When Zhang Ping heard that he was going to be killed by a stick, he calmed down and stopped resisting.
He just took a deep look at the child

Little ghost, you'll be on your own in the future.
If I can turn into a ghost, I will turn into a ghost to protect you.

Not afraid, I'm not afraid at all.
it's just flogged to death.
It will over after clenching your teeth.
It's okay.

Zhang Ping is very afraid.
He is only 15 years old.
If he's not afraid there's something strange, He is not only afraid but also resentful.
It's clear that the eldest prince and the second prince are fighting each other.
Unfortunately, he is the servant of the fourth prince.
Do you think he could complain?

Huangfu Jie looked at how Zhang Ping looked at him, his face suddenly became so calm that he even smiled at him.
Something in his heart swells, and clamoring to rush out!

“Ah? Ah! Yes, your son obeys the order.” Huangfu Hun hearth is ecstatic.
The emperor entrusted this matter to him in front of many brothers, and the meaning was self-evident.
He is wild with joy

“Also, as the eldest prince, you should remember to take care of other brothers and sisters.
You all should!”

“Yes, the sons will obey the will.” The princes bowed together.

Emperor Sheng didn't want to stay here any longer, he turned around to leave with his sixth son.

“The emperor set off–“

“Father Emperor!” Huang Fu Jie clenched his little fists in his sleeves.
He knew that once Emperor Sheng left, Zhang Ping would have no way to live.
He took a few steps on his knees and begged softly, “Please, please, spare this son's servant.”

After the child said, he struck his head hard on the ground.
He knew what flog to death meant, and he had seen his mother flogged over a maid.
He didn't want Zhang Ping to die.
Zhang Ping cannot die.

Huangfu Sheng winced and frowned deeply.

“Father Emperor, please, forgive him.” He knocked down harder, and his forehead was raised, and it was already red.

“Nonsense! “Huangfu Shen was so angry that he brushed his sleeves and turned to leave.1

In his arms, the sixth prince bit his finger and said, “Father Emperor, the fourth brother always scares me, you help me hit him.”

“You, unforgiving small thing.
Well, the father has let someone teach his servant.
Let him be punished for your brother.
As for …
“Huang Fusheng glanced at the fourth son and turned to the younger son,” In the future, I will let your fourth brother cover his face so that he won't scare you.
What would you say, ok?

“Okay, Father Emperor is so good, Thank you Father Emperor.” When the child's pride was satisfied, Huangfu Jue, the sixth prince, immediately gave his father a sweet smile.
Unknowing that the fifth prince not far behind him hatefully scratches the hands of the eunuch who is accompanying him..

Huangfu Sheng just wanted to leave with his little son in his arms.
The corner of his robe was pulled by others.

Huangfu Jie walked on his knees before Huangfu Sheng pulling his robe, and begged pitifully: “Father Emperor, please, don't flog him to death.”

“Get away!”

“Father Emperor, I beg you …” Huangfu JIe knocked his head again, he could only hit his head.
A small plump on his forehead was swollen with bleeding.


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“Wuu Wuu! “No need to beg him! If you die, you will die.
At worst I'll be remembered as a hero for the next 18 year! Zhang Ping's heart ached.
This damn child finally knows how to care and ached* for him.
He can do this for him.
He is already satisfied.
Who says the palace has no real feelings? No love would wear people down.

The two guards who hold him down looked at each other.
Why is this boy so strong? Their arms were numb.。

“Fourth brother, don't do that.
Don't you embarrass your emperial father by doing so? How about this, second brother can send a good servant to you later what do you think?” The second prince went to help Huangfu Jie with a smile.

Huangfu Jie shakes his head, but boldly clings to the emperor's leg and feet, not letting go.

“Father Emperor, I beg you, I beg you, …”

“Fourth Brother!”。

“Let go! What a ruckus!” With so many sons and ministers' sons in front of him, Huangfu Sheng couldn't kick off this repulsive unfilial son.

“You pull the fourth Prince away! Hu Rong, pass on my will and ask the Xian fei to lead the fourth son to think for half a month behind closed doors.”

“This Slave obey”

Huangfu Jie was stripped of Huangfu Sheng by the bodyguards with force.

“Father emperor, This son is ugly.
No one is willing to serve me.
He is the only one who doesn't think I'm ugly or bully me “The child shed tears.

Emperor Sheng stamps one foot, then he walked out of the library without looking back.
However, the sixth prince who lay on him made a face to Huangfu Jie who was kneeling on the ground.

“Send His Majesty off”

All of them bowed together and sent Emperor Sheng away.

Father, why don't you look back at me? If you really look forward to me as Zhang Ping said, why can't you hug me like holding the sixth younger brother? Why do you only look at me full of disgust and rejection?

