Ten days later, outside the chambers of Ruihua palace.

“I want to see my mother.”

“I'm sorry, Your Highness.
Madam is now resting, and has instructed her slave to not let anyone in.” A palace maid stopped Huang Fu Jie from going on his way.

“You tell my mother I have to see her for something important.”

“Your Highness, do not make it difficult for your slave.
Madam said no one is allowed to see her, and that includes you.” The palace maid's word was humble, but her expression was a little arrogant.
and they, the palace servants, knew better than anyone else what this amazing-looking prince was being treated in this palace.
To put it bluntly, she hadn't really set her eyes on this prince while talking.

Huang Fu Jie raised his eyes, and looked at her “What's your name?”


Huang Fu Jie didn't get angry and asked again, “what's your name?

“This slave is Loulan.

“Luolan Jiejie*”

*big sister

“This servant is not worthy.” Luolan slightly delighted.

“Luolan jiejie, may i trouble you to help me to go in and report?” Huangfu Jie is hanging his sleeves with kind words and salute.

Luolan let out a breath from her nose impatiently, ''Your Highness, how many times do you want the slave to say it? The Madam said no one means no one.
Your Highness, please go back before you alert the concubine and get punished again.” Luolan intimidated the kid.

“You really can't even tell for me ?”

“Your Highness, your servant has just said, please don't make it difficult for your servant.
If Madam gets angry and give punishment, this servant also will not escape the blame.
Luolan's expression is unpleasant, and her attitude is increasingly disrespectful.

“Kneel down.”

Luolan is stunned

“This prince told you to kneel, can't you hear me ?”

Luo lan looked around.
There were other palace slaves cleaning in the distance.
The rules on the surface could not be broken.
She could only kneel down slowly even if she didn't want to.

“If this prince doesn't let you get up, you can't get up.
Otherwise, it will be handled according to the regulations of the palace.
Do you understand?”

“The slave servant does not know what she has done wrong to be punished to kneel by your highness.” Luolan bit her lip and scolded the ugly prince in her heart.

What do you think you are? If I had the chance to meet the Emperor, if I had the chance to have the Emperor grace me, I wouldn't know who would kneel to whom by then!1

“You didn't do anything wrong.
This prince just feels like it, thats all.”

What! Luolan doubted her ears.
Is this really the fourth prince who was bullied by that Ren Palace slave and didn't dare to fight back? He…what happened?

Huang Fu Jie also stopped looking at her and took a step towards the hall.

“Your highness no! Madam said that no one is allowed in, you can't go in!” Luolan rushed up and stopped Huang Fu Jie's way.

Huang Fu Jie reached out and kicked at her knee.

Luo Lan did not expect Huangfu Jie to strike at her, and was kicked when she was unprepared.。


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Although Huang Fu Jie was small, but the kick, which was full of anger, landed on Luolan's knee, causing her to fall to the ground with a scream.

Huang Fu Jie bypassed her, pushed open the palace door and headed inside.

“What's going on! Don't you know madam consort is resting?” Hong Xiu appeared from the door, angrily.

Huang Fu Jie stood in front of her.

“Hong Xiu, I want to see my mother.”

“It's you.” Hong Xiu didn't expect Huang Fu Jie to arrive without notice, and was surprised.
Sinking her face, she said, “Your Highness, didn't the maids outside tell you that madam was resting and no one was allowed to see her?”

“I have an important matter.” Huang Fu Jie raised his small chest.
This was the first time he had ever held his chest up in front of Hong Xiu.

Hong Xiu was surprised and puzzled by the tough attitude she had never experienced before

“Your Highness, no matter how important is it , you have to wait until madam wakes up.”

I'll wait right here.” Huang Fu jie didn't go out, but instead took another step forward and casually found a chair in the hall to sit down.

Hong Xiu was thoroughly surprised, “You…….”

“What? This prince cannot sit here?”

Hong Xiu took a deep look at him, “Since Your Highness wants to sit here and wait, then just sit here and wait.”

Hong Xiu turned and walked to the door of the hall and ordered someone to take Luolan away, and Luolan sobbed and was helped down by two eunuchs.

An hour and a half later, Hong Xiu appeared in front of HuangFu Jie once again.

“Your highness, Madam consort welcome you in.”

The inner sanctum of the Ruihua Palace.

“You want to see me.
What is it?” Madam Xian Fei looking carefully at her painted red nails, Jade like and exceptionally beautiful.
Unfortunately, it was not appreciated by anyone.

Hong Xiu stood to the side and waited.

HuangFu Jie stood in front of his mother and said in a smooth tone, “Mother, I would like to ask my grandfather to teach me martial arts and art of war.”

Madam Xian Fei's erected fingers froze.

“What did you say?”

