There is no moon in the sky, but it is strangely clear, and the sky is a deep blue-black in color.

The deep palace, the secluded garden, the hallways dotted with palace lanterns are horribly silent.

No one around, the huge palace floating with a kind of dark and strange atmosphere.
Obviously It's not winter yet, but the palace and its garden are so grimly cold deterring people to walk near.

The water in the pool is faintly glistening as the men in the water struggle and the waves spread outward in circles, but it is quiet, Only the occasional gurgle of people drinking water could be heard.

“Thank you.
Don't you think this mask suits me well ?” He smiled.
He knew too well what effect his smiling face would bring to people in the middle of the night.

Huang Fu Liu poked his head out, his wide-open eyes instantly filled with fear.

“You …
glug glug!”

He reached out and pressed the pretty face into the water again.

Over and over again, as soon as the delicate Sixth Prince's head floated up to his nose, he pressed against him to let him catch his breath, then press him down again.

“Do you remember when you kicked me into the water like this? Thanks to you, now it's not so easy for anyone who wants to drown me.”

Oh, he had wanted to hear him beg for mercy, but he didn't want to be found by the patrolling guards, so he didn't let him have a chance to speak.
But the boy's fearful eyes, pleading tears, and desperately struggling helplessness also pleased him.

Watching his pretty face twist from fear , his mood became very good.

The eldest prince and the second prince were appointed as king* and leave the palace a few years ago.1

*king/vasal king=wang , title bestowed for prince after leaving a palace

Ever since the eldest prince was ordained out of the palace, the admonition* of the court to Emperor Sheng that the Crown Prince should be established early was never broken.
Emperor Sheng's attitude has never been clear.1

Most of the ministers in the court, headed by the prime minister, Wei Qingzi, supported the establishment of the eldest as the crown prince*, but some people are optimistic about the second prince and some even support the sixth prince.

The sixth prince's mother, De Fei, is the daughter of the important minister, Sinongqing.
Her eldest brother, who held the post as Changle commandant of the Guards of the Forbidden Guards, was highly respected by Emperor Sheng and was specifically responsible for the security of his chambers at Changle Palace.1

The reasoning of those who support the Sixth Prince is simple: His Majesty has been slow to appoint a crown prince, but haven't he always been doting on the Sixth Prince?

Indeed, Emperor Sheng's fondness for the Sixth prince was well known to all.
But will he pass over the elder in favour of the younger because of his love for the sixth son, no one can figure out the divine will, not even the eunuch Hu Rong, who served for the emperor daily.1

However, it is true that the emperor has rejected the proposal to appoint the eldest son as the crown prince again and again.

Could it be that Emperor Sheng was waiting for the Sixth Prince to grow up, intending to make him the Crown Prince when he has power to fight with the Grand Prince?

The moment this doubt came out, a number of people immediately agreed.

The grand prince faction was naturally a little flustered.
Even the empress couldn't help but knock on the side* of Emperor Sheng.


ABO: Raising Children Until Old Age Of Futur…


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Qi Ye(Lord Seventh) by priest


Summary: Waking up again in his seventh reincarnation, prince Jing Beiyuan found himself back in time, when everything had yet to be set in motion.
Having been given a s… 

And just then, the sixth prince died.
Drowned in the lotus pond of Liuyun Palace.

No one knew why the Sixth Prince had gone to the legendary haunted Liuyun Palace.
The concubine there died in childbirth a year ago and no one else has been moved in there.

The two servants who followed the sixth prince to Liuyun Palace also died, both of them were shot dead with a bow, and the arrows were pulled out.
Because of their cause of death, the possibility of ghost haunting was ruled out.

As soon as this news came out,It causes a surge like a gathering storm in the whole palace and the imperial court.

The sixth prince's mother, De Fei, fainted when she heard the news of her son's death.

Emperor Sheng became furious in the middle of morning court assembly and ordered the Chief Minister of the Court of Judicial Review, Minister of Justice, and The Censor-in-chief of the three judicial offices* to investigate the case together.

With the death of De Fei's son, it was natural for the other consorts to go to console her.

