Chapter 42.
There Is No Better Opportunity Than This (1)

It was a night of pitch-black darkness.
A slender figure entered the mansion of Viscount Waieos.
Jayra, who stepped lightly, let out a low sigh.

“How long do I have to do this?”

Jayra grumbled reluctantly and shook his head as he looked down at the gray presence that appeared.


“You’re saying something like ‘Meooow’.
Who are you acting coy in front of? Aren’t you going to relax now?”

Soda, who had cutely covered its face with one of its forepaws, swung its head in displeasure.

“Oh my, look at this brat.”

“Mew, mew.”

Its blue eyes narrowed.
Jayra shook his head at that sly and cunning look.

“Yes, do as you please.”


“But there is an order from His Excellency.”

It was only then that Soda, who curled up, began to transform its shape.
Soda, who was a cat, soon took the form of a human and moved.


Jayra threw the robe he was holding as if he had seen nothing.
The naked Soda snatched it up with a smirk and put it on.

“Huaaaa.” Soda, no, Ethan, who bent his neck from side to side as if stretching, gently swept his gray hair.

“Long time no see, Sir Deputy Magician.”

“…Can’t you stop looking at me like that? It’s creepy.”

Ethan giggled as he watched Jayra shiver.
He spun around in place and pushed his face right in front of Jayra’s.

What are you doing, Ethan?”

“Whoops, it has become my habit.
So, what is His Excellency’s order?”

Frightened, Jayra tossed the paper he was holding.
Ethan, who snatched a piece of paper flying in the air, tilted his head.

“Recruitment for a new employee?”

“Deliver itl so the lady can see it.”

“Huh? This… is the recruitment for His Excellency’s maid, right? Could it be that he is going to take the young lady as his maid? Not as the grand duchess?”

Jayra frowned at him and let out a sigh.
“Think of this as a process… to let that happen.”

“What kind of bullshit is that? If he wants to take her as his wife, just take it.
What’s so complicated?”

Jayra clicked his tongue as if he was pathetic.

“Don’t you think that you live without thinking?”

Ethan, who soon clung close to Jayra’s side, smiled wryly.
“You mean that? How much am I struggling to assist the lady? It’s usually not a nuisance to get that mite off.
But those words hurt a bit, Sir Deputy Magician.”

“…Get away from me.
Go away.”

It’s not like this only happens once or twice, so why are you so embarrassed?”

“Hey, you, I can see everything.”

“See everything? What do you mean?”

“Please put on some clothes.
Wherever you go… think of the viewer’s point of view!”

Turning his gaze downward, Jayra lifted his middle finger high in the air and soon vanished like the wind.


Ethan licked his lips as if he was sorry for Jayra, who left after pouring out a lot of things to say.

“What the? This is refreshing.
And why did he stop talking? It’s kind of uncomfortable.”

Unknowingly, his shoulder moved up and down without realizing it, and he laughed.
Suddenly, Ethan covered his mouth with a reddened face.
Only then did he realize that he was wearing nothing underneath.

Ethan quietly opened and held his fluttering robe.
The fact that he felt cooler today… It must be because of a useless feeling, right?


Ethan shuddered in shame and instantly returned to Soda’s form.

* * *

The next day, Elusiana, who woke up early in the morning, cautiously looked for Simon.
But he had already left for work.
She let out a long sigh as she looked at the note left by Simon.


[I’m going to work first.
Don’t worry too much.
I will find a way to pay off the debt.
I’m sorry.]



Elusiana touched her throbbing forehead.
If it was Simon, he might find a way.
But she didn’t trust him in the negotiating price.
What else was more meaningless than embracing greater misfortune to prevent the one in front of you right now?

“Still, he’s not going to decide on his own.”


“Huh? Soda.”

Elusiana smiled softly as Soda went under her feet.
Soda kept rubbing its body against her feet as if it felt good.



“Huh? Where? Follow you?”

Elusiana reluctantly stood up from her seat as Soda, who bit her pants, pretending to pull her.

“What’s wrong? Huh? Where are we going?”

Following Soda into the garden, Elusiana found clothes on the ground and looked at Soda.

“These clothes… what is it?”

Soda flinched and quickly bit the clothes, and threw them aside.
Elusiana saw a piece of paper underneath it.
However, her eyes were directed to the clothes thrown far away.
Soda, who stopped her as she was about to step toward the clothes, hurriedly tapped the ground with its tail.