“This son said I wanted to ask my grandfather to teach me the martial arts and art of war.
This son have already asked, grandpa delivered the post before March, and the day after is the day he comes to the palace to meet mother.

“Why? ” Xian Fei couldn't come to be surprised how he found out about the day Yan Jing came to the palace, putting down her palms, she sat in the same posture and asked.

“I want to be strong.
I want to protect myself and to protect you.

Ha! Protect me?

After a long time, Madam Xian Fei slowly turned her body to face her child.

Ugly, really ugly.

If he wasn't her own child, she probably wouldn't even let him come close.

How long had it been since she'd had a good look at the kid?

What is this timid child saying to her now?

“Mother, this child didn't understand before.
I didn't understand that a child honor is a mother honor and a child disgrace is a mother disgrace.
The child used to be inferior and ugly, and only dwells on self-pity, but doesn't know how to make progress.
I have wasted mother's hardwork to teach me.


“Hard work? ” Xian Fei laughed lightly in surprise, she would like to see what this ugly son actually had to say.

A Wise man says: When heaven will entrust the great task to the people, they must first work hard, strain their muscles and bones, starve their skin, empty their body, and disturb their action.
Therefore, stimulating oneself to temper their body and mind*, which is beneficial to them.
Only when I read this can I understand my mother's long suffering heart*”2

“Now I have come to my senses, but I pray that I may win a place for my mother, so that those who mock her ugly son will see that her son, even if he is born ugly, will win honor for his mother.
Inevitably there will be one day, this child will let his mother be the mother of the nation*…..

“Shut up! “

Huang Fu Jie immediately shut his mouth.

It turns out I'm cultivating him by ignoring him and letting people bully him?

So all I've done so far is for him to say this today?

Mother of the nation ? Mother of the nation commander of the Imperial harem! Hahaha!

Really? Really? Will I really have that day?!

Yes, she had had this dream, and once she was not far from this dream.
But only because she gave birth to this ugly son, she was alienated by her husband and moved further and further away from the pinnacle of power.

Just because she gave birth to an ugly son, the former love and affection, the former pledge undying love and the promises that once existed no longer exist.1

For what? Why would God do this to her?

Why should those women come and mock her?

Why can't she sit on the Queen's throne?

“Do you know what you're talking about? “

“I know.” Huang Fu Jie clenched his trembling hands and said calmly.

“Who else did you say that to?”

“No one.
This son only have mother, and who else will listen to me but my mother.
Huang Fu Jie slowly knelt down in front of Xian Fei.

“Mother, I'm ignorant.
I'd like to ask you for guidance.

Xianfei looked at the ugly son.
For the first time, she felt that he was really like her child with Huang Fu Sheng

“This consort remembers that you seem to be bullied by your brothers, did you?”


“How did Gaoxin and Dongmei die?” Xian Fei suddenly said.

“I saw them drunk that night, and after a while of messing around, they lay down on the table and went to sleep.
Thinking it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I gathered up all the lamp oil in the yard and poured it on them, and the table, and lit the fire.”

The 10 year old Huangfu Jie was talking about how he killed two of his servants, he didn't even panic, Even his original nervousness about facing his mother disappears in an unseen way.
He even said the last four words with a lingering smile.

Hong Xiu jerked her head up to look at Xian Fei.

They had their suspicions at that time, but they didn't think it was the young Huangfu Jie.

What's it called? Is it like mother like son?

Hongxiu overestimated Xian Fei.
However, when seeing her son's present performance, Xian Fei felt that it was not a day's work to penetrate a stone with dripping water.
Maybe Huangfu Jie, who was cowardly on the surface, had done something for a long time, but she didn't find out.
But Gao Xin and Dong Mei were his servants, and they were not good to him, and they died strangely.


At that time, they didn't expect that Huang Fu Jie had such courage and shrewdness, that's why they were so confused about the death of these two slaves.
Now after listening to his son, she asked at will.

Xian Fei and Hongxiu were silent for a long time.

Did they really neglect this child for too long?

Do they think this child is stupid and immovable* because they are too preconceived? He was so ugly-looking that he thought he was no wiser.1

Are they blinded by hatred?

Could it be that the boy's cowardice, his fear of things, is what he's faking?

If Huang Fu Jie knew what was in his mother's mind at this time, he would probably….

A young child with no one to care for and rely on, he had been tortured from birth by his own mother and the palace servants around her, and the palace slaves were able to bully him at will, not to mention those of his imperial brothers and sisters.
How could he not be afraid and cowardly under such devastation?

Which kid doesn't need a backer? Which kid doesn't want someone to be around when he's being bullied, Comforting him, encouraging him, reassuring him when he's sad and upset?

