Although Emperor Sheng said that he would give Yang Zhaorong's mother and son an explanation, but after finding out that Lu Wei was given by the great prince to the fifth prince, the matter was settled without a conclusion.

However in order to appear like they got a confession on the surface, the emperor still arrested several former enemies of the Yang's family.
He forced a confession from them that they bribed Lu Wei, the servant beside the fifth prince for revenge, and intended to assassinate the fifth prince, so as to give the Yang family a huge blow

After hearing this explanation Yang Zhaorong knew that was not the case, but she had to accept it as well.
The fifth prince seemed a bit unconcerned.
He was only very happy that emperor Sheng had come to see him several times.

After that, those confessors died naturally.
They died very quickly, didn't even wait to be beheaded after autumn.

And the one who has benefited from this incident was probably the fourth prince, Huang Fu Jie

Because the fifth prince personally testified that the fourth prince rescued him, Emperor Sheng himself wanted to reward the ugly son.
On that day, Emperor Sheng was in such a good mood that he called Huang Fu Jie and asked him what he wanted for his reward.

Huang Fu Jie looked truly frightened, kneeling on the ground and respectfully saying, “Royal Father, this son* doesn't want anything.
I didn't think of anything that day.
Seeing that the servant wanted to kill my fifth brother, my head rushed up at the first heat.
This son really didn't mean to save his fifth brother.”2

“Well, it is a fact that you saved him no matter how.
If you don't want anything, I will give you some gold and silver and some palace maids.
What do you think?”

“Royal Father, this son, don't want gold and silver, nor palace maids.
If the father really wants to reward, then give this son a horse” Huang Fu Jie said boldly.

“Oh? Why do you want a horse? He thought that the boy would brazenly demand an exorbitant price* of some precious things, but he asked not to have gold or silver, not a Palace maid, but only a horse.
This request obviously aroused the interest of Emperor Sheng.1

“Because…” Huang Fu Jie embarrassedly snapped his fingers.
With a naive smile he said : “Because this son wants to kill my enemies in the future and defend this great land for my father.
This son knows that I'm ugly, but if I was in a military camp full of men, no one would be so afraid of me.”

“Ha ha!” Huang Fu Sheng was amused by his fourth son's childish words, and at the same time, he felt a little sad.

“Good! I'll give you a horse.
In addition, I will give you a mask.
In the future, if you wear the mask I give you, no one will be frightened by your appearance.”

“Thank you royal father for your gift” Huang Fu Jie knelt down and kowtowed.

“I have one more thing to ask you.” Huang Fu Sheng asked with a seemingly casual expression.

“Royal Father please say it, this son will answer if he knows”

“That day at the Wuchen courtyard, how can you swing that single-backed sword which weighs six catty and three taels*”

Huang Fu Jie didn't speak, but looked around, finally dropping his gaze on the marble-encrusted partition.

“Father, can you let this son try to move that partition?”

“Oh? Can you move it?” Huang Fu Sheng's gaze fell on that partition, it seems like it has some weight.

“This son would like to try.”

“Okay, you try it.”

“Thank you Royal Father”

Huang Fu Jie got up and go to the front of the partition , the partition was wider so he shouldn't try too hard.
After thinking for a while, Huangfu Jie squatted down and hugged the screen from the side.


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The eunuch, who was waiting on one side, stood on guard just in case.

One, two, three!

The veins on the forehead is blue and stretched.
Huang Fu Jie stiffly lifted the partition.

It was only after such a small interval, until beads of sweat dripped from his forehead, that Huang Fu Jie landed the screen.

” Hu Rong”

” The slave is here.

“How heavy is this partition?” Huang Fu Sheng asked.

“This slave remembers that it weighed about 110 catty” Hu Rong was also surprised.

Huang Fu Sheng looked at the fourth son kneeling in front of him again and said in amazement, “Your strength is not bad!”

Huang Fu Jie said shyly, “This son can't do anything else, just a little stronger.”

“Good! Very Good.
Learn more about the military* with your grandfather in the future, maybe there will be a day in the future that really gets you into battle.
You go on.”1

“Thank you Royal Father”

Huang Fu Sheng is thinking about it.
Huang Fu Jie will certainly not become a crown prince.
He was also worried that in the future he would have resentment against his several brothers, and he would use the power in his hand to retaliate.
Now he feels that he is kind-hearted, his personality seems honest and straightforward, and he's also naturally strong, maybe it would be nice to make him a general in the future.

Of course, he will carefully observe the mind and nature of the child for a few years.
If he is not as he thought, for the sake of the imperial court 's stability, he could only justly kill his own offspring* and eliminate this unstable factor.1

In addition to the fourth prince Huang Fu Jie, The Xian Fei of Ruihua Palace was also rewarded, and Emperor Sheng rewarded her for teaching his son well, giving her six pairs of gold and silver jewelry.
She is also invited to attend the first flower viewing feast in early spring.1

Not to mention how happy and sad Xian Fei was when she received the reward from Emperor Sheng again ten years later, and knowing she was invited to the royal banquet again.
Let's say Huang Fu Jie saw that special gift half a month later and sat at the table and smiled for a while .

Zhang Ping couldn't tell what his smile meant because Huang Fu Jie's face was different from that of ordinary people, and his expression was always not easy to distinguish.

