Huangfu Jie didn't respond to the old eunuch's rudeness, and he didn't know how to respond. +

Zhang Ping was so angry that he didn't teach the child how to act like a prince and how to deal with such things.
In fact, he was only 15 years old, and he had just entered the palace for less than a year.
How could he know how the prince should deal with this kind of thing? He was just angry that Huangfu Jie's attitude was too weak. +

“Gonggong, His highness is going to find it by himself.
“Zhang Ping was so angry that he still had a smile on his face. +

“The old eunuch did not say yes or no. +

Zhang Ping secretly poked at the child, trying to make him yell at them. +

As a result, the child turned to look at him. +

Zhang Ping stunned, what are you looking at me for? You show me your power! These waiters are soft and afraid, but they are just secretly enjoying the superiority of bullying the prince. +

“Zhang Ping …” the child began to talk. +

Well, you don't show authority, I will give you authority.
As soon as Zhang Ping gritted his teeth and threw himself on his knees, he began to knock his head again and again. +

“Your Highness's please forgive, your Highness's please forgive.
This slave a bastard, this slave deserves to die.
It's because the slave didn't do it well.
Please forgive me, your highness.
This slave knows his mistake.
This slave really knows his mistake.
” +

In order to be more persuasive, he raised his hand and began slapping himself in the face.
Once, twice, and several times, he bled. +

Huangfu Jie froze.
He just wanted to say: Zhang Ping, let's go back.
Unexpectedly, Zhang Ping would suddenly kneel down at him and start beating himself.
Why did he do this? +

Huangfu Jie reached out and wanted to stop Zhang Ping. +

Zhang Ping took the hand, and respectfully said, “Thank Your Highness for your kindness.
The slaves let the two gong gong invite His Highness to go in.” +

Zhang Ping got up and did not wipe the blood on the corners of his mouth.
He went to the two eunuchs without expression and said, “Two Gonggong, my highness, would like to go into the library to borrow books.
Please do me a favor.
” +

The two eunuchs glanced at each other, and had been scared by Zhang Ping's self-punishment for a long time, and then saw that the four princes who were famous for their ugliness were looking at them with a very gloomy eyes, immediately they were scared they had cold sweat. +

Did they just go too far? This ugly prince is not favored any more, but he is also a prince! What's more, his grandfather is still a cavalry general. +

“Please forgive me for my impoliteness.
Only because there are many books in this library, and the classification is very complicated.
I wanted to ask the fourth highness what books he wanted to read.
The old slave could look for them on behalf of him, which saved the fourth Highness's efforts to find books.
But if the fourth highness wants to find the book himself, he has no choice.
Fourth highness, please! ” +

The door of the library was finally opened to them.
Zhang Ping asked Huangfu Jie to go first, and then he followed in.
Today, his friend, a young eunuch who was trained in the same period with him at the same time, Shao Yun was on duty inside.
He didn't worry about finding the book he wanted. +

The library is really big and really deep. +

A large number of books are crammed into the bookshelves.
Someone cleans and arranges them every day, but the cold eerie feeling can't be dispelled. +

With the help of Shao Yun, Zhang Ping soon found books such as art of war.
Considering that it was not easy to come to the library, he took one book after another.
But where is the martial arts secret collection? +

Huangfu Jie didn't understand, so he stood by and watched.
After a long time, seeing Zhang Ping's addiction in finding books, he was bored and looked around casually.
In the distance, the young eunuch named Shao Yun is peering into him secretly.
Huangfu Jie glanced at him, and the other party immediately backed away. +

Is he really that scary? When Zhang Ping took him to find him just now, he screamed at him and knocked over the books being revised on the table. +

If he is so scary, why Zhang Ping never fears him and dares to sleep with him at night? +

He remembered that Gao Xin, the eunuch who had served him before, said that during the day, it was okay.
If he saw him at night, living people would be scared to death. +

He is really ugly and scared people, isn't he? +

“Your Highness, you also walk around to see what books you are interested in.
This is a treasure land that only the royal family can possibly come to.
A lot of books are out there but they can't be found.
Zhang Ping sighed, this is the place that many scholars dream of. +

Huangfu Jie nodded obediently and began to walk around the study at will.
Sometimes he would take out a book to have a look. +

Time goes by unconsciously. +

Huangfu Jie, who walked around and looked westward, suddenly set his gaze on a book on the bottom row of the left-hand shelf leaning lonely.
What attracted him was the cover of this book.
Generally, there is only the name of the book on the cover, but this book … +

“The Emperor arrives –” +

What? Zhang Ping and Huangfu Jie raise their heads together. +

The emperor is here? Why did he come here all of a sudden? Isn't he testing his sons in the imperial study? +

It was not long before I heard the voice of the servant kowtowing outside the building: +

“Pay courtesy to the emperor, long live the emperor -” +

Zhang Ping turns to his fourth prince. +

Huangfu Jie stepped out of the corner of the bookshelf and walked to Zhang Ping. +

“Your Highness? ” +

Huangfu Jie stared at the door.。 +

The middle door of the library was opened, and the sun slanted into the dark library.
A slender figure wearing a bright yellow robe and a purple gold crown led a small figure into the building, and a group of people followed and marched in.。 +

Zhang Ping saw that the child did not respond and did not know what to do for a while.
It seems that there are several rows of bookshelves between them, and they will not be found for the time being. +

Go out to see you or kneel here? +

Shao yun, who is repairing books in the library, has also knelt down in front of the door to welcome him.
Calling long live his majesty. +

The child's body moved and he went out. +

Zhang Ping saw that he was surprised first and then delighted.
Father and son are instinct.
It's natural for a son to want to see his father.
It is said that the child has never seen his father, and it is good that he can summon up courage to go out to meet him today. +

Zhang Ping followed later. +

“Ahhhh!” Suddenly! The child's screams cut through the silent space. +

Dust fluttered in the sun, Zhang Ping stood in the dark and could see clearly.
Zhang Ping stands in the dark and sees clearly.
The screaming child is Huangfu Jue, the sixth prince, and the most beloved little prince today.
The emperor was holding him. +

He was the first to come in with his father, and the first to see Huangfu Jie standing in the dark shadow behind the bookshelf. +

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