The child came to his mother today and strongly expressed his desire to be strong, not just because he was treated unfairly, but because he was expected.
The opportunity for him to want to be strong was that he was inspired.

It is because of the hope of being expected, of being someone he values, that he wants to excel at this time, not waiting until he is 15 or 16 years old and knows more about shame.

The child is not liked and valued.
In the first ten years of his life, all he saw and experienced was disgust and rejection.
And this bullying, caused by disgust and rejection, has distorted the little child's mind at an early age.

The twisted child didn't know how to protect himself, nor did he think of protecting himself, after all, he was still too young, so he just endured and endured it, until he couldn't stand it any longer, and then he would vent a little.

Then one day, a man appeared before him.
Give him a taste of what it's like to be protected, to be loved, to be valued.

The man looked at him with amazement but no fear, with pity but no disgust.
Gradually, that pity turned into a fondness for him, an affection for him.

The man's identity was clearly so humble, yet he opened his arms and said he wanted to protect him and taught him how to protect himself.
But he, who had no position or power, could no longer protect himself because he protected him.
And that person …….how can I say this, honest on the outside, but hot blooded on the inside?

So he thought, he had to be strong so that he could protect him from harm so he could do whatever he wants when his blood was boiling.

He had to get stronger.
For himself, and for that person.

Xian Fei was in a rare mood of joy.

She didn't think it was wrong to hear that her own son, at the age of 9 years old, had killed two adults, not only did she not think it was wrong, she even thought it was just like her son.。

“Gao Xin and Dongmei as palace slaves, did not know that they must serve their highness well.
They deceived and concealed to did arduous things in the palace , it was indeed deserve to be damned.” Xian Fei gestured for Hong Xiu to pour her tea.

“But what is the matter with you outside today? Xian Fei's face became stern again.
Even if this son becomes something, she will not allow him to offend her dignity.

Huang Fu Jie knelt on the ground, clasped his fist and saluted: “Mother, I am just looking for an opportunity to teach that shameless and ambitious palace slave a lesson.”

“What do you mean?” Xian Fei took the tea.

Huang Fu Jie pondered the words in his mind, these words he had already thought of long ago while waiting.

“Two days ago, when this child returned from the Imperial College, I saw my father laughing and talking with the Sixth Prince who had left the College first, and the palace slaves were far behind.
This child didn't dare to show my face for fear of frightening my father, so I hid behind a tree and waited for my father and my brother to go first.
At that time, an exquisite jade ball rolled down from the hands of the sixth royal brother.
I wanted to pick it up, but I saw …

“Say.” The corner of Xian Fei's eyes up.

“This child saw Loulan, the maiden of my mother's palace, appear out of nowhere, she picked up the exquisite jade ball and bowed to my father.
At that time, Loulan was dressed up differently than usual and looked more charming.
This child did not recognize her for a while, but today when I saw Luolan, who was outside the gate of the mother's palace, I remembered that the girl who had flattered imperial father that day was her.
This child was angry, so I……..
” Huang Fu Jie also waved a small fist to express his anger.


The tea was smashed hard on the table and immediately shattered into several pieces.

Xian Fei's eyes were on fire and her heart was filled with hate.

“Madam Don't be angry.” Hong Xiu fell to her knees.

Xianfei Concubine Xian took a deep breath and laughed, ” Hong Xiu, I never thought there would be such a shameless bitch in my palace! You know what to do now, don't you?”

“The slave servant knows it, Madam doesn't need to be upset.
the slave servant will let her know what her duty is.”

Nodding her head, Xianfei stroked her hair and changed her face into a smile that could be described as benevolent.

“Jie-er , you go back.
This consort will make arrangements for you to find your grandfather.”

“This child thanks my Mother.
I'll leave you to rest well.” Huang Fu Jie's purpose was achieved, he obeys the courtesy to withdraw.

After Huang Fu Jie left, Hongxiu gathered up the broken cups and said: “Congratulations Madam, His highness the prince is finally enlightened.” She should be as happy as her madam consort, but what does the panic in her heart represent now?

“Hong xiu.” Xian Fei also had a happy look on her face.
She finally have some expectations now, didn't she?

“Yes, your slave is here.

“Pass a letter to General Yan for this consort”


The child grinned at all the palace slaves who peeked at him as he walked out of the palace doors.

No matter what thousand strange reactions those palace slaves might have when they saw his smile, all in all, he is in a good mood and has never been better.

Turns out it's OK to do this.
Yes, I'm the prince.
There is nothing wrong with me doing that.

It turns out that lies are so useful.No wonder Zhang Ping said people can't lie, but well-intentioned lies are allowed.I helped him to teach his bullies a lesson and was kind to him, so the lie was a lie of good intentions, and it turns out that white lies is indeed allowed.

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