“Mew, mew.
Mew, mew, mew.”

Elusiana turned her gaze away from the clothes and looked back at Soda.
Soda then whirled around and flopped onto the paper.
She was taken aback by its sudden behavior for a moment, but Elusiana soon burst into laughter.

“What are you doing? You’re not doing this to make me look at this paper, aren’t you?”

Elusiana, who held the flinching Soda, picked up the paper underneath it.

“But why is this here?”

She rubbed her cheek against Soda’s cheek and looked at the paper.

“…Uh? Huh? Grand Duke Sestein hiring for a maid?”

Holding Soda in one hand, she checked the contents of the paper again.
Her eyes were serious and fierce.
She, who read every word until the end, swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.
If this was true— I must never miss this opportunity.

Elusiana hurriedly left the mansion after getting ready for the interview with an unusual expression on her face.

* * *

“Wow—” Entering the main gate of the Grand Duchy Sestein, Elusiana unknowingly exclaimed in admiration.

…What is this? This is… a castle, right? Could it be because they inherited the blood of the imperial family? In fact, Sestein’s family mansion was grand and splendid, like the imperial palace.

It’s like the Palace of Versaiyu. Neither the left nor the right end can be seen.
Elusiana followed the leading maid closely so as not to miss her. If I get lost here, I’ll be like a lost child.

Looking at the maze-like trees in the garden, her fluffy hair stood out spontaneously.
The moment she became lost, the first thing she would think was that she would starve to death while looking for a way out.

Elusiana struggled to familiarize herself with the geography of her surroundings, keeping the tension.
However, this maze-like road was somehow very strange. What? Is it moving?

“…It’s magic!”

Elusiana flinched involuntarily.
She already knew Grand Duke Sestein was from a prestigious family famous for their magic.
So what’s the big deal about using such a huge magic? Maybe there was more magic hidden where she couldn’t see.

No wonder it’s called an impregnable fortress. When she thought about it, the moment you entered this place, you would never get out of there without their permission.
It meant that it was no different from being held captive in the middle of the enemy’s camp. I’m gonna be okay, right?

Stunned, Elusiana entered the mansion’s interior under the maid’s guidance.
And the moment she entered the room, Elusiana was surprised once again. Crazy! Are those all jewels?

The floor, walls, stairs, railings, and everything in sight were studded with colorful jewels.
Some were made by attaching very small grains to form a single shape, while others occupied a part of the ornaments crafted in a certain pattern.

Elusiana was mesmerized for a moment by the unrealistic sight. G-Get yourself together, Lusi.
It’s not even yours, so what are you staring at? It wouldn’t be her even if she looked at it for a long time.
If she took off just one big jewel over there and sold it, she would have paid off all her current debt. If that’s the case, I’m gonna die here, right? She felt sick at the unnecessary eye candy.

It was after such a long walk.
The maid stopped in front of the door, which appeared to be the parlor.

“This is the place, Lady.”

As expected, the colorful pattern stood out first.
The maid opened the door and stepped aside.

“You can go inside.”

Elusiana unknowingly flinched at the guidance of the very old maid.
It was just an interview, but wasn’t it too much? She hid her feelings and answered awkwardly.
“…Thank you.”

Elusiana hesitantly bowed her head as she entered the parlor.
Sure enough, the parlor’s interior was also luxurious to the extent that it was comparable to the splendor of the hall she had just passed.

The interior, decorated all in red, felt alluring and sophisticated.
The carpet on the floor, the curtains of the window, and the material surrounding the center table and sofa were all red.
However, despite these intense colors, there was a heavy elegance in the atmosphere of the parlor.

Elusiana touched the golden embroidery of the tablecloth.
It was a pattern of roses and vines.
The sight was so beautiful, as if it would seduce you with an enticing scent.

“Lady, please sit here.”

Surprised by the friendly tone, Elusiana quickly took her hand off the tablecloth.
Her heart raced as if she was caught stealing bread secretly, even though she did nothing wrong.
She blushed slightly as she sat down on the red velvet sofa.

“I’m going to prepare tea.
Do you have any particular tea leaves you want, Lady?”

Elusiana answered, glancing at the excessively kind maid.
“…It’s okay.”

“Then I will serve you something that was already prepared.”


The maid, bowing her head respectfully, walked out of the splendid and beautiful door.

Elusiana muttered as she stared at the closed door in dismay.
If there’s something that is already prepared, why… did she ask my opinion?”

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