Alternate Titles: The Ugly Emperor, 丑皇

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The Ugly Prince: Prologue

Zhang Ping always considered himself a genius.

What kind of genius?

Martial arts, of course.

At the age of half a year, he was able to kick everything around him out of bed, even though most of the people he kicked were his eldest brother, his second brother, and his eldest sister, all the way up to his little red Quilt.

When he was a year old, he could punch people so hard that his father had to suppress his hands every time he held him, but that didn’t matter.
He had two feet.

When he was two years old, he accidentally threw the family’s egg-laying hen in the water jar.
For this reason, he learned from the ancients to smash the jar to save the chickens.
In the end, it is said that he was able to make a hole in the water tank, but because he cut the sound of the tank is too loud, he alarmed the big sister in the back room with children.
He saved the drowning hen, but from then on there was a hole in their water jar.

When he was three years old, he chased their wolfhound all over the yard.
Then Dawang got angry and almost bit off his little bird Frightened, he landed a punch on wang’s nose.
From then on, whenever Dawang saw Zhang Ping, he tucked his tail between his legs and ran far away to hide.

At the age of five, he was supposed to bring tile into the house.
Although the purpose is to help his father and brother repair the roof, but the result is that he kicked his eldest brother off.

When he was six years old, it was said that he had done a great thing.
He brought back two children from other villages, who had been abducted and sold.
It is said that even the county magistrate came out and specially came to Zhang Ping’s home to see him.
He magistrate also touched his head and said the child’s future is unlimited.

Zhang Ping’s parents told him all of this.
He himself doesn’t remember very well what happened before he was seven years old.

Maybe other kids have fuzzy memories between the ages of seven and twelve, but he doesn’t.

At the age of seven, he beat a boy in the village, named Er Niu, who was three years older than he was.
Zhang Ping beat Er Niu until he had a bloody nose and ran home crying for his mother.
His mother had to give up two cattle in reparation to settle this account, and she beat Zhang Ping afterwards.
After that, he was forbidden to fight by martial law.

It was the phrase “martial law” that finally made him understand that he was different from other children.
Actually, he is a master of martial arts.

From then on, Zhang Ping is unwilling to hit the children of the same village easily again.
Of course, it doesn’t count every time he helps his younger brothers out.

After Zhang Ping had a heart to learn martial arts, the martial arts of his family home was eventually insufficient.

Then he found a small parcel of blue cloth under his father’s suitcase and opened it.

It’s a broken book of martial arts.

Yes, it is definitely The Secret of Martial Arts! With his knowledge of martial arts, Zhang Ping only needed to see a few pages before he determined that this book will allow him to practice martial arts.
The problem is that over half of the book is damaged, so it is incomplete.
No wonder his father had to keep it.

But who is Zhang Ping? He’s a martial arts genius.
Self-styled or not, he was more sensitive to martial arts than anyone else in the family, so he decided to work out the missing points himself.

Just as he was going about his research and was about to discover something, something important happened to his family.

Speaking of them, the Zhangs in Fangding village are still a wealthy family, although they have many children.

Zhang Ping’s mother was able to have six sons and a daughter.
His elder sister had gotten married early, and second brother set up a family business after getting married.
Altogether, including eldest brother’s wife and their two children, and Zhang Ping’s grandparents, there were a total of 12 people.

Zhang Ping is fifteen years old.
The eldest was forty-two years old, and his brothers were younger, eight and two.

Although Zhang Ping’s family is large, his mother is an open-minded person and his eldest brother’s wife is a diligent housekeeper.
His grandmother has a little temper, but she can’t fight with his mother every time.

However, no matter how capable a person is, they will not be able to withstand both natural disasters and man-made disasters.
The family that his eldest sister married into does not help at all, second brother’s family still depends on his father’s house, and so does his father-in-law’s family.
This has been going on for two years already, with no change.

There are many men in his family, but there are few who go out to work.
Right now, sister-in-law is pregnant again, and mother and father don’t want to have to worry for her.

Seeing even the pregnant sister-in-law was too hungry to stand, his father finally gritted his teeth and sold one of his children into servitude.

Zhang Ping knew it would be difficult for two years, but he didn’t expect it to be so difficult.
Ask his father, which one do you want to sell?

His father looked around with teary eyes.