Xian Fei also went.
She accompanied De Fei to cry for a while, and lamented with an embroidered quilt in the corner of her eyes, “Meimei, Jiejie is really envious and jealous of you.
I envy you for having a smart and handsome son, and I'm jealous that you, mother and son, are favored by his holy.
You also know that my son …
“Xianfei smiled bitterly.

“But I would rather have your son enter the east palace in the future than let that woman's son…….Hmp! Pity.
Meimei, Jiejie not afraid of you going to sue, if it's my son who gets the holy favor and blocks the way of that woman's son today, I'm afraid it will be my son's turn to drown in the pool of lotus flowers.
That woman was so hard-hearted, I always suspected that she was the one who put the curse on me in the first place, but I had no proof.
Meimei, you want to avenge your son, it's difficult! “1

Xian Fei seemed to associate this with her grievance at giving birth to her ugly son, she wept with more grief than the bereaved De Fei.

De Fei clenched her silk scarf tightly, her eyes red.

The Fourth Prince's small courtyard.

“You've got a lot of nerve.” Yang Momo shook her head and sighed.

Huang Fu Jie laughed lightly, ''Momo, I don't know what you are talking about, I had nothing to do with the death of the sixth prince, but he was the only one who had been favored by the Emperor, and royal father was hesitant to make eldest royal brother the Crown Prince.

“This old person don't believe the Grand Prince faction would be that stupid, at least that Wei Wenxin doesn't look like such a stupid person.” Yang Momo snorted.

“Hehe, Momo is right.
But what about the eldest royal brother's mother? You know as a mother you always have to look out for your son, maybe she just saw a really good opportunity and couldn't resist.”

“That's possible.
But ……this old person doesn't believe you're not involved in this.”

“If Momo don't believe me, just forget it.
By the way, Momo, I heard you brag to Zhang Ping last time that you still have a few disciples, saying how they are amazing and have made such and such a name for themselves in the Jianghu*. I wonder if I have the honor to meet these martial brothers? “1

Huang Fu Jie sat on the tip of the sword and smiled.It was not the day or two that Yang Momo wanted to accept Zhang Ping as a disciple.
Unfortunately, Zhang Ping was very interested in stealing a master knowledge*, but was very indifferent about formally becoming an apprentice to a teacher1


“Haha, boy, don't be too greedy.
Although you are clever, you have bad heart, and you are not good person.
This old person now only sees that you are working hard as a prince, but as an emperor, you are still far from it.” Yang Momo casually took a mouthful of steel sword and rested it on Huangfu Jie's shoulder, applying a little force, but she still smiled kindly.

Beads of sweat rose on Huang Fu Jie's forehead, but because he was wearing a mask, no one saw it.
He was now speechless and could only use his entire body to resist Yang Momo's internal force.

Yang Momo smiled.
“When this old one saw you reading that book, I immediately knew that this old master sect's profound knowledge will not be lost.
This is also destined, this old master sect's have searched for this book for almost sixty years, and didn't expect it to be in the palace.
Did you take this book out of the library because of its cover? “1

Huang Fu Jie reluctantly nodded.
He remembered well that the book had a ghost-shaped man painted on it.
He first thought it was a biography of the gods and demons, but upon closer reading, he found that it was not.

Yang Momo held up the tea cup in her other hand and said :
“Do you know why I asked you to give up the orthodox taoist cultivation method* taught by Zhang Ping and practice our sect martial arts* instead? Just because your nature is more suitable for our martial arts teaching*, especially since you discover our sect Yin (dark) secret book, it is also fate.
Do you remember this old one told you before that our martial faction teaching have two course of Yin (dark) and Yang (Light)? “3

Huang Fu Jie blinked, his sweat dripped faster.

“But yīn course was lost for sixty year because of the disappearance of a martial uncle of this book faction.
The book you read is my faction school of yīn.
This old one teaches you the introduction of Yang Gong*, and allows you to memorize the content of that book, So that you can connect the flow of Yin and Yang at the right time.
And you happen to have a solid foundation that Zhang Ping has laid down for you with orthodox taoist methods, and training my martial arts is even more effective.
You are a blessed kid”1

“Momo, do you think I am now….” Huang Fu Jie refused to show his weakness, but he forced out a sentence.

