Chapter 45.
It’s Not For Anyone To Be Blamed (1)

Elusiana, who was stunned, couldn’t bear to speak and groaned.
It was certainly fortunate that the person she thought was dead was still alive.
But why did she help that person when she couldn’t even get up properly?

I can’t jump back into the hell that I barely escaped. Elusiana closed her eyes tightly and stepped back.
This was unexpected.
There was no reason for her to get involved with that person as a third party.
However, the thin and white hands kept catching her eyes.
Even those fingers begged her to save them somehow.

Ah, I don’t know! This damn place. She won’t know if she didn’t see it, but she couldn’t just pass by since she had seen it.

* * *

Long after she dragged the man through the darkness, Elusiana could barely find a piece of furniture that seemed to be a bed.
This room was darker than she thought.
However, the dim light from somewhere was so subtle that it wasn’t burdensome, so it became possible to identify the face.

Elusiana put the panting man on the bed and examined his complexion.
When she first saw him fall down, she thought he would die soon, but fortunately, he seemed to have regained stability quickly.

Phew, that’s a relief.
His breathing has improved. It was a dim light, but the man’s face seemed much better.
At first, she thought she saw this man’s face somewhere, so she took a closer look at the man.
But it was her first time seeing that man.

Well, did that man have any relationship with Grand Duke Sestein? Elusiana laughed inwardly and then faced the immediate problem. But who is this man?

The dark hallway was so quiet that even a small sound could be heard as noise.
A man who was neglected in a place that seemed to be completely hidden.
What was his true identity? How could he have been imprisoned in such a gloomy place? Even he looked dying.

Is he really the Grand Duke’s test subject? Something like a guinea pig that the grand duke kept by his side to develop a new magic… and observe its progress?

Instantly, Elusiana’s heart sank.
She could never get out of here alive if her guess was true.
She had witnessed the most secretive truth of the Sestein family.
However, looking at the top-notch furniture furnished inside, it was questionable if this suspiciously good room really belonged to a test subject.

Is he a noble who is secretly being treated by the Grand Duke? Or— a blood relative of the unknown Grand Duke? However, it was a little strange that he had no maid.
Also, being left alone in this dark place.
Above all, if someone in the grand duke’s family was sick, that person must be… No way!

Elusiana stared at the lying man as if she remembered something unexpected.
“E-excuse m—”

“Cough, cough, cough.” At that time, the man crouched his body in half and coughed violently.

“Mi-mister, are you okay?”

Elusiana, surprised by the man’s condition as if he was about to vomit blood, hurriedly examined the man’s body.


Haa… T-thank you.
For helping me.
You… are… Cough.”

“You don’t have to tell me.
First, catch your breath.”

“But… Cough.
Thank… you… Haa… Cough.”

As if it was difficult, the man continued to catch his breath while he was talking.
The more he did, the paler his complexion became, and Elusiana was afraid that this sickly man might die at this rate.
She carefully swept the man’s back, throwing away doubts about his identity.

“Thank me later.
Finding stability is your priority now.
Now, exhale slowly hu— Ha— Hu— Ha— Like that.”

“Hu… Haa… like… this?”

You are doing well.
Now, do it again.”

“Huu— Haa—”

After a while, the man’s breathing gradually stabilized.
Feeling relieved, Elusiana took a glass of water from the bedside table and held it to the man’s lips.

“It’s water.
Drink a little.”

“…You are… kind person.”

The man smiled faintly and quietly swallowed the water.
When Elusiana saw the man’s face, which was particularly pale, she felt a little sorry for thinking only of her own comfort a moment ago.

“Now I need to… lie down.”

“Yes, I’ll help you.”

Elusiana held the man by the shoulder as if hugging him.
At that moment, the man’s body stiffened noticeably.

“What’s wrong? Do you feel hurt somewhere?”

“…No, it’s… nothing.”

The man frowned and shook his head.
It seemed as if he was forcibly holding back his pain, so Elusiana laid the man down and touched his forehead.

“I think you have a slight fever.”

The man shook his head, carefully removing Elusiana’s hand.
“My body… temperature… is usually higher… than a normal person.”

“Ah, really? If so, I’m glad.”

Elusiana lowered her hand shyly, and the man on the bed smiled lightly.

“Thank you, Lady.
I feel much more comfortable thanks to you.”

“…I’m glad.”

Seeing that light and kind smile, Elusiana unconsciously bit her lips.
It was because the face of the man who had become more comfortable was still pale. I guess I’ll have to call the doctor. But she wasn’t sure if she could do something like that.
She felt like she was going to risk herself by doing something that she shouldn’t have done.

However— What if this weak man dies after I leave? No, he could be a test subject in the first place! Wouldn’t that be a bigger deal? But what if, by any chance, he’s a noble?

Elusiana was in a state of panic.
Then she met the man’s eyes at the moment.
Red eyes that look particularly dark.
Seeing the flickering color within the golden ring, a person’s face suddenly came to her mind.

It’s color… like As. Unlike Astein’s eyes, which were just red, this man’s pupils had vivid golden rings around them.
They were definitely different, but it’s strangely similar to Astein.
That’s why she looked at him again.

…Me too.
Why do I mistakenly think that heartless guy and this handsome man resemble each other? Even those gentle drooping eyes are different. It’s not like she had a facial recognition disorder.

It was at this time when Elusiana, who was somehow despondent, let out a self-help laugh.
A piercing gaze was coming from right next to her.
Her gaze reflexively turned to the side. Gasp, what? What’s wrong?

A reddish pupil that vibrates wildly as if angry.
Those eyes with the golden rings were staring at her.


Without realizing it, Elusiana closed her eyes tightly.
Those gazes were so intense that it felt like she would be chewed up and swallowed if she made a mistake.

“Lady, are you… okay?”

Elusiana opened her eyes in surprise at the man’s gentle call.
But the red eyes of the man she saw again were quiet as if what she had seen before was a lie.

What? Did I see it wrong? Elusiana rubbed her eyes unknowingly.
Even when she blinked her eyes quickly, the man in front of him remained docile and weak.

“You don’t look well, Lady.
Aren’t you overdoing it to help me?”

“Ah, that’s not it.
I was thinking about someone for a while.”

The man slowly rose himself and leaned against the head of the bed.
His hunched shoulder straightened out, revealing unexpectedly broad shoulders.

“Who… are you thinking of? By any chance, your lover?”

Elusiana desperately waved her hand at the man’s voice, which somehow sounded familiar.

“Lover?! It’s not like that at all.”

Elusiana waved her hand but couldn’t understand why she denied it so much.
She didn’t even notice that the man’s tone had changed to that of an ‘ordinary person’.
Just looking at those eyes, she felt like she had to do that.

Could it be because of her will? The man’s tone softened even more.

“Not your lover? But why are you so deep in thought?”

“Did I look deep in thought? I was thinking about whether I should bring a doctor right now.”

“Ah, is that so?”

Elusiana, who hid her stinging expression, made another excuse.
“Yes, of course.
Even if you’re okay, I think it’s better to see a doctor.
In that case… I wonder if it would be good to take medicine in advance.”

“Were you worried about me?”

“O-of course.”

The man’s eyes drooped gently.
“Thank you for your concern, but I know my body well.
It hurts, but it gets better soon.
Rather, what is the name of Lady?”

At the sudden change of topic, Elusiana shut her mouth tightly.
Her body knew  that the man who wasn’t different from a stranger that would die soon, was caring for her and didn’t care about his own safety.

For her, who had been relieved a little while ago by the man’s word that she shouldn’t call a doctor… I can’t believe I’m just thinking about my own survival over such a nice person. 

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