand, but he was difficult to understand.

Shaking her head, Elusiana hurriedly immersed herself in work, pushing aside her idle thoughts.

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