“Well, you've already practiced Yang Gong to the fourth level, now is the right time for you to open up your meridians for the yīn yang call.
” Yang Momo nodded appreciatively.

“Thank you very much for Momo's guidance.”

“Haha, no thanks.
You only have to promise to let the old one take away the book in the future, and the old one will do my best to teach you.

“Momo, don't worry…….., I …..
what Huang Fu Jie had said…must count for something.
If you need it…I can offer the book with my both hands now.” Huang Fu Jie said stammeringly.

“Ha ha.
“Yang momo laughed strangely.” you don't pretend to be good in front of the old one, Regarding your nature, that blindman old Zhao can't see it, but this old one knows it clearly.
The angry-eye mask on your face fits you exactly.

Huangfu Jie also laughed, who said something in front of the person: “Since momo….
know me, should know that my …….words count.
As long as momo is devoted to teaching….
When I appointed as a king* leave the palace, I would present this book.

“You kid still worried about this old one hiding something? Although you are not good at heart and nature, you have a good appetite for the old one.
None of the disciples of this old one can get 70% or 80% true legacy of this old one like you.
The remaining 20% or 30% are Qin, chess, calligraphy, painting and herbal medicine* skills, which you won't be interested in.

As soon as Huangfu Jie's body was relaxed, Yang momo withdrew her internal power.

Huang Fu Jie hastened to adjust his breathing.

“Are you fourteen this year?

“Yes.” Huang Fu Jie collected his breath and exhaled it, relaxing his whole body.
He seemed to have forgotten that he was sitting on the tip of a knife.

“Now that you have practiced four levels of Qiankun Jiezi gong*, can you feel what's special about it? “

*乾坤芥子功 Heaven and earth mustard seed skill

Huang Fu Jie thought about it for a moment and nodded with a somewhat unnatural expression in his eyes.

“Are you angry that those palace maids won't get close to you?”

Huangfu Jie did not answer, but glanced at Bailian in the distance.
He has reached the age to be attracted to a person.
Qingyun and Bailian, who is a few years younger and beautiful, has naturally caught his attention.

“Oh, don't think of hitting on them, you shouldn't leave a heir yet, Otherwise, your selfish Mother consort is likely to abolish you and support her grandson instead, of course if your son does not inherit your appearance then “

Huangfu Jie didn't get angry because Yang momo insulted his mother.
Instead, he smiled knowingly.
His mother has been trying to attract the emperor's attention in recent years.Her intention is nothing more than to regenerate a son to replace him this hopeless and difficult to support ugly son.

“If you really want to experience the taste sexual bliss*, it is not impossible.
You need someone to help you block out your mother's thoughts, too.” Yang Momo seem to point a place to hit with her finger to strike.”1

Huang Fu Jie looked up at her, “You mean Zhang Ping?”

He is not an innocent good boy who knows nothing.
He knows more about the filth in the palace than anyone else.
The young eunuch with handsome appearance and good figure can not only win the favor of the palace maids, but also be used as a woman to express desire sometimes.

As far as he knows, neither his father nor his brothers and brothers have such a hobby, Instead, some aristocrat ministers and some guards with real power would seek opportunities to find some beautiful and young eunuchs to play.

Everyone in the palace who knows about this has turned a blind eye to it, playing with eunuchs isn't playing with the exclusive royal family palace maiden, Moreover, they are also poor rankless little eunuchs.
As long as they don't damage the royal face, no one will go to report.
The little eunuchs who were harassed won't have such courage.

“You're quick to react.
Could it be that you had this idea in mind?”

Huang Fu Jie didn't answer, but instead came down from the tip of his sword.

“At the mention of Zhang Ping, it's obvious what's on your mind.
You have to be careful.” Yang momo laughs.

Huangfu Jie knew that she was testing.
After a pause, he turned around and said, “Maybe your proposal is really good.
I'm so ugly, only Zhang Ping will not dislike me.
He is practicing orthodox Taoist methods, and I know the gate to enlightenment ,It's just right to practice with him.

Huang Fu Jie took off his robe and went to practice bow shooting, leaving Yang Momo with an expression of swallowing a frog raw.

She was joking.
She just wanted to tease this hypocrite prince.
If this causes Zhang Ping to be treated like that in the future, her sin would be great.

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