Look at this.
This one is cutely calling him daddy.
Can’t bear to give this one up!

Look at that, he’s hungry enough to eat his own feet.
This small baby is so small and soft, and isn’t too tired to lift its foot to its eyes? Even cuter to look at, would loathe to give up ah!

What about the grown one? Looking at the eldest four, he is such a wise son, if they sold him, in the future who will come to help the family light candles to honor their ancestors?

And then, lastly, look at this one.
No, this child is already helping his eldest brother’s family business, and is sensible, protective, good-natured, and intelligent.
How could they sell him?

Having looked at everyone, from left to right, Zhang Ping’s father sat on the threshold.
His heart was pained at the thought of giving up any of his sons, he hated it.

Then his eldest son spoke up and said he might as well sell one of his children.

The wife said nothing, but her eyes were red.

Zhang Ping’s father was still thinking about his sons, and even more so his grandchildren.

What should he do?

Just before his father was about to decide to go out and become a thief, several people came from the village to ask whether anyone in their household would like to work in the palace.
They would accept male children those from age eight to eighteen, as long as they were healthy and illiterate.
If they were chosen, they would be able to take home 42 pieces of silver as payment.

What would they do in the palace? Be a eunuch.
When they heard that, many of the people who had wanted to send their children began to reconsider.

Zhang Ping scratched his head.
Forget it, dad, you don’t have to worry anymore.
If Zhang Ping had been bitten by Dawang back then, he would have already been castrated.
He would not have to be castrated now.
Anyway, their family has many sons, so he’s not afraid to be a eunuch.

And, there are 42 taels of silver.
42! That’s a lot of money.
Even from the palace, there is still a silver moon in the sky.
Even if he does not earn glory, he can still have food and clothes, and even money to send back home every month to help the family.

Energized by the will to live, Zhang Ping ran to sign up.
The recruiter from the palace called over the head of the village, and interviewed him and Zhang Ping’s family in detail about Zhang Ping’s character.

When the village head saw it was Zhang Ping, his lips shook as he said: this child is a good boy, he respects the old and love the young, is willing to bear hardships and persevere, though sometimes he makes mistakes and doesn’t think things through.

When the recruiter heard this, he viewed Zhang Ping as a promising young man to become a eunuch.
What does being a eunuch have to do with his brain? Master just wants those who are obedient, honest, and hard-working.
Making a few mistakes also does not matter, whether it takes a shot time or a long time, there is time to learn everything well.

The recruiter thought that Zhang Ping was all right, and then looked him over a few more times before saying, “Out of 42 silver coins, here are 22 for you.
The rest is for your family.
If you agree, then let’s continue.”

The recruiter was not afraid that Zhang Ping would refuse.
There were many poor families in the area who would send their children.
There were some people who specifically castrated children in the Imperial city! They were from the office of the palace’s internal secretary.
Unlike those outside the palace, the selected children could be emasculated in the palace without having to do it themselves or pay extra money to have it done.
Even if the castration process kills them, the money is still paid to their families.
If you do it yourself at home, there is no payment.

Zhang Ping asked how much silver an ordinary palace eunuch is paid per month.
The recruiter told him that they are paid 22 silver every month, in addition to being fed and housed.
What the recruiter did not say was that most of an ordinary eunuch’s pay went to their superior, so he should not expect to keep even a penny for two to three years.

Zhang Ping did not know the inside story at that time, so he thought it was a great deal.
It would not only allow him to eat and live, but would also stop his old and frail father from going out to steal.
Thinking of this, Zhang Ping pressed his finger to the red mud pad and placed his thumbprint in agreement.

The village head wanted to discuss with Zhang Ping’s parents, but he was too late, and could only helplessly stare at the stamp of the fingerprint.

What does that boy think a eunuch is? Why is the child so excited?

His father and his mother understood the whole thing—Zhang Ping accepting 22 pieces of silver, and listening to Zhang Ping’s reasoning—and thought that Zhang Ping was foolish.

The author has something to say (Tr.
Note: I’m just going to summarize this.):

“Lao wen, completed in 2009

Thank you friends haven’t opened one exception ^ ^”

And then author basically just listed everyone who gave them kudos and the form that the kudos came in.
Please let me know if you have any feedback for me! I don’t know any Chinese at all, but I was just intrigued by this story, so I’m trying my hand at translating it.
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