But Zhang Ping could sense that Huang Fu Jie was not happy, on the contrary, he was a little sad.

“This angry stare mask looks very good.
The dragon body and the leopard head are neither too luxurious nor too simple, so poised in its simplicity very good.” Zhang Ping yelled.
But what does the emperor mean by giving his fourth son a murderous and savage, angry-looking mask? Warning or expecting him to take it as a commandment*?2

Zhang Ping felt that the question was not very easy to answer.
He paced two steps and sat down in front of Huang Fu Jie.

“I am sixteen this year and I have reached the age when I can marry a wife outside.
Do you think I should get a wife then?”

Huang Fu Jie tilted his head, not understanding.

“For others, I am a person with a physical defect or a great flaw.
But should I be ashamed of myself and live miserable and desolate from the eyes of the world forever?”

Huang Fu Jie shook his head subconsciously.

“Yes, I won't do that.
Instead, I'll do my best to live my life as happily as possible.
But I'm not the only one in this world, and I can't be happy myself and at the same time completely ignore the feelings of others.
For example I could marry a wife, because I have a physical defect I may not be able to marry a child from a good family, but as long as I am willing to pay money, I can buy a daughter from a poor family as a wife.
But in doing so, I will harm the girl for life.


Zhang Ping paused for the child to digest his words.

The child really didn't understand it very well.
He asked earnestly, “what's your defect? Why would you harm the girl for life “

Zhang Ping smiled bitterly, knowing that a child would ask this question.
After a moment of hesitation, what the hell, anyway, the opposite side was just a kid, ruthlessly, he with both hands pulled down his pants.

“See, this is my defect.”

The child bent over and looked down, Zhang Ping suspect that the shirt blocked the light, and lifted his shirt up.

After looking and looking, the child simply got off the chair, squat on the ground to look up carefully.

Altho Zhang Ping is thick-skinned, after the child take a look his ears and face still turn red.

“Alright, alright, how long do you want to watch? You have seen enough”

Zhang Ping reached out to lift his pants, the child reached out and grabbed them to keep him from lifting them.
Not only that, but he reached out to touch.

Zhang Ping was so startled that his legs clenched his pants and he jumped backwards.

“You, you, you,  you damn kid! Just look at it, don't touch it! Zang Ping lift up his pants and tie two knots on his belt.

Huang Fu Jie was still crouched in the same place, probably seeing the eunuch's lower body for the first time did shock him a bit.

“There is none”

“What? Zhang Ping was still blushing, in order to hide his panic, he casually took a cup of tea and drank it, only to realize that he had drunk Fourth Highness's drink.

“There is no Jiji*”

*) cute word used by children to say penis, lit translation birdie

There is None …
None …
Those four words immediately ignited Zhang Ping.
Although it's a fact, who told you to speak so loudly? Don't you know how to swear at someone without exposing his shortcomings!

“So What if I don't have that stuff! I am an eunuch, ofcourse I have none! Look which eunuch in the palace has this thing! Even if he could grow it, it'd be cut it off again! ” Zhang Ping was practically screaming.
He can't blame him, he was kind enough to comfort the child, but the child was cruel enough to put salt in his wound again.

He knew the child didn't understand, but he was still angry.
If he knew better he should not let him see! Zhang Ping regretted it.

“Are you angry?”

“I'm not”Zhang Ping turned his back and lowered his voice.
He almost forgot that there are two more people in the yard, He'd almost forgotten that there were two more in the yard, probably masters among master.
Maybe they heard the shouting just now…..
poor Zhang Ping's face was green and white.

“Don't be angry.
Oh, I'll show you mine too, you can touch it if you want.
Don't be angry, will you?” The child said and pulled his pants down.

“Bang!” Zhang slammed his head against the door frame as he ran away.

The child looked down at his lower body strangely, then looked up at the direction where Zhang Ping had disappeared.
He did not understand why Zhang Ping was so angry.
Didn't he say he shouldn't be ashamed of his defective body? Then why did he run?

From then on, it became an unsolved mystery in the child's mind.
Until few years later…..

The other side, Zhang Ping ran back to his quarter only to remember that he had only answered half of the questions for the child.

Should I go back and finish the conversation? Should I? Should I……

Zhang Ping ponders, and as he ponders and ponders, it dawned.
Then he went to carry water.

Since then, Huang Fu Jie has put on the angry eye mask given by Emperor Sheng.
Except in his own house, he would certainly wear this mask whenever he was outside.

And the gaze from the people in the palace has also changed, and the previous disgust and rejection gradually disappeared.

Huang Fu Jie understood that it was not the merit of a mask, but because this mask was given by his father.
At the age of 11, the emperor called him to the front for the first time in the new year, encouraged him like other princes, and gave him new year gifts.

Huang Fu Jie is quietly changing.
Under the guidance of his mother, his grandfather and two masters in his courtyard, in order not to arouse the hatred and vigilance of other princes, he curtailed his intelligence and tried his best to appear cowardly and foolish.

And ever since he showed off his crude trick of throwing stone dumbbells at the New Year Royal Banquet, Although it drew contempt and ridicule from the crowd, but it was true that from that several of his royal brothers no longer came to bother him so easily1

Slowly, Huang Fu Jie grew up in this imperial palace full of filth, mutual deception*, where the weak are prey to the strong. 

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