“Fourth younger brother, who do you pretend to show this pitiful kind of thing?” Huangfu Hun sneered, holding his head upright and swinging his feet in front of Zhang Ping.

“You are a brazen lowly slave.
As a servant of the prince, you don't know how to serve the prince carefully, but you can only manipulate your tongue to sham* use your connection for intimidating*, and even deliberately try to provoke the brotherhood of the princes with malicious intentions.
Hateful indeed! If I don't teach you a lesson today, wouldn't the servants in this palace climb up to the prince in the future! ! You drag him out of this temple and kill him with your staff! “2

“At the command of the eldest prince, two bodyguards pressed Zhang Ping and dragged him away.

If I kill this great prince, will our family be killed by guilt by association*? Zhang Ping wilted at the thought of this possibility.1

In Huangfu Jie's eyes, he saw Zhang Ping's head bow, as if he had given up all hope and was waiting for death.

“Great Prince brother! ” What's in Huangfu Jie's mind.
He screamed and rushed to the guard to stop them.

“Don't flog him to death! Don't Flog him!”

“Are you crazy? What are you shouting like that!”Frightened by the face and cry that Huangfu Jie never had, Huangfu Hun was greatly displeased.

“What are you guys stuned there for? Didn't you hear this prince order”

The two bodyguards looked at each other.
Regardless of how the fourth prince, Huangfu Jie block them, they bypassed him and went out.


Suddenly, Huangfu Jie rushed up.
As soon as he flew up, he raised his fist and hit Zhang Ping's face.

“I kill you! Kill you! Let you talk nonsense again, let you say bad things about my royal brothers! I'll beat you to death, kill you!

Not only was Zhang Ping beaten, but all the princes and reading companions who stayed in the library to watch the show were also frightened by Huangfu Jie's sudden move.

It was not enough for Huangfu Jie to fight with his fist.
He also used his feet and kicked again and again, which made his mouth and nose flat and bloody.

Huangfu Hun wrinkled his little brows and tried to stop until Wei Wen Xin stretched out his hand and held him.

“Huh?” Huangfu Hun looked back.

Wei Wenxin asked what decision he seemed to be making, After thinking about it, he wrote on Huangfu Hun's back: the combination of grace and prestige.

Huangfu Hun is not a fool, but after a moment's thinking, he understands where Wei Wenxin is thinking.
The voice that wanted to stop him became questioning: “Four younger brothers, aren't you teaching him a little bit late?”

Huangfu Jie raised his head and gasped: “elder brother, I will teach him properly.
Please don't be angry.

“Oh, oh? How can you teach him? Just slap him like this? Doesn't he count the felony insulting the palace and provoking the relationship between the princes?

Huangfu Jie wheezing for a few breaths, took a deep breath to calm the turbulent Qi and blood channel in the body: “This Fool brother, Will make him confess and repent.”

“You know how to get his confession for this prince? “Huangfu Hun seemed surprised.
He know that the old four had always allowed them to knead him round and flat.
Even if he said something from his mouth, mostly it was to beg for mercy.
It's amazing that today he know how to ask to make him repent”

Huangfu Jie looked at the bodyguard who pressed Zhang Ping.

Huangfu Hun motioned to the imperial guard: “Let him go.”

The bodyguard released his hand and Zhang Ping lay on the ground.

As soon as Zhang Ping was free, he ripped the cloth towel from his mouth, “His Royal Highness, you …”

Huang Fu Jie kicked him over, kicking Zhang Ping's head once.

Huangfu Jie grabs Zhang Ping's head knot and drags him to Huangfu Hun.。

Zhang Ping didn't know what he was trying to do, knowing that he couldn't drag, he could only aggrieved himself to climb forward with his elbows on his back to make it seems like Huangfu Jie dragged him away.

Huangfu Jie drag Zhang Ping in front of Huang Fuyi, and said to his elder brother: “Brother, here's this fool brother giving you his confession”

The other princes and companions also did not know what he was trying to do and looked around together.
Even the eunuch Shao Yun, the eunuch who had been kneeling down on the ground, secretly raised his head to peek.

“Bang! “

The sound of the flesh hitting the ground.
It's painful to listen to.

“Bang! Bang! ” Huangfu Jie grabs Zhang Pingfa's knot, hits his head on the ground again and again, and scolds at the same time: “I let you talk nonsense! See you dare to insult brother ! You dare to bully! You dare to stir up a quarrel! You're such a bitch, you don't apologize to your highness! “

Zhang Ping is confused.
What's going on with this kid? Does he really think that his head is made of iron?

Once, twice…..
Zhang Ping began to beg for mercy: “Your slave is wrong.
Your slave should die.
Ask your highness to spare his life.
Ask your highness to spare the life of a poor slave.


Zhang Ping's pleading turned weaker, and gradually became inaudible.

Dark bloodstains appeared on the paving bluestone, and gradually the blood flowed.

Every time Huangfu Jie grabbed Zhang Ping's face, he could see that Zhang Ping's forehead was already badly mangled, and the blood flowing out stained the entire face, and it looked like a ghost.

Huangfu Jie kept his hand going, his face was bleak and his expression was crazy.
That attitude, that appearance, like treating the most hated enemy, blood splashed, some also splashed on his legs, shoes.
As if he didn't feel it, he grabbed Zhang Ping's head and beat it to the ground.

The fifth prince is young and had been scared into hiding in the arms of the servants around him.

Even the other second or third princes dare not face it with their eyes.
Although they punish many people, they have never been punished before themselves.
Moreover, Huangfu Jie's appearance was too scary.

The great prince looked at it from beginning to end.
Looking at Huangfu Jie's expression There were surprises and fierceness.

The second prince raised his head and took a half step forward.

Wei Wenxin has been paying attention to his movements.
Seeing this, he immediately pulls the sleeve of Huangfu Hun.

“Thats enough, Forth brother”

“Brother Prince”

The voices of the great prince and the second prince sounded at the same time.

Without waiting for the second prince to say more, the eldest prince, Huangfu Hun, said loudly to Huangfu Jie, “Fourth brother, you can let him go.

Huangfu Jie let go.

Zhang Ping is lying in a pool of blood, and the person has fallen into a coma

“Since the younger brother is sensible, and he knows that he will have to discipline the servants well, I'll let this thing go, so as not to hurt the peace between our brothers.
Fourth brother, what do you say?” Huang Fu Hun said with a smile.
Today, The Holy Father just stated that he wanted him to care for his brother.
No matter how much he hated Huangfu Jie, he had to cultivate brotherhood.

Eldest royal brother is right.
“Huangfu Jie seems to have lost his strength, his voice is hoarse and weak, his expression is hazy and his body is shaking.

Seeing Huangfu Jie response, Huangfu Hun was finally satisfied.
Fortunately, this fourth child is a soft persimmon, The rabbit was probably anxious.
After this momentum, it becomes soft again.

“But Although this prince wants to let you go, the father emperor just opened his golden mouth, saying that if he is not flogged to death, you should be sent to the internal warden servant to deal with.
Fourth younger brother don't blame this prince for letting people deal with him.

“What royal Brother said is correct? Royal brother is kind, and letting go of this dog slave to the care of brotherhood is the most generous punishment.
How can the fourth brother blame Royal brothe for sending the person to the warden? What do you think fourth brother? “Huangfu Jin, the second child, smiled and interjected.

This Foolish brother is grateful for the kindness of Eldest Royal Brother.”Huangfu Jie foolishly answered

“You shouldn't just thank the royal brother for his generosity,You have to remember the deep kindness of royal brother “Huangfu Jin added.

“Yes, Yes”

The big prince glanced at the second prince with a slight annoyance, and the second prince returned it with a smile.

This time, because of the father's partiality, the eldest brother won the game first.
The second prince was dissatisfied in his heart, but his face didn't show it at all.
When he heard that Emperor Sheng was about to leave the matter to Huang Fuzhen, and specifically offered two choices, Huangfu Jin understood that this was the father emperor's pointing out to the eldest brother to win over the fourth.

If Huangfu Hun didn't understand the meaning of Emperor Sheng and insisted on revenge, he would naturally love to hear and see*.
However, Huangfu Hun is also a scheming man, and he is accompanied by Wei Wenxin, the son of the prime minister.1

But he won't lose.
On learning and scheming, he is not inferior to the eldest prince.
Maybe he is not good at martial arts, but he also has Ye Zhan, who is loyal and devoted to him and has the aptitude for learning.

Before the end, who knows who is the winner?

“When you sent him to the internal warden, report what this prince said.
Let the Internal palace officer teach this lowly slave how to be a slave, and then send him back to Ruihua palace.


The fainted Zhang Ping was towed away like a dead dog.

The prince and his party left together.

Huangfu Jie narrowed his eyes as he watched Zhang Ping was dragged away, holding his fist tightly in his sleeve.
He can do nothing and unable to do anything.

That is the only one so far …..
The only person who was good to him is thus dragged away.

Will he return?

What's the use of being a prince? I can't even protect myself, let alone a petty servant.

The huge library entrance that were crowded just now has become completely empty again

Once again, the eerie cold air filled the whole library.

Except for a pool of blood on the bluestone, it was as if nothing had happened.

“His Royal Highness, it's not too early, the slaves also got the order to report to Ruihua Palace.
Please!” The eunuch Hu Rong, who is serving the emperor, puts on a fake smile and reminds him.

Huangfu Jie looked up and silently looked at Hu Rong.

Hu Rong was so frightened that he did not dare to look at Huangfu Jie.

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